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Moth Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


Like butterflies, moths are often used as symbols of transformation and growth. Unlike butterflies, though, moths are generally underappreciated and connected with many darker and less positive themes. In spite of this, recent years have shown an increased trend towards appreciating and enjoying moths. In this article we’ll examine the symbolism connected with moths, both good and bad, as well as the role of the moth in a number of folktales and mythological traditions.

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Moth symbolism and meaning

The first and most obvious piece of symbolism attached to the moth is transformation. Moths begin life as eggs, before hatching into their larval stage. In this larval form, they eat and grow until it is time to form a cocoon. From within their cocoons, moths grow their wings and take on their beautiful final shape. This life cycle connects moths with the process of growing into one’s true self and changing throughout the course of one’s life. (1)

A moth can also symbolize moving towards light. Moths are attracted to light sources. Sometimes, this is used to connect moths with death and the afterlife. When someone passes away, it is often said that they are “going into the light.”

Additionally, moths and light can be connected with manipulation or predictable behaviors. The idiom “like a moth to the flame” refers to a situation where a person is easy to manipulate because they cannot resist something. In most cases, this saying is used for situations wherein the “irresistible” element is harmful to the “moth.” In real life, moths are often killed in traps that use light to attract them. Thus, a moth may represent the idea of coveting something that is actually harmful or hazardous to one’s self.

Most people do consider light to be a positive thing. So, despite their connection with death or traps, the moth and the flame can also represent a guiding light. Moth symbolism may refer to finding one’s own path forward.

Because moths are known to eat cloth as well as dry foods in pantries, these insects are commonly thought of as nuisances and pests. Moths can be connected with old things and decay, because discarded objects become “moth-eaten” with time. (2)

Finally, in contrast to their ability to destroy clothes, some moths are actually vital to the production of luxury textiles. Silk is produced by silk worms, which are larval forms of silk moths. The cultivation of these moth larvae is what produces silk, So, moths can be connected with luxury, industriousness, beauty, softness, and comfort. (3)

Moth Native American symbolism

In many Native American cultural traditions, moths are predictably connected with growth and change as well as ephemeral concepts such as dreams and consciousness. Moths are important to a few tribes, however much of our understanding of Native American moth symbolism is shared with widespread butterfly-related traditions.

In parts of California, moths are important because their cocoons are used as sacred rattles which hold ritual significance and are used for ceremonies. The moth is often connected with death and ghosts. (4)

Since moths are nocturnal and come out at night, they are the teachers and guides of the nighttime realm. Moths are thus heavily associated with dreams and with altered consciousness.

Amongst several Native American tribes, the butterfly is thought of as a good luck charm and is connected with childhood and youth. The moth can be assumed to hold similar meanings as moths and butterflies belong to the same family of insects. (5)

Moth Christianity symbolism

Moths are referred to in a few biblical parables from which we can derive some of the Christian meanings connected with these insects. In Matthew 6:19-21, the parable of the moths, rust, and thieves is famous:

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust[a] destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (6)

Moths and rust settle on costly objects. Moths even eat silk garments while rust damages and corrodes perishable treasures on the earth. Moths and rust work from the exterior to the interior and eat their way through these objects. The Bible warns us that earthly treasures are impermanent and corruptible. Only in heaven can true value endure forever. (7)

The Bible continues to connect moths with mortality, impermanence and decay in further sections. In Job 13:28:

“Man wastes away like a rotten thing,
like a garment that is moth-eaten.” (8)

And from James 5:1-3:

“Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days.” (9)

Throughout these sections, the moth is used to refer to both the impermanence of mortal life and the folly of coveting and protecting earthly fortunes when spiritual enrichment is everlasting. (10)

Moth Celtic symbolism

In Celtic mythology, butterflies are represented for their beauty and delicateness. Moths, on the other hand, are more frequently connected with death and decay. Certain species of moth were sometimes involved with superstitions predicting an imminent death or major loss.

