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Goat Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


If you have recently come across a goat in your life and the encounter had a significant effect in your life, you need to pay close attention to goat symbolism. Having in-depth knowledge of goat symbolism helps you recognize the opportunities in front of you, allowing you to capitalize on them at the right time.

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Goat Symbolism And Meaning

The appearance of a goat spirit animal at a certain point is symbolic of new opportunities and greater heights you can reach in life. Many consider the goat symbol as a good sign because it indicates a favorable point in life, where you can use your own abilities to achieve greater success.

The symbolism works as a motivation for an individual to believe in his/her potential and abilities. In taking a leap of faith at the sign of a goat, one will achieve tremendous success, but the process will also show just how much intelligence you possess as an attribute.

Goats are symbolic of independence and faith. These are the very virtues that have also earned the spirit animal the reputation of a worthy offering in sacrifice.


If you look at ancient history, you’d note the numerous ceremonies all over the world require goat as sacrifices.

Apart from being the best sacrificial animal, goats are symbols of health, symbols of lust, and vitality in many cultures around the world. Several myths look at male goats as symbols of virility and at female goats as symbols of reproduction and abundance.

Some other representations of the goat spirit animal meaning also include peace, respect, and balance while surprising others look at goats as figures of wickedness. As is quite evident, several interpretations and meanings of the goat spirit animal exist around the world. 

To determine the significance of the goat in your life, it is best to look at its historical standing in the culture and religion of your part of the world.

Goat Native American Symbolism

The Native American culture has very little to discuss regarding sheep and goats. Perhaps it is because the animals came into their knowledge during the early 1900s. 

As with all the other stories, the little information the Native American Culture has comes from the stories that portray the goat as a creature of service and one possessing great intelligence and curiosity.

You will also note how uncommon it is to find goats in the Native American folklore. The culture otherwise uses every other large and prey animal as a source of food for their clans. 

two goats

We, therefore, believe that the mountain goat spirit animal also surrendered willingly to humans in the Native American culture as a source of food.

This is, perhaps, also one reason why a large part of the world recognizes the mountain goat symbolism for being sacred and honorable as an animal worthy of featuring in a number of spiritual rituals.

Human nature loves to explore anything new that comes under its knowledge, and the Native American culture is still evolving in its study of the animal. The most significant symbolic values they tie with the goat are tenacity, protection, and stubbornness.

Goat Eastern Symbolism

The ancient Near Eastern culture looks at goats as an animal of unique behavior, virility, and intelligence. The Eastern symbolism for goat relates this spirit animal closely to man because of its hardiness and usefulness.

The goat symbolic meaning in Eastern culture discusses how the animal symbolizes aggression, abundance, fertility, and often, good luck in many civilizations. 

The symbolism admires a goat’s survival instincts, looking at its pattern of living in deserts. Because the goat is intelligent, it fares quite well on its own.

two goats

The symbolism relates this instinct in the goat with the idea of possessing a gut feeling about something. If humans pay attention to their gut feeling, perhaps they too will fare quite well in life, despite the challenges that surround them.

At the same time, the symbolism also reflects on the bawdy and sexual nature of the goat. Some ironic anecdotes of the Eastern culture discuss how the goats eat just about anything they find, including unclean things. 

This practice of the animals creates the element of sexuality, or let’s says, lack of innocence in them. Perhaps this is also one reason why goats are the Chinese symbols for lust.

Goat Christianity Symbolism

For the goat spiritual meaning, you must look closely at what the Bible mentions regarding the animal. 

The Christianity symbolism for goat sheds light on demonic forces, wicked men, and oppressors. In Christian theory, goats symbolize those unrepentant sinners who will not have a right to partake on judgment day.

This theory takes root from goat symbolism in the Bible:

Matthew 25:31

“When the Son of Man will come in all His Glory, with all the angels accompanying Him, He will take His place on the throne in Heavenly Glory. All the nations will gather before Him, and He will separate them one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will place the sheep on His right hand while the goats on the left.”’


The spiritual meaning of goats lay down several guidelines for the believers to prepare for the second coming of Christ. 

Any person who fails to prepare, repent, work towards earning their place in Christ’s family will be among those on His left hand. The outcasts, to put it simply. This is the significance of the goat in the Bible.

The spiritual difference between sheep and goats in the Biblical meaning of goats is their obedient nature towards their shepherd. The sheep follow their shepherd and listen to His voice. Goats, however, lead their goat herd and are not subservient.

Christ is the Shepherd of His Christian flock. Those who listen to Him and are obedient to Him are on the path of righteousness, like the sheep. They are fit for the Kingdom of God.

