Ram Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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Throughout history, many cultures associated the ram with leadership and determination. Because of its strong characteristics such as courage, energy, power, and bravery, the ram is linked to Aries’ zodiac sign, the celestial symbol of leadership.

The Ram symbolism is present in all mythologies and is connected to the warrior human side, but let’s explore the ram’s symbolic meaning globally.

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Ram Symbolism and Meaning

To understand what does the ram symbolize, we must look into some of its characteristics. The sheep were among the first domesticated animals, and ever since, they had a great influence on human history and culture. 

The sheep’s symbolic meaning is an emblem of peace, docility, and the ability to accept higher authority guidance. However, if the sheep symbolism is associated with tenderness, the ram symbol stands among the animals that represent strength.

The home of the ram is high upon the rocky edges and abrupt cliffs. The ram leaps among slippery terrain and makes his conquest known by wearing its majestic horns like a crown.

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The characteristics of ram are those of a true born leader.

So what do rams stand for? The ram symbol is about boldness, new beginnings, new paths, power. This symbolic presence reminds us of ancient warriors and their defiant attitude.

The ram prepared his entire life, so he knows what he’s capable of. He will never refrain from leaping into a new opportunity and will go beyond without fear.

The Aries animal symbol is also the ram. The first sign of the zodiac, its symbolism is tied to spring, rebirth, ultimately, the circle of life.

Ram Native American Symbolism

Sheep are an essential part of the Native American culture, especially among Navajo people. The Navajo Way of Life is traditionally based on sheepherding and weaving. 

One of their most important ceremonies is called “Sheep is Life,” and it celebrates the Churro sheep, a vital animal for the Navajo life.  

Although the sheep is not a significant symbol for the Native American tribes apart from Navajo, the ram symbols are presently being associated with the Bighorn sheep. Numerous rock carvings and pictographs remained from the Anasazi population. 

ram on the field

Both rams and ewes from this species carry massive antlers, and this is one of the features revered by the Native American folks. Although hunted for meat, the Bighorn sheep were looked at as an essential totem animal whose spirit they believed helped and provided for the tribe.

The ram’s horns were also used for preserving fire. Pikunii people were carrying fire in a horn from one camp to another.

The ram symbol meaning is strongly related to the ram horns, which are curled in a spiral. The meaning of ram, in this case, is associated with the circle of life, birth, and rebirth. Hopi people depict their God of fertility as a Bighorn sheep.

Ram Eastern Symbolism

The ram is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. The ram meaning around the Asian world is related to the male symbol yang and the sun. On the other side, sheep symbolism is strongly connected to the idea of respect and fulfillment.

Interestingly, the character used to symbolize the lamb is the same pictogram for sheep held over the fire. Again, the idea of sacrifice is present. 

The symbolism of sheep is also associated with parental respect, similar to the lamb that kneels to take their mother’s milk. Tibetan Buddhists see the ram as a symbol of determination to control the three poisons: ignorance, desire, and hostility. 

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On the other side, the ram animal characteristics turned him into a sign of indecision. Rams following the primordial instincts symbolize lust and the insatiable desire for fulfillment. 

Overcoming these poisons is the ultimate achievement.

Chinese people usually see the sheep as an auspicious animal and, subsequently, the year of the sheep is a year of prosperity. 

Persons born under the sheep sign are peace-loving, kind, and admired. Elegant and with an excellent appetite for art, sheep people are also very passionate about what they believe in.

Ram Christianity Symbolism

Surprisingly, the ram symbolism in the Bible is not that powerful as the lamb metaphor. The little frail and gentle lamb became the center of the Christian religion, being present throughout the book of salvation.

Jesus Christ is known as the “Lamb of God,” and he redeemed the world sins through his sacrifice. The weak lamb conquered evil by sacrificing his own life. The biblical horn, also called the “horn of salvation,” refers to Jesus, and it highlights the idea of salvation through strength.

The ram in the bush meaning is a strong reassurance that God will always help you as He did with Abraham.

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However, the ram bible meaning is strongly connected to the idea of royalty, higher power, and, ultimately, sacrifice. Guardian of the herd, the ram symbols speak of protection and sacrifice. 

Rams were among the first animals sacrificed in altars. Thus their Latin name is Aries, which means “altar.”

Among the ram characteristics, an important feature that became iconic for the Christians and Jewish people as well are the horns. 

The spiritual meaning of horns is associated with the worshipping rituals and the altars. The shofar used to announce the Jewish celebrations is made from the horn of the ram.

