Ant Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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The tiny ant is an example of determination and hard work. Despite its size, the ant is a constant reminder that nothing comes easy in life without diligence and willpower.

Ant symbolism is teaching us that all good things require patience and effort. Let’s see what is the ant meaning as a spiritual guide and all its other symbolism across the world!

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Ant Symbolism and Meaning

Ants live everywhere on Earth and thrive in most ecosystems. Their ability to modify habitats, exploit resources, and defend themselves made them successful in different environments.  

The ants’ colonies, known as anthills, are some of the most impressive structures found in nature and are good examples of structured organizations. The ant is a symbol of industrial creativity and dynamism.

These tiny insects travel long distances to bring food to the anthill, and they can carry 20 times their weight. The ant spiritual meaning is hard work, perseverance, discipline, endurance.

ants on a green background

Ants respect a hierarchy, so they are very efficient in completing their duties. Ants are capable of many brave actions if these serve the community’s purpose.

Due to its remarkable characteristics, the ant is considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Ants have an incredible knowledge of what surrounds them, and they do not lack confidence in nature’s abundance.

Ants tend to be aggressive when disturbed. We are all familiar with their bites. The spiritual meaning of their aggressivity is that nothing should stay in the way when pursuing your goals.

What do ants symbolize? Ant is a symbol of discipline, hard work, strength, unity, determination, teamwork, and patience.

Ant Native American Symbolism

The diligent insect is an essential figure in Native American folklore and mythology. Ant is a familiar apparition in the legends such as Cahuilla’s creation myth or Hopi’s story about the world’s first end.

Hopi people believe that the first world ended in fire. During this calamity, the Ant People saved the Hopi by taking them to underground caves. 

People from northern California believed that ants could predict earthquakes, and it was forbidden to disturb their anthills. Ants symbolism in South America is associated with strength and bravery. 

ant on ground

These insects were often depicted as warriors due to the South American fire ants’ painful sting. Some of the initiation rituals included young people exposing themselves to ant bites. Cherokees had an Ant Dance among their tribal traditions. 

Ants were not a common clan animal; however, some tribes such as Hopi, Pima, or Pueblo had some ant groupings. For example, every Pima tribe was divided among the Red Ant clan and the White Ant clan.

According to a Salish legend, the Ant woman won the daytime from the Creator after defeating the Bear in a dance contest. Ants symbolize unity, perseverance, courage, patience, and hard work.

Ant Eastern Symbolism

Ant symbols are present on the Asian continent, although rarely depicted in works of art. Chinese people consider the ant a righteous insect, a symbol of virtue and selfishness. 

The industrious insect is also a symbol of servitude and obedience. This symbolism may be caused by the fact that the Chinese word for ant resembles the word for virtue.

In the Philippines, locals still believe in a myth which states that anthills represent entrances to the mystical kingdoms where ancient pagan gods dwell. 

The Filipinos do not touch these earth mounds, not even look at them. However, having ants in the house is considered a sign of good luck.

ant with a blurry background

One of the most interesting Korean stories describes how the ant ended up with such a small waist. This story also features the grasshopper and waterbird.

The ant is not one of Japan’s symbolic animals; however, their mythology presents a Yokai (evil spirit) named Oari. This Yokai is the dead spirit of an ant, and it hits people with a big wooden hammer. 

Thai people tell the story of the cicada and the ant, which is similar to Aesop’s fable. The story’s moral is always to be prepared; this is funny since ants are considered a culinary delicacy in Thailand. 

Ant Christianity symbolism

We often find ants mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of collaboration, assiduity, and devotion. There are many references to ants in the Bible, and these insects are emblems for teamwork and community. 

Ants working together are the perfect example to follow for men.

The spiritual meaning of ants in the Bible is an allegory. Although the ants are considered weak animals, people can only benefit from their example.

Ants working together is a symbol of unity, and people should also work together for the general good. Another vital symbol present in the Bible is ants splitting grains. 

three ants on a leaf

The symbolism of ants, in this case, can be interpreted as the distinction that must be made between the spiritual and the literal meaning of the Bible teachings.

Ants in the Bible can also symbolize carefulness and responsibility. Just as these insects gather and store food, we all should gather good deeds and plan our spiritual future. 

The biblical meaning of ants in dreams is related to positive things such as rewarding our hard work or new opportunities. 

Going through the Old Testament parables, we can see that the Bible scholars advise people to follow the ants’ good example.

Ant Celtic Symbolism

The ant is not a familiar figure in Celtic mythology and folklore. However, its unique traits made it essential for the druid lore.

