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Ladybug Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


Ladybug symbolism exudes happiness and positivity. If you believe in the ladybug totem, you can be sure of good things happening to you. 

What does it mean when you see a ladybug? 

Most importantly, to accept the blessings she gives you when you encounter her and to accept her as a powerful ally in making important changes in life.

It is important to understand the ladybug meaning and symbolism so you can complete life’s journey successfully and with ease.

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Ladybug Symbolism and Meaning

The main meaning of ladybugs centers around good fortune, true love, innocence, needing to make the right choices in life, happy resolutions, etc. So what does it mean to see a ladybug?

When you encounter the ladybug spirit animal at any point, you can be sure that positive transformations are on the way. 

You can trust this humble creature to brighten even the gloomiest of days and brighten your outlook on life should you come across it. The symbolism represents the time of the fruition of your dreams and wishes.


Understanding the symbolism meaning helps you understand how reaching newer heights and higher goals are possible. In due course, with the right approach and positive changes, your efforts and desires will come to pass if you follow the true preaching of the ladybug symbolism.

What do ladybugs mean when they cross paths with you or visit your homes? You could take it as a sign to halt a bit in life, perhaps, if you have been going too fast to achieve your dreams. 

Sometimes, we need not to try overly hard but wait in faith for things to come around. Sometimes, there is success in being patient and the ladybug cautions to be just that. In time, your worries will dissipate and new happiness will set in.

Ladybug Native American Symbolism

Native Americans place tremendous values in creatures of the earth and delve deeply to discover the meaning behind each. Ladybug significance is an important aspect of Native American culture. 

This colorful creature gives birth to multiple generations of children every year. The Native American symbolism of ladybug thus revolves around renewal and fertility. 

The ladybug symbol serves as a sign of awareness of the past lives and the Spirit realm for the Native Americans. They look at the symbolism as a guide to learn how to trust in the Higher Self and the Great Spirit.

native american silhouette

The Native American tribes widely feature a variety of insects in different roles in their culture, traditions, and beliefs. Most insects provoke a negative perception in them, such as biting insects, swarming insects, and the crops destroying ones. 

They associate such creatures with bad luck, evil witchcraft, and diseases. There is, however, no ladybug superstition in the Native American beliefs. What does a ladybug symbolize for their tribes? 

Their legends associate the humble creature with humility and meekness, and the Native American culture values these two traits. The symbolic meaning of ladybug for them is to inspire positive, meekness, and humbleness in oneself.

Ladybug Christianity Symbolism

The ladybug animal totem has some reference in Christianity as well. You can find subtle references in the Bible. What does it mean when a ladybug is in your house from a Biblical point of view? 

The colorful creatures serve as Divine Protectors in a certain way. They protect your plants from predators, similar to how faith protects the seeds of spirituality you plant in yourself. 


When your plants are safe from the predators that can eat them, they thrive and grow to their full capacity and are a fine example of abundant life.

Similarly, when you plant seeds of faith within, protect your heart, and mind from doubts, your spirituality and belief in God grows and strengthens. You can relate this metaphor with the book of Mathew chapter 17, verses 20 of the Bible.

Ladybug Celtic Symbolism

The Celts were deeply spiritual people and they derived meaning from the everyday creatures around them. In fact, a majority of their cultural and spiritual beliefs center on insects, creatures, and objects of nature.

What does it mean when a ladybug lands on you? Many of us would merely smile at it, shriek, or brush it off, but the Celtic took careful note of such occurrences. 

celtic cross

Some believed that the ladybug brings you luck and if a ladybug landed on me, I am to make a wish. When the ladybug flies off, it would mean my wish would come true because she has carried it to God.

The Celtic symbolism, taking root from Ireland particularly, considers ladybug as a sign of protection. They believed that killing a ladybug was bringing bad luck upon oneself. Some of the tribes believe that if one were to kill a ladybug, he would encounter death the next day.

Ladybug in Dreams

Are ladybugs a sign of good luck? Yes, they are, and it is an ancient belief that seeing ladybugs in your dreams are indications of good news to come from least expected sources. 

A ladybug in your dream is a bearer of good news essentially, but there are variations to this event as well. Seeing a ladybug in your dream has a spiritual interpretation as well. 

When you see a ladybug in a cotton field, it is a warning of enemies speaking scandalously about you. Secondly, ladybug stands for respecting authority but is also a symbol of protection and acceptable standards.