Ram Celtic Symbolism

Although the depictions of the ram in Celtic art are relatively rare, the symbolism is strong. The almighty Celtic God of animals, Cernunnos, is depicted with a ram-headed snake. So what does a ram symbolize for the old Celts?

An important creature in Celtic mythology and folklore, the ram was one of the animals kept and treasured by Brigid, the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and protector of the domesticated animals. 

This flamed-haired goddess was also the patron of poetry, serenity, and invention. Cirb, the powerful ram king of sheep, was often present in the goddess’ depictions, was the ruler of all rams and sheep.

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Due to this association, it is evident that the ram symbolism’s meaning is strongly connected to the idea of authority, kingship, and protection.

The sea god Manannan owned seven magical sheep that could produce enough wool to clothe all people worldwide. Symbol of sustenance, the sheep became the unofficial symbol of Ireland.

Believed to be a symbol of fecundity and rebirth, the ram is also associated with the spring and renewal season.

Sheep were also important for druids, and one of their legends, “The Story of White and Black Sheep,” teaches the importance of finding the balance between material and spiritual worlds.

Ram African Symbolism

The significance of ram on the African continent is linked to some of this magnificent animal’s traits. The ram will fight with bravery with an adversary, but he will submit to slaughter. 

This powerful token of humility and strength is being depicted with the Adinkra symbol known as Dwennimmen. This term means “ram’s horns,” It is a stylized drawing of a bird’s eye looking at two rams butting heads.    

Nigerian people still invoke Ebune the Ram, the herald of spring renewal. During this ceremony, the ram masks have a white line running down the head’s central axis.

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This line symbolizes the border between life and death, linking the meaning of ram to the idea of rebirth and renewal. 

An ancient Igbo (native tribe in Nigeria) proverb states that ram is going into a fight head first, so the ram head symbolism is pretty obvious: the ram urges you to jump into a new venture so you could succeed. 

The masks’ horns are often colored in red and yellow. Red horns symbolize decisive action while yellow stands for changing through healing, medicine. 

So what is the meaning of ram for African culture? Ram is spring, the beginning of the rainy season, the symbol of rebirth.

Ram in Dreams

Since the ram is a masculine symbol associated with strength and power, dreaming about this fantastic animal might indicate the refusal to obey and the desire to rule.

Associated with fertility, the ram spotted in your dreams could represent the sexual drive and the natural urges that lie within every person.

The ram appearing in your dreams might point towards energy, impulsiveness, or even aggression. Associated with influential figures, the ram might symbolize powerful friends who stand by your side.

Like any animal dreams, we must consider the ram or sheep’s actions and their colors to have a correct interpretation.

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A dream featuring a white sheep foretells good days ahead while black rams mean a difficult period.

If your dream involves a flock of sheep grazing, you should know that your life is stable, and you will not miss anything.

Sheep bleating in your dreams point towards gossip, and it is a sign that you should refrain from sharing too much about you. A similar interpretation can be applied if you dream butting rams chasing you. It would be best if you were more careful when selecting your entourage.

A dead sheep or ram is a bad omen if it appears in your dreams. There is a possibility of hearing bad news. 

Ram Encounters and Omens

When speaking of superstitions and omens, the first thing that comes to mind is the well-known expression, “the black sheep of the family.” 

Used to describe someone not willing to follow the rules, the black sheep is considered a bad omen. The Scotland shepherds strongly believed that a black-faced sheep’s birth would bring misfortune for all the flock.

The farmers considered even the rare event where a sheep gives birth to twins, both black-faced. An abysmal lambing season will follow. Another bad omen is to show the lambs to strangers unless they want to buy them.

ram on the field

A Turkish superstition speaks about the ram mating ceremony. If a girl is put on the ram, the lambs born of it will be female, while if a boy rides the animal, the lambs will be male.

In Feng Shui, the ram is considered an auspicious animal associated with family and nurturing. 

However, it is common among Chinese people that children born during the year of the Sheep will have a difficult life because humans eat sheep. 

The few exceptions are those born in summer as this is the season when sheep have enough grass to feed.

Ram Mythology and Folklore

The ram is an important figure among different cultures and mythologies, being associated with many powerful deities.

Ancient Egyptians esteemed the ram as a symbol of war bravery and fertility. Many gods from their pantheon were depicted wearing ram horns or had ram heads. One of the first deities was Khnum, the ram-headed god who created children’s bodies from clay.

Heryshaf, a creator and fertility god revered in the ancient Heracleopolis, was also represented as a man with a ram’s head.

But maybe the most important Egyptian god who adopted the aspect of the ram was Ammon-Ra. The major god of the pantheon, Ammon, was also revered outside Egypt.

ram on the field

The ram horns symbolism is present in almost every culture, and many warrior gods adopted them as a token of their power. 