Although it is unlikely that such a small and insignificant insect to carry a potent symbolism, the ancient Celtic druids recognized the ants’ characteristics.

A diligent and persevering creature, the ant was a strong symbol for the old Celtic populations.

There is still a strong belief among the Cornwall folks that ants are fairies enjoying their last incarnation. 

ant holding grass

Another belief from the same English region states that these insects are the soul of ancient Druids who refused to accept the Christian religion.

A superstition from the same region says that ants represent the souls of unbaptized babies, and it is strictly forbidden to destroy the anthills. Ants will simply leave if you ask them to do it.

Old English folks associated the ants with the Underworld and death. Since the ants build complicated structures under the Earth’s surface, it is expected for their spiritual meaning to be linked to death.

Although the spiritual meaning of ants in the house is not similar to other cultures, this insect’s importance is still to be considered.

Ant African Symbolism

The ant symbol is often encountered in African mythology and folklore. Featuring the creation myths from different African cultures, the ant is still seen as a token of diligence and community. 

Kuba people from Central Africa have a beautiful legend about the creation of the world and the white ants’ appearance. 

It is believed that Nyonye Ngana, son of the creator god Mbombo, created the white ants but died shortly after. The ants dug after black soil to bury him and thus transformed the Earth’s surface.

The Kabyl and Berber tribes from North Africa tell a story about the ant who taught the first humans how to use grains and plants.

ants on a leaf

The first man and woman lived underground, and the ant showed them how to grow wheat and make bread. 

Apart from diligence and hard work, the tiny ant also symbolizes wisdom.

The Maasai people appreciate ants due to their courage and healing powers. The powerful jaws of the driver ants are being used as stitches by the Maasai moran warriors.

Populations throughout Africa value ants for their incredible characteristics. Diligent workers and ingenious architects, these insects have a significant symbolic meaning on the African continent.

Ant in Dreams

What do ants mean in a dream? According to many psychologists, dreaming of ants is related to the work ethic. 

When speaking of the dream interpretation, ants’ color is also an essential factor to take into consideration. Also, to correctly interpret a dream, it is crucial to understand what do ants mean spiritually.

Let’s see what does it mean to dream about ants. Dreaming of red ants means that you might experience some difficulties or anger in your work relationships. 

The red ant dream meaning reflects some minor insecurities that make you feel uncomfortable. White ants in dreams symbolize hidden issues are happening right under your nose.

ant on a leaf

Black ant’s dream meaning is related to minor displeasures that you deny or ignore. Dreaming about ants crawling all over your body means that somebody is annoying you. 

Dreams about ants flying ant bite represent your need to free yourself from the daily routine. A dream about fire ants means that you have some regrets related to past actions or experiences.

Leaving aside the different interpretations, dreams about ants might be a sign that your spirit animal responded to your call. Perhaps you feel unimportant and neglected; therefore, the ant power animal comes to guide you through the obstacles. 

Ant Encounters and Omens

Omens and encounters represent the way that nature communicates with us. Signs and omens appear to us spontaneously as a dream or a chance meeting. 

A dream about ants or seeing ants represent an important signal that a busy period will soon follow. Ants in-house meaning is related to your career or a relationship that will start to move forward, so you need to remain focused.

Red and black ants omens have different meanings. While the black ants in the house meaning are a promising sign, red ants are bad luck.

ant holding onto leaf

You must welcome the black ants in the house as they predict prosperity. Red ants infestation indicates the loss of wealth. According to Indian superstition, ants marching meaning is related to the direction. 

For example, seeing ants moving from the East is a sign of bad news. But if the ants are marching from the West, it is a sign that you will be traveling abroad.

Are ants a sign of good luck? If we believe the black ants in house superstition, yes, ants are an auspicious symbol. However, seeing ants in the bedroom or finding ants in the bed means that you let problems invade your place.

Ant Mythology and Folklore

Ants are an essential figure in different mythologies and cultures. We already learned about the Salish myth of creation in America or the story of the evil Yokai Oari from Japan.

Ant was also part of Greek mythology. The Greek word for ant is myrmekes, and it was believed that people Thessaly were descendants of ants.

The legend says that a son of Zeus, Aecus, was the king of this island. After a great famine, Aecus found himself in the impossibility to protect his land due to the scarcity of men.

portrait of an ant

He asked his divine father for help, and Zeus changed all the ants of the island into men. These men were fierce warriors and were known as Myrmidons. Achilles, the strong hero from Homer’s Iliad, was the one who led the Myrmidons in a fight.

