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Cricket Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


Cricket symbolism is something you might not want to miss because this little insect has entered your life to bring you good luck and to open your eyes to the great opportunities that lay ahead. So let’s analyze the cricket meaning and see what it’s got in store for you.

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Cricket Symbolism and Meaning

The cricket symbolism is about good luck, wealth, and prosperity in general and is a usual positive sign. It is indicated that you should never harm this little insect, though, for your good luck will perish as well. 

Cricket is a bearer of happiness and love in your life. The Cricket’s long antennas are a symbol of intuition and sensitivity and a connection to the spirit world, enlightenment. 

This spirit animal helps you connect to the divine, heightening your senses and teaching you to believe in your instincts and spiritual guidance.


Because they live on the grass but have the long antennas, the Cricket is an emblem of groundedness and spirituality and creates a beautiful balance between these realms.

If this omen appears to you often, it may be a signal to pay more attention to your relationship, for its song is a symbol of mating and love.

The Cricket also means a protector from evil; by the way, it stops singing when predators are near and are used as talismans. Their song is the soul’s music, and it gives you the power to speak your mind. (1)

Cricket Native American Symbolism

For many Native Americans, cricket sounds are an excellent sign of fortune, but for tribes in the West, the crickets’ meaning is the exact opposite of bad luck, especially if you find the Cricket in your house.

The Cheyenne tribe watched the crickets closely to predict buffalo herds movement. 

The Cherokee view this cricket symbol as a wit and courage character who manages to succeed in any situation despite their physical limitations. 

On the other hand, the Mexicans might not give them so much spiritual credit, but rather enjoy the crickets as a meal.


A Native American story depicts the possum having a gorgeous and furry tail, igniting jealousy in the rabbit’s heart, which had no tail at all because of the bear. 

A dance is organized in the animal kingdom. The rabbit plots along with the Cricket, who was considered the barber of the forest by the Indians, an excellent hair cutter, to shave the possum’s tail without him knowing. 

At the dance, the possum unveils his tail from the ribbons the Cricket embellished his tail with and becomes the laughing stock of the evening. (2)

Cricket Eastern Symbolism

In Chinese culture, the crickets chirping meaning is good luck and is viewed as music. These insects are treated with deep respect. During the Tang Dynasty, people would even catch the crickets and cage them inside the house to hear them sing.

The symbolism of crickets used to be very important to the Chinese royal family, as depicted in the “Last Emperor” movie in which the young emperor Pu Yi keeps a cricket caged behind the throne till the end of his life.

Chinese farmers examined the cricket animal’s appearance and disappearance as an omen for when to plant crops and when to harvest.


Because of the large number of eggs that a cricket lays, considering crickets good luck and a sign of success was a common idea and a way to wish families many children.

The Chinese people still hold great admiration for this little insect even today and associate it with summer, courage, and a fighting spirit.

On the other hand, for the Japanese, the cricket mole symbolism was of autumn. They also used these insects as pets, for their beloved sounds and were a flourishing trade product in the markets and pet shops. (3)

Cricket Christianity symbolism

What do crickets represent in the Bible? The New Testament illustrates John the Baptist eating crickets and suggesting that these insects and others that can fly can be eaten.

In Christianity, the cricket symbolism meaning is of a talented person that has the spiritual ability to leave his body. 

The meaning of crickets chirping is the sound you hear right after having an out-of-body experience. It is also a symbol of traveling on long distances.


A small green cricket symbolizes a new person on the spiritual path, a fresh beginning. The meaning of crickets in the Bible when they are caged is of the spirit imprisoned inside the body, or of trapping one’s talents within.

The prophetic meaning of cricket is present in the pioneers’ story, where the black cricket meaning is of a plague that destroyed people’s crops. 

They prayed to God to save their work, and the Lord sent seagulls to eat the crickets and saved them. A miracle was made for those that had faith. (4)

Cricket Celtic Symbolism

What do crickets symbolize for the Celts? They view this insect as a magical being, full of mystery, that must not be bad mouthed or killed. So are crickets good luck? It seems so. 

They are a very positive sign. The hearth cricket meaning is that they also keep the fairies away, which like this place clear to drink the milk left out by the farmer’s wife.

