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My name is Garth, and I welcome you to my personal space. 

garth clifford

When I say personal space, I really mean it.

I’m passionate about nature, and I use this site to share my experiences, learnings, mistakes, and ideas about birding and nature.

I have been an avid birding enthusiast for over a decade, but since last year I started with nature photography as a hobby – trying to capture the true beauty around us.

I write the articles on this site hoping that other people, who love birds and nature as much as I do, can get some inspiration and value from my experience from years of enjoying birds and animals through different lenses (mostly through Canon lenses:)).

I am a happy husband and a father of 2 little miracles. As I love nature, our family travels a lot, and to my surprise, bird watching has become something that our whole family enjoys. Fortunately, there’s no Facebook in the woods (most of the time :)).

Garth C. Clifford

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