So what do horns symbolize? They are the symbol of immortality and salvation.

One of the essential legends from Greek mythology involves Jason and the ram with the Golden Fleece. 

The ram with the golden fleece was Poseidon’s son, and after he was sacrificed to his father, he returned among the gods as the constellation of Aries. The fleece preserved from the sacrifice was offered to Ares, the almighty god of war.

Ram Spirit Animal

The ram spirit animal will come to you whenever you need the courage to venture yourself on a new quest. 

The spiritual meaning of ram is to perform some self-reflection and identify your strengths and weaknesses fast. Ram, the animal spirit, will highlight the toughness while helping you control the frailty.

As we have seen what do ram horns symbolize, it is evident that the spiritual animal ram teaches you an important lesson: grab life by the horns and leave your comfort zone. 

The horn symbolism is connected to the mental faculties. Ram animal’s meaning is to focus on your intellectual growth.

The Aries spirit animal accompanies those born at the beginning of spring since their birth. Just like their spiritual guide, those with the ram sign are brave, adventurous, and passionate. 

But they can also be combative and hostile. So what is a ram animal spirit all about? The ram-like animal spirit is your force to overcome the obstacles life sets on your path.

Please pay attention to your sheep spirit animal form as it reveals essential things. If your spirit guide shows up as a gentle ewe or lamb, you need to re-discover your innocence and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Ram Totem Animal

People born under the ram totem are creative, bold, and self-motivated. The ram personality does not let you miss opportunities. 

This ram animal totem belongs to the most adventurous explorers, those determined to succeed where others are afraid even to try.

The sign of the ram is associated with kingship and authority. People with the ram totem are true born leaders ready to fight for keeping their status fiercely. 

Just like ram butting heads, you will approach life obstacles with courage and strength. On the other hand, people with sheep totems are different. 

ram portrait

Gentle and compassionate, a sheep person will always keep calm in difficult situations. If you are one of the sheep people, you are fond of your family and friends, and you treasure peace and harmony.

Sheep totem teaches us to treasure simple things in life and to appreciate nature’s beauty. The timid (but not coward) sheep will keep the distance from unknown people and circumstances.

The lamb totem people are innocent and of a pure heart. They are devoted friends and usually inspire others to be better persons. Just like those born with sheep totem, lamb people are very spiritual and religious.

Ram Power Animal

The ram spiritual meaning helps you decide when you need to seek the ram’s guidance. 

Summon your ram power animal whenever you fear you’ll fail as he will make you realize that defeat is sometimes necessary. Failure is just training for future good things to come.

Aries symbol animal teaches you to stand your ground and defend what you believe in. All you need to do is decide what areas of your life need improvement, and the ram will give you the strength to action.

Seeing a ram horn should remind you about the unlimited intellectual potential you have. It just waits to be revealed, and the ram can help you.

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If you exhibit vulnerability, which can turn into a weakness, it is time to call for your sheep power animal help. You can learn how to channel your exposure to a positive outcome. The sheep can also teach you how to conform without getting lost in the crowd.

The sheep power animal can also guide you to re-discover your inner innocence. Child-like traits are something you should never lose: children are happy and easily overcome life’s challenges.

Dealing with your problems is better than blaming others, so the sheep power animal with its healing capabilities can help you accept and mend your soul.

Ram Tattoo Meaning

The ram is a calm and fantastic idea for a tattoo design. However, before choosing this popular option, please pay attention to the ram tattoo meaning and its symbolism.

People usually tattoo only the animal’s head to be mindful of the ram head symbol and ram animal head significance. The ram head symbol meaning is linked to your mind’s intellectual traits, knowledge, and power.

If you decide on the Aries ram symbol, you should know that the zodiac’s first sign is an emblem of authority and leadership. The Aries symbol meaning inspired many people to choose the Aries ram tattoo.

illustration of a ram head

Another great looking tattoo is the ram skull with its curly horns. The ram skull symbolism is deep and, although it is an ancient symbol, nowadays, it was linked to occult sciences and devil-worshipping. 

However, if you choose this model, consider the original ram skull meaning: perseverance and leadership. Adding fire horns to your tattoo will completely change the ram head meaning, though.

If you decide to tattoo a black ram animal, the message would be that you are a freethinker, standing for what you believe in.  The ram zodiac symbol tattoo is perfect for you. 


The Ram animal spirit guide is an inspiration for us to leave our comfort zone and face challenges without fearing failure. Aries ram meaning reveals us the traits we are born with and need discovering. Always trust your natural abilities, be optimistic, and grab life by its horns!


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