Grasshopper Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


Are you uncertain about what you should do next? Grasshopper symbolism has entered your life to entice you into taking that risk. All you need is a leap of faith and know that the locust is here to make sure everything goes well. So let’s find out about the locust’s teachings and improve our lives.

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Grasshopper symbolism and meaning

The grasshopper’s symbolism is of good luck, but be careful not to hurt it, for it will curse you in having misfortune. 

Intuition and sensitivity and some of the locust’s main traits and its presence in your life are sure to bring happiness as it is a spirit animal that grants you success in all.

Grasshoppers’ meaning is linked to our inner voice, higher selves and are a sign to listen to what the spirit world has to say. 

We must advance our spiritual levels and trust our intuition and instincts more. 


As the grasshoppers jump very high, so must we leap in life because those that rejoice in this spirit guide’s power have the certainty of success, even though they might not always know where they land.

The locust can be a sign of a relationship that needs to be revised or can grant healing through music, especially to those that have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

The grasshopper’s traits and symbols are abundance, achievement, astral travel, courage, fearlessness, fertility, forward-moving and thinking, happiness, intuition, longevity, leaps of faith, patience, peacefulness, and wealth, and virtue.

Grasshopper Native American symbolism

What does grasshopper mean to the Native Americans? The locust symbolism in this region is mostly negative because it destroys the lands and the farmer’s work.

 It is said to be a greedy, careless, and deceiving insect, which is a sign of bad luck and hostility. A Hopi tribe myth was created for disobeying children in which the grasshoppers bite their nose.

For the tribes that lived through hunting, the symbolic locust meaning is instead a positive one, for they were never a problem. 

For some of these people, the grasshopper omen was a change in the weather and even though the insect itself had the magical power to control precipitations.


In Mexico, the spiritual locust meaning was not that spiritual, as it was food and still is to this day. A Native American legend describes their hero Gluskabe stealing tobacco from a grasshopper. 

In this tale, the symbolic meaning of grasshopper is of a powerful magician that killed anyone who tried to steal his tobacco. Gluskabe leaves for the wizard’s island and takes his pipe, seeds, and everything in his absence, resurrects the people he killed, and leaves, sharing the tobacco with everyone. 

The locust magician follows him, but the hero shrinks him, giving him wings instead of flying, and fills its mouth with smoke. (1)

Grasshopper Eastern Symbolism

The grasshopper meaning in Chinese culture is a very positive one, and it stands for good luck and health, longevity, happiness, prosperity, fertility, and virtue. 

These Asians even nurtured them as pets and believed they were the reincarnation of the deceased loved ones. Nonetheless, China sent 100.000 ducks to fight these insects that plagued their fields.

In Feng Shui, grasshoppers’ meaning is of wisdom and nobility, immortality and protection from traitors. It is believed that placing this insect near someone’s dying bed will help him have a peaceful passing and good rebirth.


The Japanese catch these delightful insects and keep them as pets, bring good luck in the household, and listen to their songs. 

Even so, it is not uncommon in these parts to eat locusts. The locust symbol signifies summertime presents, and it is common for children to try and catch them for entertainment.

Koreans have a festival for the grasshoppers as a rural food. It is a reminder for the hard times in which they had nothing better to eat, but they also enjoy it now. You can also find here a cafe shaped like a locust.

Grasshopper Christianity symbolism

Christianity is not a stranger to eating grasshoppers either, John the Baptist being one of the consumers.

The grasshopper meaning in the Bible is of a small creature with little power and wisdom than God and is an analogy for humans. 

Even so, the tiny insect can jump 20 times its size and take a peek at God’s almighty on the way. 

When Moses and his people were somewhere between Egypt and Canaan, he sent some of them to scout the land and see if they can live there. 


Although it is described as being filled with honey and milk, the people are terrified that they are just the size of a grasshopper compared to the giants that lived there. 

The Israels forgot about the grasshopper jumping to the point of seeing God, and it’s strength when grouped with others.

But let’s not forget what happened before this. The prophetic meaning of grasshoppers is of the eighth plague that God sent to the Pharaoh Aaron if he wouldn’t let Jewish people go back to Canaan and free them of their enslavement. (2)

Grasshopper Celtic symbolism

In London, we might notice on the Royal Exchange building a golden grasshopper totem. But what do grasshoppers mean in finances? It seems it’s sir Thomas’s emblem, the one that created the Royal Exchange. 