On the other hand, several cultures interpret the seeing of ladybug in dreams with relationships, clear planning, hard work, change, and making progress in life. Many dream of ladybugs in their garden and you can relate this to learning new lessons in life by expressing your true feelings. 

Often times, we experience stagnancy when we contain our true feelings within ourselves. The appearance of a ladybug in your dream is to encourage you to open up and move forward in life.

Several times the appearance of a ladybug in your dream could also relate to forth-coming sorrow and big troubles. What does it mean if a ladybug landed on me in a dream? Such a vision could mean prosperity, of growing wealth and gains.

On the contrary, if a ladybug just fell by me in a dream, it could signify how your projects may suffer delays and you must prepare for it.

Ladybug Encounters and Omens

Ladybugs in house meaning refer to special reasons for which the ladybug chose to interact with you. The majority consider ladybugs unique insects and all welcome the sight of them. Ladybugs are bright in color and irrespective of her minute size, there is no way you can miss seeing her.

When a ladybug happens by you, there is an almost supernatural feel to it and you can instinctively recognize she has come to convey some meaning to you. 

The orange ladybug meaning, for example, is good luck. Perhaps you have been worrying about your future or your next step in life for a while now. 


Perhaps you have been wondering whether your chose path will lead you to the success and freedom you yearn for or whether you are in for another disappointment. The happenstance of a ladybug during such moments of life is to remind you not to worry and not to rush anything. 

The ladybug, in her quiet way, tells you to wait patiently while things unfold naturally for you. Her presence is to comfort you and bring calm in the turbulent moments of your life. Are ladybugs good luck? Yes, they are. 

Many consider them as lucky charms, unlike the bad omens most people associate other insects with. Ladybugs pose no kind of threat and humans associate them with heralds of good news and luck. In fact, any cultures cherish the colorful creature because they believe they are rays of hope, promising good fortune.

Ladybug Mythology and Folklore

From backyard gardens to nursery rhymes, everyone is well familiar with ladybugs and attach them with myths, legends, symbols, and superstitions.

We know of several Norse beliefs, but one particularly draws our attention concerning the God Freya, a virgin mother and the goddess of Beauty and love. According to the Norse belief, the ladybug first came to earth in a shard of lightning when the God Freya called her, and thus the ladybug’s existence began.

English folklore farmers believe that if they see a huge number of ladybugs during the springtime, it means that they will receive abundant crops. 


They also believe that ladybugs carry illnesses away, make wishes come true, and if one happens to land on your hand, you will be married within the year.

Many commonly prescribe the ladybug medicine in Folk as remedies for toothaches, measles, and colic. In the American folklore, if you find a ladybug hibernating in your house, it means it will bring good luck. 

In addition, a ladybug landing on your hand and flying away unassisted brings you good luck. The Austrian folklore believes that ladybugs are a sign of forthcoming good weather, while the Chinese and Italian folklore also looks upon it as a sign of good luck.

Ladybug Spirit Animal

As we have already highlighted, the ladybug spirit animal is primarily a symbol of good luck. If you want a wish to come true very soon, the ladybug symbolism is where you should invest your belief and make that wish. 

When you have wished by a ladybug and watched it fly away, you can expect to experience the fulfillment of what you have asked.

The earth is full of miracles and good magic, so and ladybugs are an indication of Mother Nature doing something wonderful for you.

At the same time, the appearance of the ladybug spirit animal is like a breath of fresh air for you. It works to calm you down when you are too fraught in the daily grind of life or when things seem too dark and uncertain. 

You may also call upon the spirit animal to serve as your lucky charm when you are dealing with a difficult relationship or situation. The ladybug spirit animal is also quite similar to that of the honeybee since it brings out your playful spirit and childlike nature.

Ladybug Totem Animal

Similar to the badger totem, the ladybug totem animal means you can expect happiness in the future and a blessing in abundance. 

The ladybug animal totem is symbolic of your projects and goals coming to fruition, and you receiving great blessings through them.

The ladybug totem indicates how you are going to prosper in life through your projects and how life will be more beautiful and rewarding than you expected. 


However, some believe that the ladybug totem can be bad luck for you if you disregard luck and magic.

If you choose to overlook or ignore the good tidings that the ladybug totem brings, then you will only focus on the bad and negative side of life. 