The myth of the Wooing of Etain is an Irish story which includes a beautiful fly which begins as water, becomes a worm, and then becomes a ‘fly’ before being reborn as a woman. The wooing of Etain follows the tail of an otherworldly gentleman named Midir who is enchanted by the beauty of a young maiden named Etain. When Midir is wounded at the home of his foster son, he is given Etain in marriage as repayment for his injury. Midir and Etain love each other deeply, but Midir’s first wife is deeply jealous and is gifted in witchcraft and sorcery. Out of spite, she transforms Etain into a pool of water, but Midir keeps this water by his side still. Then she transforms her into a worm, but Midir treasures the worm as well. Finally, Etain is made into a giant jewel-colored fly which Midir cherishes. The witch is so angry that she conjures a great wind to blow Etain away from Midir. In this form, Etain is blown into the goblet of her own mother who accidentally drinks the fly. From this, Etain’s mother becomes pregnant and gives birth to Etain anew. After much hardship, Midir finds and reclaims his bride. (11)

The “fly” in this story is often depicted as a butterfly. Its many transformations connects this story to the moth. For this reason, moths can be connected with femininity, transformation, and longing.

In some parts of the Celtic world, moth superstitions connected these insects with witchcraft and madness. The moth was thought to be a supernatural force which could act as a harbinger of serious misfortune. (12)

Moth in dreams

In much of the world, the moth is connected to dreams thanks to its ethereal nature and nocturnal lifestyle. Dreaming about moths can have a number of different possible interpretations. Like butterfly dreams, moth dreams can symbolize an upcoming change or transformation. The moth refers to the growth that one must undergo in order to unlock their potential. (13)

Dreaming of moths may also represent a particular goal in one’s life. Moth dreams may signify that you must follow the light of your passion in order to approach your goals. On the other hand, dreaming of moths and flames or traps may be an indicator that the path that you think is right will only lead to pain. Sometimes, the things that we want most for ourselves are not the same as the things that we truly need.

A moth dream can also refer to death or the soul. Sometimes, people interpret moth dreams as visits from departed loved ones. Moths may represent the grieving process or the enduring love for a person who is no longer with you.

Moth encounters and omens

Encountering a moth may indicate changes on the horizon. A moth encounter can mean that a difficult period lies in your path. Change is often very hard. The moth reminds you that such change is necessary and will bring out your true potential. Endure future hardships with this in mind and they may not turn out to be as bad as they seem. (14)

Like moth dreams, moth encounters are sometimes thought of as visits from deceased souls. For a person struggling with loss or grief, a visit from a moth may mean that the one you love is missing you as well or that you are not as alone as you might feel.

A moth in the home signifies neglect. Moths often feed off of decaying items. A moth inside the house can be an excellent reminder to clean and refresh your space. Clear out clutter and minimize mess. Doing so will refresh both your physical surroundings and your mind.

A moth may also symbolize one’s goals. Moths entering the home might act as a reminder that the things you have are worth being excited about and worth working hard to maintain. (15)

Moth mythology and folklore

According to much of the art and mythology surrounding moths, these insects are stand-ins for the human soul. They may represent the untethered human soul at the time of one’s death or the growth and progression of one’s soul throughout their life time. (16)

The Polyphemus Moth is named after a figure from Greek mythology. In Homer’s Odyssey, the hero, Odysseus, finds himself on an island inhabited by a cyclops named Polyphemus. Polyphemus has one eye and is the son of the god of the sea, Poseidon. Polyphemus eats many members of Odysseus’s crew, however in the end Odysseus pierces Polyphemus’s eye out. Polyphemus asks who has wounded him and Odysseus claims that his name is “Nobody.” Thus, when Polyphemus cries out to the islands other inhabitants, they think that “Nobody” has hurt him. This episode causes a lot of problems for Odysseus because it puts him at odds with Poseidon. The Polyphemus moth gets its name because of the large eye spots that it has on each wing. (17)

According to one Chinese myth, the silkworm and silk moth originated from a young girl who became the silkworm goddess. According to the legend, this young girl was very close with her father until he went out one day and did not return like normal. The girl was distraught and very worried. She clasped her prized horse and told him that if he could return her father to her, she would marry him even though he was a horse. The horse understood her and promptly retrieved her father. When the father returned, he was furious at the promise his daughter had made. He killed and skinned the horse. The daughter blamed herself for the horse’s death and was terribly distraught. She wrapped herself in the horse’s hide and wept all day, Eventually, the horse hide on the girl’s shoulders became wings. The girl was turned into a goddess as a reward for her earnest nature. She became the first silk moth. (18)

Moth spirit animal

If your spirit animal is the moth then you are probably a bit of a dreamer. The moth spirit animal is known to live with its head in the clouds. People with the moth spirit tend to strive for big things. They are ambitious, however they may need occasional reminders not to covet things which they cannot obtain. Success will not bring happiness unless the person in question works on self-fulfillment as well. (19)

The moth spirit animal tends to choose a path and become obsessed with following it. This can lead to intense drive and high achievement, however this can also lead to inflexibility and burnout. People with the moth spirit animal should practice spontaneity and try to roll with the punches as much as they can.