When just a baby, Thomas’s ancestor was abandoned in the fields, and the sound of a grasshopper lured a woman towards him, and he was rescued.

The grasshopper sign can be found in heraldry as a symbol of wisdom and nobility, and sometimes it is pictured on the coats of arms.


In Scottish folklore, Maggy Moulach is a household spirit, called a brownie, that performs daily chores around the house during the night. 

The legend says that she used to travel through chimneys and steal children and shapeshift into a grasshopper.

The green grasshopper meaning and the grey grasshopper are described by the poet William Blake who claims that he has witnessed a funeral between these insects in his garden and refers to them as faeries. 

The locusts were carrying their deceased on a rose leaf and sang until they vanished. This is believed to be an omen of death. (3)

Grasshopper African symbolism

What do grasshoppers symbolize in Egypt? Because of the ten plagues during Moses’ time, which had the purpose of proving that there is only one true God, the locusts have a somewhat unfavorable significance. 

Each plague has a corresponding Egyptian God to it. When locusts were sent to destroy the fields for the eighth plague, it is linked to Seth, the God of storms and disasters.

By this time, the Pharaoh Aaron still wouldn’t renounce his gods. The legend says this plague would be so disastrous that the Pharaoh would have to admit God’s power and teach it to his children and grandchildren.


Though Moses asked the Pharaoh to release the people, he met another refusal, and the grasshopper’s significance was the destruction of fields and food.

An African folktale describes the friendship between a toad and a grasshopper. Even though they were good friends, they never ate together at each other’s houses, so they decided to do just that. 

At the toad’s home, the guest asked the grasshopper to wash his legs and stop making noise, which was impossible while eating.

When situations reversed, the toad couldn’t keep his legs clean from the water till the table. The friendship ended, and locust and toad’s spiritual meaning was of accepting one’s qualities and flaws. (4)

Grasshopper in dreams

What does a grasshopper symbolize in dreams? Rejoice because it is a sign of prosperity and good luck. Success will soon enter your life.

A brown grasshopper is a symbol of your connection to Earth and nature. It is a need to find your roots.

The white grasshopper indicates a good friendship you have engaged in or a beautiful person you will soon meet. The albino grasshopper can also signify personal satisfaction and delight.

A bright green grasshopper means that you will have scandals in your marriage.


You might think, “why is a grasshopper in my house?” The grasshopper in the house dream illustrates the chance for a new career.

The grasshopper dream in which you are killing it is a good sign, as it indicates that you are going to receive a lot of money that you can share with others. A grasshopper dream meaning when it is coming out of your mouth, might be a sign of treason.

The young grasshopper meaning is of a fast learner; you are gaining valuable information at high speed. If the insect is dead in your dream, get ready for financial help from parents and relatives. (5)

Grasshopper encounters and omens

What does it mean to see a grasshopper? The insect is pushing you to take the risk and have faith in the Divine. As the locusts jump at such considerable heights, so must you because the spirits signify that wisdom and fortune are with you. 

It probably isn’t an easy choice to make. It might mean a revision of career or vocation, life-changing decisions, but it is an opportunity and grasshopper doesn’t want you to miss.

The grasshopper in house meaning or even on your bed, symbolizes the need to get past the obstacles and limitations that won’t let you advance and have faith in your imminent success. 


On the other hand, killing might be a terrible idea because it will come as a curse upon you and bring misfortune.

For someone that wants to get pregnant, the locust meaning is an omen of fertility and giving birth to a baby boy.

So are grasshoppers good luck? They sure are. It is a meaningful sign from the spirit world that you must not overlook. 

The spiritual meaning of grasshopper is of the inner voice telling you to move forward and never look back, just as the locust can only advance in movement. (6)

Grasshopper mythology and folklore

Tithonus, a simple human, fell in love with the Greek goddess Eos. She pleaded Zeus to make him immortal so that they could be together forever, but the sky and thunder god was jealous, and although he granted her wish.

Tithonus still kept aging, to the point where his body was too weak to move on, and his mind was senile. Not bearing to see him like this, the goddess turned him into a grasshopper, as it was believed that these insects were immortal.