This will make you feel unfortunate and miserable all the time.

Ladybug Power Animal

Ladybug power animal includes taking a golden thread up to the center of the universe, to spiritual enlightenment, rebirth and death, past lives, protection, fearlessness, regeneration, good luck, and wishes coming true.

Brightly colored and small, the ladybug is a descendent of the beetle family and typically features red, yellow, or black markings. You can find them in all latitudes and climates. 


The striking feature is the shell on her back, which provides protection from the predators. Her wings close around her body to protect her soft undersides.

With her keen instincts, the ladybug can feel vibrations through her tiny legs and feel the energy of what she touches, another form of protection. 

Her coloring is a sign of warning for the predators to keep away and an example of how we can keep woes and foes away by sending clear messages across. Therein lays the meaning of the ladybug power animal.

Ladybug Tattoo Meaning

Ladybug has been quite a popular tattoo design for years now, especially among women. The ladybug symbolism serves as a sign of auspiciousness and holiness. 

Women opt for this tattoo when they want to symbolize luck and good fortune. The holiness and auspicious element take root from the famous Catholic mythological story of two farmers. 

The story tells how the ladybug came to earth to destroy the pests that were destroying the crops of the farmers. 

woman getting a tattoo

People associate the ladybug with the Virgin Mary’s avatar, therefore and this is one major reason for the design’s popularity.

Other symbolic representations of a ladybug tattoo include passion, friendship, and love, prosperity, hoping for wishes to come true, especially in relation to the black and red ladybug. 

Women are generally more fond of this tattoo design becomes it makes them feel femininely sexy and sweet.


Ladybugs have connected deeply with all manner of spirituality, symbolism, lore, and cultural beliefs. Its most common representation is good luck, great fortune, protection, love, and luck.


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9 thoughts on “Ladybug Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)”

  1. January 8th 2022 ladybird on my bedroom ceiling, very active walking all over ceiling surprised see it this time of year. Ask for a miracle today and this is a super and natural ❤️

  2. I had a ladybug in my apartment last evening. It went to the light then flew away. This morning I was up early ant the ladybug was on my wall. I killed it because I didn’t know what to do. Is this bad?

  3. My house is covered with ladybugs. They are inside and flying all around it. I feel like they are protecting me from any evil spirits that are trying to come upon me. As well as calming me down from worry and stress.

  4. I am leaning up against my Special Tree – an approx 60ft spruce, located in the farthest end of a very large soccer/recreation field = a lone Sentinel of Nature with no other trees near it.
    It’s a very chilly late afternoon here in Ontario. Looked down to find a ladybug walking up my hand — I was shocked!
    Carefully transferred her to one of the few dandelion flowers still left… Then came here to look up symbolism.
    Appreciate learning that I received a Blessing and didn’t even know it…

  5. Clayton Royal Van Horn

    I have 50 of them lot of them have 16 two 17 black dots some with no dots and some with 7 dots in my porch they just came today November 7 2021 I recorded one on my hand omost half hour it looked like it dancing I’m very spiritual so maybe love is finally going to happen for me last week I had a grasshopper visit me 3 times I recorded that so I believe they sent from are father in heaven

  6. Tatiana Fournier

    Thank you for this article on ladybugs 🐞
    Something was hitting itself against my wall last night while I was working and when I looked it was a lady bug.

    She kept flying and hitting herself, so I gently took her and brought her outside and at that moment I knew that it was no coincidence, so I went outside and talk to God, universe, Mother Nature and she stayed on my hand the whole time. She even took the time to wash herself or do her self care night routine.

    I kept talking, it was a reassuring moment and a moment of peace and comfort. As if she knew that I needed to take a moment to recenter myself and give thanks for all the previous event and the things that are coming ahead, and then she simply disappeared.

    I was curious and wanted to know what was the meaning of this encounter, I’m glad you did this article it has answer my prayers.

    I wish you a good day and an abundant life,

    With love Tatiana.

    1. Hello, Thank you for writing this article. I am absolutely impressed by Ladybugs. I get so excited to see one or having the thought of them. My Grandmother called me Ladybug. She also always made me feel special. I believe my life has been blessed because I admire them wholeheartedly.

    2. That was beautiful to read. Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one to find peace through bugs. Thought I was weird haha but this story of yours gave me relief which is also very peaceful.🤍 Thanks again for sharing🐞🤍🤍

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