Crickets symbolism is about wisdom, being considered hundreds of years old. Celts believed that these little insects have much to tell if we could understand them. They were called “Old Folks” and knew the entire history of the world.


The Cricket on the hearth meaning is of a band that plays Celtic folklore in various forms.

The Irish believe in the Cricket in house superstition, which is a sign of excellent luck. They also think that these insects can predict the weather. 

The faster the Cricket is chirping, the faster it’s metabolism is working, and the hotter it is outside, so it’s also a symbol of summer. 

You can count the number of sounds it makes to calculate the temperature. Cricket was born in England, in the medieval period, as a child’s game.

Cricket African Symbolism

Crickets are accepted in gardens in South Africa, but they are a bad sign if it appears in your house. Leaving superstitions and folklore aside, the crickets found on this continent are rather aggressive and damage goods.

An African urban legend depicts the Parktown prawn cricket as a genetic experiment resulting from students’ research, making this insect unusually big and robust with orange colors.

This insect is also a symbol of strength and power in this region due to another species, the armored bush crickets, which are protected by bones and spines and can also attack predators with their blood.


On the other hand, it is also a symbol of fertility because male crickets choose young virgin mates when conceiving because of the great effort in transferring their gift of the spermatophore.

Crickets are viewed as a sign of upcoming rain because of its galleries during this weather type. The Cricket receives the general description of the bearer of good luck, wealth, and prosperity in other areas.

In African folklore, there is a belief that Cricket doesn’t only predict the weather but also the approach of a new lover.

Cricket in Dreams

What do black crickets mean in dreams? If a big black cricket appears in your night visions, then it’s a sign that you are acting too cranky for the situation you are in. 

Concentrate your perspective on the positive things in life, such as your health, and don’t push your friends away with your attitude.

The hearing crickets’ meaning is about receiving the good news you were expecting. Your life is about to start a new, exciting chapter.

But what does it mean when a cricket lands on you? It is a sign of anxiety. You stress yourself about something that happened, whether it’s how you treated or how someone treated you.


What does it mean when crickets come into your house, and you step on them? It is a sign of unfortunate news. You will not get the verdict you desired.

A dead cricket in your dreams is a symbol of the wrong decision you made and the consequences that will come along. The dead cricket meaning is of many complications that will arise.

A cricket jumping represents someone that annoys you during daily life. Dreams about crickets attacking you suggest chores you have to finish.

Cricket Encounters and Omens

Is encountering a cricket good luck or bad luck? A cricket in house meaning is of fortune. Crickets are good luck, and if you banish them out, then so will your luck leave you. 

The crickets in the house meaning are also a protector against evil spirits. The albino cricket or white cricket insect symbolizes someone you love, returning back into your life.

In Brazil, this omen is about a storm approaching, especially if it’s a paquinha type and it’s digging through dirt, or of harvesting time.


In Zambia, a black cricket is a sign of illness, the grey one is of money, and a green cricket is a symbol of hope.

In Germany, the spiritual meaning of crickets is a bad omen, indicating a loved one’s death. If it’s chirping louder than usual, then it’s a sign of bad weather.

Killing a cricket on Sunday brings bad luck. If the cricket messenger leaves your house, then it means that death will come instead.

If a cricket hears that you plan to kill it, word will spread, and many crickets will take revenge by eating your clothes. (5)

Cricket Mythology and Folklore

In Native American folklore, the cricket spiritual meaning is of success, personal realization, and it was believed to have the ability to heighten your intuition and perception. 

They were also associated with accessing your subconscious and discovering your inner self and talents. Crickets are also linked to dreams and supernatural abilities in this region. 

Their antennas offer them great sensibility, symbolizing wisdom and spiritual guidance. The cricket meaning in spirituality is depicted in Pinocchio’s story. 


The talking Cricket is a symbol of consciousness, a constant warning when it comes to wrong decisions, and a spirit guide.

In European folklore, the Cricket was used in chewing off warts. The same goes for North American legend, where these insects were utilized in eliminating warts by either eating the center out of them or by sucking the blood from the wart.

A similar remedy was made out of a frog’s left leg and the right one from a Cricket, and it was placed under the pillow of the person who had warts. Treating hives is another quality of these insects. (6)

Cricket Spirit Animal

Crickets and good luck are known to go together, so if this spirit animal has entered your life, then pay close attention to its message. 