A Greek folktale narrates how an ant collected food all summer through hard labor, and a lazy grasshopper would sleep, sing, and eat green grass all day.


When winter came, the latter begged the ant for food, but was faced with refusal and died of hunger. The grasshopper war is a folktale from the Native Americans in which are illustrated two villages living aside a river. 

People were amicable and did everything together until one of the children found a grasshopper, and a fight started between all kids as to what village should keep the insect. 

Soon the parents came as well, and a quarrel broke throughout the land. In the end, friendships were broken even though the silly reason for the fight was discovered. (7)

Grasshopper spirit animal

When you have the grasshopper spirit animal, be prepared to take significant risks, and make life-changing decisions. You are a master of camouflage, and mingling comes naturally to you. 

If you have the spirit animal grasshopper, you can adapt to any environment and speak anyone’s language. 

Even in this deceptive appearance, people will notice your lovable presence and enjoy your company. Let’s not forget the admiration you will get for your prosperous life.

Like in the ant and the grasshopper’s folktale, you are prone to daydream a lot and not necessarily do something about your daily visions.

The grasshopper spirit guide teaches you to listen to your inner voice, and dare to act on your desires, make the jump and achieve the best version of yourself.

The spiritual grasshopper meaning reminds people governed by this animal that obtaining things in life is relatively easy for them and should move on, always in the future as the locust and leaving regrets and bad memories behind.

People with this spirit animal are blessed with good luck, wealth, healthy and loving relationships, and everything they could ever want. (8)

Grasshopper totem animal

If you own a grasshopper animal totem, you can try and find your musical talents, whether your vocal abilities or hearing the spirits. 

Your intuition is high, and talking to the Otherworld may become available to you. 

With this power comes much responsibility, so send the messages you receive to the people that deserve it. 

If this totem attracts you, it means you don’t like weak-minded persons anyway and will help those that align with your honesty.


As said before about the responsibility, make sure that you don’t hurt or use those around you in achieving your means on your journey through life. 

Experience is comfortable in your case; anyway, don’t make it harder for others. Keep in mind the damage that locusts caused in Egypt and don’t harness the evil parts in you.

Get this animal totem if you dream of a great love life. You will instinctively know when you have found your soulmate. If your heart says it’s not the one, then it’s not the one. Trust the inner voice and believe that you will recognize her or him when you see it.

Grasshopper power animal

Grasshopper medicine illustrates the idea of travel through time, space, dimensions, and arriving at the point of success, even though you may not sometimes know where your next decision will take you. 

This insect’s song is the key to healing your body, mind, and soul. The vibrations it emits takes your consciousness to other realms and allows you to communicate with disembodied beings and animals.

The Divine has decided that people who invoke this power should hurry through life and achieve all their goals. Maybe there are other essential things that they should focus on and not this simple and regular life. 


Perhaps they should point their attention to the astral world, the esoteric, and discover great life’s secrets.

Those who have invited this spirit into their life and are prone to great things, but with this power in hand, they can also bring destruction when feeling insecure or suffering from hunger. 

This lack that you might occasionally experience should not make you greedy. Remember that there is enough space under the Sun and enough room and food for everyone. As said before, you already have it easy, instead help others in their personal growth.

Grasshopper tattoo meaning

The grasshopper tattoo meaning is of good luck and high intuition. People picture it on their skin as a reminder of staying grounded and being creative.

These tattoos can also be a symbol of speed through creative, quick responses, or other means. Even so, they have their rhythm and do not precipitate themselves. 

Grasshopper tattoo owners will know when the right moment to act has come and will not miss the opportunity. It symbolizes the person who knows what they want from life and disguises himself as the locust when he feels that luck might run away.

If you are passionate about music and life has no meaning without a soundtrack on the back. A grasshopper is a perfect choice for you, especially if you are a fan of the ant and locust legend in which the grasshopper is depicted playing the violin in some versions.

The grasshopper tattoo in which it is wearing a skirt in front of the Moon is a symbol of fertility and femininity. Locust on a leaf might be a symbol of a loved one that has passed away.


The main idea with which you must remain is that this insect has entered your life to wake you up and push you into taking that leap. Don’t be afraid, because there is no way to fail if you act as we have seen. This spirit animal is a blessing that should not be overlooked.


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