The moth spirit animal is full of potential and capable of amazing growth. People with this spirit animal tend to be curious about the world around them and are always asking big questions.

Moth totem animal

The moth totem animal refers to healing, relaxation, and spiritual renewal. This totem is especially connected with comfort and relief from pain. The moth totem is often connected with grief and loss. When one has lost something substantial, this totem animal can be a powerful source of peace and comfort.

The moth totem also brings restfulness. For people who are exhausted or overworked, the moth totem animal is connected with rejuvenation. This totem reminds you to relax and set boundaries so that you can protect your sense of peace.

Moth power animal

The moth power animal is connected with both creation and degradation. Moths are well known for their tendency to eat pantry items, textiles, and other discarded things. The moth power animal brings change and ushers out the old. The moth is also capable of creating beautiful things. Moths are responsible for weaving the incredibly soft, strong, and luxuriant silk thread which becomes silk fabric. Thus, the moth represents the balance between creation and destruction and old and new. (20)

Moth tattoo meaning

Moth tattoos may be chosen to represent decay and death, however most moth tattoos hold brighter and happier meanings than this. A moth tattoo is a common choice for a memorial tattoo for a departed loved one.

Moth tattoos may also represent growth, peace, light, or transformation. A moth tattoo may be chosen as a reminder to stay on the path of “light” or to pursue one’s goals.


Unlike butterflies, which are almost universally beloved, moths are the subject of quite a lot of disgust and fear. Despite this, the delicate beauty of the moth has made it a major favorite amongst people who appreciate these nocturnal insects. Moths are great reminders of the incredible cycles of life.


20 thoughts on “Moth Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)”

  1. Avatar

    Great article. My name means army worm (caterpillar basically) never liked it. Now i realise they are not tools of destruction as most see it. Symbolic of tranformation into a moth. Thank to your article i now have a new found introspection. So important to know ones identity. Thank you for this and relating it to different cultures, religions and places. Perception/perspective is so important keep these articles coming!

  2. Avatar

    Hi, lately I have noticed several moths flying around my car this happens daily I don’t know or have a explanation for this cause they keep coming back everyday ! I’m stunned it’s been happening for a couple months now! What does this mean

  3. Avatar

    I just was star stuck by this gorgeous moth. It literally took my breath away. It’s in the evening here in California & I’m currently at my storage finishing up moving out of my apartment. An apartment that I’ve lived SINGLE for 3 years. I didn’t date, I dated myself. Then, I fell in love with myself. HARD!!!! An apartment where I at one point thought I was going to literally die from a broken heart. An apartment where my (then) husband of 5 years started his affair. An apartment that little did I know I was going to go through so many AMAZING transformations. Here I am, at my storage, moving in with the most amazing life partner I could’ve never imagined sharing a life with. Transformation This is the end of a cycle. I’ve been reborn. I am healed. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am loved. But, most importantly I CAN LOVE ❤️.

  4. Avatar

    Every time I’ve had a miscarriage, a moth has landed above a door in my house. The first time, the moth would not leave me alone and followed me around the house until it landed at my bedroom door.

    Today a month landed above my front door. My sister is pregnant but it’s not looking good for the fetus. I’m sure it’s a sign of miscarriage again.

  5. Avatar

    Hi. Just today I was sitting on the porch with my beautiful cat, at around 4pm, when a moth landed beside me & dropped it’s pupa beside me & flew away. It was white & black. What does that mean?
    Thank you!!

  6. Avatar

    So I was just in my garage fixing some shoes boxes, when my beared dragon which was my uncle’s who had passed away like 7 months ago. My grandma gave me his beared dragon for me to care for cause I love animals as much as my beloved uncle also loved animals . Well I noticed that my dragon was going crazy inside her cage trying to catch something when out of nowhere this giant moth which I have never one around her where I live flew out from behind my dragons cage and I honestly got freaked out I was like ‘what the heck is that’ so I ended up catching it wit one of the shoe box tops I was fixing. Idk if it’s my uncle who passed away trying to let me know something or that I’m chasing after someone who is just goin to end up hurting me which I’m currently going thru something like that with someone I feel something for idk what it could be.