It has come to tell you that all you have hoped for is now available to you, and it is time to act upon this opportunity. The cricket spirit animal is a safe pass to anything you want to accomplish, knowing that you will succeed. 

As the silent Cricket, that walks in the dark without making its presence known, so must you act without praising yourself and making too much fuss over your doings. 

Work hard, with grace, and find the best way for you to move on with your plans.

The cricket spirit guide will use your intuition to show you how you need to go, enlightening you on your searches and ways to act. 

Pay attention to your thoughts as well, for the Cricket might send you ideas and signals to help you. Align yourself to these thoughts and energy and find your inner creativity.

This spirit animal is also a symbol of prosperity and wealth, so if you need financial help, call upon this spirit to aid you. (7)

Cricket Totem Animal

If you have the cricket totem, then you are a calm and patient person. You treat others with care and gentleness and desire to have a peaceful encounter or relationship with everyone.

This spirit animal heightens your instincts within you, which you can always rely on, being a very resourceful and creative person. 

You have gained these qualities through tough times and hard work, which made you the wise and discerning person you are today. Your courage and bold way of thinking bring you results and achievements others don’t even dream about.


You are in tune with all body, mind, and spirit and are the best person to call when help is needed.

The cricket animal totem has it’s negative traits as well as any other spirit animal. If you have this totem, you might get too excited by various plans and not think things before acting. 

Try not to act on impulse and analyze the pros and cons before doing anything. This rushed behavior might get you in the situation of regretting and self-doubt.

You also need to find your roots and stay grounded to have stability in your life.

Cricket Power Animal

Invoke cricket medicine when you feel you are out of tune and need stability and direction in life. If you have trouble communicating with others and feel like no one understands you anymore, call on the cricket power animal.

Crickets can help you develop spiritual abilities such as aura readings, healing chakras, and energies. 

This insect is vital in the Earth’s ecosystem, sustaining plant life and thus are a symbol of the mighty things a little insect can achieve.

The power animal is present when you work along with others and sustain your efforts to achieve the best result. 


Call on this energy if you are in charge of other people and need guidance on managing your responsibility well. 

Cricket energy will flow through you and will aid in getting everyone to work as a unit.

If you find yourself in a rut and require some adrenaline, call on the cricket power animal and bring adventure into your life. 

If it’s the inspiration you need, or a nudge to move forward and change your life for the better, a Cricket will fill you with its power.

Cricket Tattoo Meaning

What does a cricket symbolize as a tattoo?

The cricket tattoo meaning speaks of love for animals, nature, and everything mysterious. It is suited for sensitive people that are very insightful. 

It is usually chosen by those who feel relatively small compared to others but know that they can do many great things inside them. A cricket tattoo can also work as a lucky little charm on one’s body, for they are a symbol of fortune.

It can be depicted as only a small insect, or it can be illustrated along with objects, nature-based images, or other animals that contrast or heighten the Cricket symbolism.

A cartoon cricket tattoo is a symbol of good luck, innocence, and protection. It is a beautiful little insect known to make beautiful sounds and is usually chosen by sensitive and expressive people.

If it’s a Chinese cricket tattoo, it is associated with a person’s fighting spirit related to these Asian parts’ fighting sport. It is pictured on people that have something to say in life and are rebellious by nature.


The cricket spirit animal and symbolism are strongly related to good luck and hard work for what you wish to achieve. It is an emblem of independence, dancing to your song. Call on this spirit animal and embrace the power and strength it grants you, for it will always bring you back to light and hope.


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  1. I looked up the meaning of finding a cricket in my room, after it touched my toe.
    I jumped and freaked out ( not knowing what I now know)
    My son and husband came to see and
    my hubby picked it up and put him back outside.

    This happened almost a week after losing my Mom to Cancer.

    Could it have been a message from her?
    Did I make my situation worse by having it set outside?
    I’m full of questions now!

  2. I just bleached and stepped on the lone cricket in my room. I was afraid it would get in my bed. Then I started googling about the cricket and found this. Ooops. God still loves me and I’ll put my trust in Him.