Another Greek myth speaks of Myrmex, an attic girl who was very dear to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. When the goddess invented the plough, Myrmex claimed she made the discovery. For this audacity, the goddess transformed the girl into an ant.

As you can see, the ant is an important figure in many mythologies, and the leading traits revered by ancient people are related to hard-working and courage.

Ant Spirit Animal

Sometimes we all feel that things do not move in the right direction. You would do anything to speed things up, and patience is not something to consider.

The ant spirit animal comes into your life to let you know that you should slow things down and be patient.

Ants’ spiritual meaning is associated with proper planning and self-control. The tiny insect is teaching us that we need to work hard to achieve our goals.

Dreaming of ants meaning is also related to the sense of community. Sometimes we cannot fulfill our dreams alone, so we should work in a team. 

Seeing big ants in the house might signify that your ant spirit animal shows you how to consolidate healthy relationships with friends, coworkers, or superiors.

So what do the ants mean spiritually? If the ant is your spirit animal, you are a hard-working and responsible person. 

You are capable of making decisions, and you rarely fail to judge the advantages and disadvantages correctly. The ant spirit animal gives you a fighting spirit that is an example for many. 

To dream of ants is a good sign, meaning that your spirit animal is marching into your life with all its positive traits. Allow the tiny ant to guide you during difficult times.

Ant Totem Animal

The people with the ant totem are diligent and responsible. Ant totem teaches us to persist working to achieve our dreams one step at a time.

The ant animal totem inspires you to focus on your capabilities and make the most of them. If you feel lost and unsure which path you must follow, the ant totem gives you a clear vision of what is needed. 

Think that we are all made with a purpose, and you should feel confident and carry on marching on your path. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed by the challenges ahead of you, but the ant totem is there to help. 

two ants on a stick

Persistent hunter and worker, the ant totem teaches you to overcome all obstacles through patience.

Ant also teaches you an important lesson of self-sacrifice. Just like the tiny insect sacrifices for its community, the common good should be our priority.

People with ant totems are diligent, responsible, and love to be part of a team. Selfless and dedicated, the ant folks are those who will always complete tasks. If the ant is your totem animal, you will fiercely defend your group.

Despite its size, the tiny insect is here to guide you through life’s obstacles. Just follow its guidelines. 

Ant Power Animal

Summon the ant power animal whenever you feel you are following the wrong path in your career. It will help you understand that you must work diligently and collaborate with your coworkers.

The ant medicine card will help you overcome the challenges with patience and courage. Organization and discipline are also required to conquer the obstacles laid on your path.

Ant medicine will help you focus on your tasks and understand what matters. Teamwork and unity are also important lessons taught by the ant power animal. Finding black ants in the kitchen or seeing ants in the house should not worry you.

ant on a green background

It is a sign that your power animal answered your invocations. If I find ants in my bed or see ants crawling on me, I’m not getting scared or horrified. Ant is here to guide and advise me.

The meaning of ants as power animals is linked to the idea of community and unity. Ant power animal urges you to keep and consolidate the relationship with your loved ones.

Although the ant is a tiny insect and seems insignificant, its spiritual meaning contradicts everything we believed in until now. A powerful and robust symbol of diligence and perseverance, the ant, is here to assist you.

Ant Tattoo Meaning

Important symbol and bringer of good luck, the tiny ant has inspired people since ancient times.

Tattoo designs are personal representations of our inner thoughts and beliefs. It is imperative to check our desired tattoo design’s symbolism since we get stuck with the tattoo for the rest of your life.

One of the most important things to consider before getting inked is the fact that your tattoo should also be liked in twenty years. So choosing the perfect model is essential. 

Ants have a positive symbolism in some cultures such as Chinese, Estonians, or Native Americans. For these people, black ants in the house mean good luck.

illustration of two ants

Other cultures see the ants as a negative omen. In Bulgaria and Switzerland, people see ants as harbingers of bad luck and misfortune.

There are several variations of the ant tattoo. One of the most common designs is tribal ant. This tattoo design is used to represent the spiritual meaning of the insect. 

Another common ant tattoo model is cartoon ant. An essential figure in the Hollywood blockbusters, the ant, is a symbol of childish frivolity. 

Leaving aside the symbolic meaning of the ant, a tattoo should be meaningful for its owner. So go ahead and ink whatever design that would make you happy!


To conclude, the ant is an important symbol. It should be seen as a reminder that nothing comes easy in life. Everything requires a little effort and the tiny insect is here to guide us.

Symbol of hard-working, perseverance, stamina, and loyalty, the ant is the spirit animal to summon when you need guidance regarding your career.


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