  7. Avatar

    I believe in spirits, then the other day a dark moth flew into my car, can someone tell me what that means? I am curious.
    Thank You very much,

  8. Avatar

    In the last two weeks there have been several moths in my room at night. I‘m a little scared that it might be a bad omen. Though after reading this maybe they are meant to symbolize the mental transformation I‘ve been going through lately… any other ideas? 🙂

  9. Avatar

    This morning I found a wild silk moth on the side of our house. Being a shaman I find your explanations of moths illuminating. I am sure it’s a gift from Patchamama.

    1. Avatar

      Hello Everyone Hope Everyone Is Having A Beautiful Day…..I Woke Up And Started Doing My Morning Coffee And When I Looked Down I Saw A Moth I Thought It Was Dead When I Went To Pick It Up Ir Was Moving So I Took It Outside To Release It But When I Put It On My Plant It Flew And Went On My Chest Im Talking To It Saying Hey Ur Free Go As Im Relesing It Again It Flew Back And Was On My Pants I Released It Again And It Was Coming Back To Me I Ran Back Inside My Home Its Out In My Back Yard Flying.I Just Dont Know Why It Keep Comeing Back What Does This Mean

  10. Avatar

    Thank you! I am grieving the loss of my familiar. I took our other dog to the woods to embrace the full moon tonight and see if my other dogs spirit was to be found. When we got home we cuddled up on the couch and lot a candle for her. Not even 5 minutes went by and a little moth flew right into the candle and snuffed it out. So much other symbolism in here resonates, I feel her message and appreciate your intuitive wisdom.

    1. Avatar

      I’m so very sorry for your loss. It’s lovely, though, that this moth was there to bring you comfort. I’m glad our article was helpful for you!

      — Hailey Brophy
      Writer @ World Birds

      1. Avatar

        I am unwell and was sitting when I noticed a flurry in my log burner. I went over and opened it and a moth just few out.. Can anyone help never experienced this before.. It was not a dark moth and it is mid morning here… Thank you

  11. Avatar

    My teenage grandaughter was visting.While we were outdoors at a friends during daytime hours several moths just appeared from nowhere and landed on her . Was so amazing and curious .Later that day we were at my home inside and 3 of the same kind of moths landed on the window screen of course at that point we totally freaked out. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before I’d sure like some insight

    1. Avatar

      I wonder if the moths might signify the growth and transformation that your granddaughter must be experiencing as a teenager. Moths often appear during important periods of transition.

      I hope this helps!
      — Hailey Brophy
      Writer @ World Birds

  12. Avatar

    Very interesting & extensive . As does the moth, your article brings the awareness of light & dark in encouraging balance. Thank you for the words that I can apply to the power of thinking good thoughts & all there is to be grateful for. KARI ✌🎨💜

  13. Avatar

    Wow! In July of 2020, as my partner was entering our home, a giant black moth entered with him. It flew around our living room and landed above our door entrance, then the window until he pushed it outside. A week later I was in the restroom smoking a cigarette and a small black moth entered our window flew straight at me I had to literally fight it off me. Months later, an unexpected visitor came to live with us and affected our relationship a few more months passed by and COVID took my love this October. He passed away. I struggle daily, but our little boy is who keeps me going. I wish I had found this site back then. It’s good information and very well explained. Thank you, Garth

  14. Avatar

    So I have been seeing allot of moths in general & in the house other night I saw one had fallen into some bubbles in the bath the other one next to it was dead and I dried it off with my mouth and saved it I now have four brown ones in my room as I can see I heard when u see moths ask your self “ what position am I in right now “ but I have been feeling really good in fact better than I did a few weeks ago?? So does this still mean bad omen etc? Or does it depend on how I decide to view it ?

  15. Avatar

    Thank you, Garth! On a recent trip to New Mexico I found a beautiful moth that had passed. I brought it home with me as I felt it was calling me to do so. Your info, especially the Native American symbolism, was quite meaningful to receive. And the other info was also very interesting. Thanks again!

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