  3. Author Unknown

    I’ve named my new friend Jiminy as in Jiminy Cricket. He’s made a home in my planter pots in my front porch. He sits still as I talk to him and he looks at me with awe and shows to be a great listener. He’s also known for hopping out to say hello. I didn’t know the association of luck and good fortune and don’t have any proof for that theory. He’s definitely added much needed support and friendship into my life. Thankful for our Jiminy Cricket.

  4. Roseanna Gonzales

    I have had a cricket in my kitchen for weeks, I noticed it upon returning from a long trip to Chicago and Michigan. It’s now 3 weeks later & my kitchen is dark, I’m wondering if it’s churping bc my kitchen is dark 24/7 ? We will not kill it, I have gotten use to its chirping.

  5. I’m interested in finding the meaning of coming in contact with the cricket when my handicapped son passed away I went to pick up his ashes at the funeral home as I waited at the door a gold color bud flew to my face then landed on the step and stayed a while it looked so golden in color in the sun I wasn’t sure what kind of bug it was until I seen the pictures here I always thought it could be a sign from him

    1. I had to take my 23 year old cat, Pumpie to the vet for a dental issue at best,but turned out to be to be a tumor. As I was awaiting the results of the lab tests, a tiny Cricket came out of nowhere, and steadily crawled towards me. I have always Loved crickets so naturally I was so happy and considered it an extremely good sign that it was OK to let Pumpie go. I told her that I loved her so much that I wouldn’t be selfish and hold her back.

    2. We lost our grandson in a auto accident. A cricket appeared at my door, and stayed there all day and night. I did not let him in because we have a cat. He stayed on the doror an let me photograph him. A week later a cricket appeared on a shrub where I was gardening. He stayed and listened while I told him how much I loved and missed my grandson. I went to get my iPad to take his photo, hoping he would still be there when I got back, he was.
      He was a green cricket but the photos I took came out as pure gold, and so well defined. I will treasure them always.
      I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope time has healed your pain.

  6. Thank u for explaining about cricket
    I have lots of them in my house I used to kill 3 or 4 a day I didn’t know that they bring good luck in my life now I know I’m so relieved thank u

  7. Bryan Fitzgerald

    Thank you very much for your explanation and information on crickets, I think they are an awesome insect and love their song, as I sit and type, a cricket is perched on my window curtain, just chilling 🙂 namaste B.

  8. Jeanann Cennamo

    I found a cricket in my bedroom and I didn’t know that I was not supposed to put it out , does this mean I will have back luck?

  9. Interesting! I have had in the last week three different evenings three different black crickets running around my room. They run quickly All around My room like in circles like they’re looking for something they don’t chirp and they don’t hop. It is odd for me to note that on these three different occasions I had a very vivid dreams where I’m usually calling out and crying in my sleep. I like the little guys personally I just wish they would chirp!

    1. I use a clear drinking glass and place it on top of the cricket and get a piece of cardboard. I put the cardboard under the Glass And talk to the Cricket, thank him for his visit and grateful for the Good Luck he is spreading and tell him, I am taking you outside where you belong in nature. Just did this today and watched him leap into a patch of Shamrocks.🤗☘☘

  10. It’s a shame that’s all you have for Mexicans. They may be eaten, but because they were essential to some, and that’s only in specific regions, because they’re almost 70% protein. A majority of Mexicans wouldn’t and couldn’t consider eating them. Crickets are loved and respected. They enter homes and are left alone. Your article makes it seem like people are eating them as they see them, and it’s hurtful. Growing up in Michoacan, you could hear them everywhere, and it was beautiful. My mother told me when the crickets come, then so does the rain. Always, “crickets bring the rain.” Even in the US, mom would comment that. “Oh good. We haven’t had rain yet. I can hear crickets, so that means we may finally get some.”
    For a couple years we didn’t hear them. It was very disheartening. No one heard them. Then we learned about the drought in California and how bad it had gotten for us. I’m a believer.
    One tribe believes that if you step on a cricket, your clothes will be eaten by crickets.
    There’s plenty of mention of significance in Mexico if you look for it. Or find a translator who can research for you instead of just assuming.

    1. I think you need to be less sensitive. Don’t wear your feelings on you sleeve. Toughen up. The Mexicans I know would laugh at you for being offended by this, a sentence in an article.

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