Goat Celtic Symbolism

Goats have always been a challenge for even ancient civilizations and cultures to decipher because of their long-term presence since human life began. What does a goat represent in Celtic culture?

Goats enjoy the supreme reputation of being the first animals in domestication, over ten thousand years ago. Therefore, they feature various symbolic interpretations concerning the meaning behind a goat.

The Celts look at goats as anti-social, perhaps because they are not particularly communal. According to Celtic symbolism, when goats amble onto a person’s path, it is generally a sign to reflect on their individual power.

two goats

Does this need to recognize your individualistic power mean you should isolate from the herd? Should you launch onto an individual path? Celtic symbolism believes that goats find independence more rewarding. It opens the boundaries for more exploration.

Goats appreciate space and distance. You will find them enthusiastic about exploring high vistas because it expands their personal knowledge and growth. The love for climbing high epitomizes spiritual ambition and the goat’s spiritual meaning for the Celts. 

The act of them climbing higher shows the power of progress and achievement. The Celtic gain inspiration in the ease with which goats maneuver precipices and how humans can search higher places inside their souls for sustenance.

Goat African Symbolism

The symbolism of the goat in African culture embodies its protective and procreative powers. African symbolism associates goats with a particular numinosity. This links with Hera, Aphrodite, Ishtar, and the nymph who provided honey to Zeus.

However, there is a distinct dissimilarity in the symbolism of the female goat and the male goat. The Africans generally perceive the female goat as nurturing and protective while the male goat does not enjoy a positive impression.

Goats play a vital role in the rural economy of West Africa, especially for small-holders and livestock owners of the region. 

two goats

The West Africans treasure goats greatly because it is more tolerant and more resistant to infections of Haemonchuscontortus. You will not find this quality in any other goat breed.

Goats even adapt better to the harsh landscapes of West Africa, so their symbolism also considers goats as a symbol of resilience and sustainability. 

They gladly feed on shrubs, weeds, and plants that most other domestic animals never agree to eat. Therefore, their grazing preferences make them an honorable choice for livestock holders.

Goat In Dreams

The appearance of a goat in your dream could refer to several things, but the goat dream meaning per individual depends on what he/she sees.

Generally, the goat symbolically represents ideas relating to abundance, modesty, success in solitude, free spirit, and resilience. 

It is perhaps highly likely that a goat coming into your dream could be an indication of a good time in your life. It could represent opportunities coming forth or of the time being favorable for achieving something.

If you dream of a happy or white goat, like the white goat symbolism could refer to financial success in your life. Furthermore, it can also translate to materialistic fortune or good luck in all spheres of life. 


Goats in dreams could also be symbolic of vitality and strength or represent the intuitive or curious side in you. Since goats associate deeply with humans due to common instincts, they reflect elements of our own nature when they appear in our dreams.

Seeing a black goat in a dream is indicative of impending trouble or an unusual challenge you will have to face. It is generally not overly negative, but it may be a confusing time in your life. 

The black goat meaning, like every other black animal, is generally unfavorable or unsettling. The black goat symbolism teaches you to explore and embrace your uniqueness and strangeness.

Goat Encounters And Omens

Encountering a goat could be a way to create awareness within us of certain things pertaining to our individual selves. 

Crossing paths with a goat could be a reminder for us not to simply lose ourselves in the crowd. All too often, we let the crowd rob us of our individuality and our uniqueness without even putting up a fight.

While it is necessary to sometimes stand in with a crowd, other times, it is equally important to stand out. Where situations tend to break us or overwhelm us with all the pressures, rules, and conformities, then it is best to take our individual stand and separate from whoever threatens our personal identity.

two goats

The goat encourages you to stop dwelling too long on the narrow and straight path, but rather to invest more time in the omens and symbols surrounding you. You must pay more attention to your horoscope, to pay heed to the signs from the clouds, and to see what life is presenting you.

Some consider goat symbols as omens of impending doom, but you may ask, why are goats associated with the devil? 

Perhaps their reputation of the devil comes from the Biblical verse from the book of Mathew. All those who are unrepentant, sinners, and evil will be on the left hand of Christ and not be called a righteous person. This may be the reason why the goat devil symbolism takes root.

Goat Mythology And Folklore

Goat symbolism in literature is not an uncommon genre. If you read some of the folklore concerning goats around the world, you’d see the various roles goats have played since ancient history. 

Thor is the Scandinavian god of thunder in literature, and the chariot he held most sacred consisted of goats. Thor’s goat, Heidrun, provided heavenly mead, the drink the gods consumed. 

Other pieces of literature and folklore represent the goat as a stubborn and determined reflection of mankind. You will also find the mention of the breath of the wild goat in several pieces of writing and throughout Hyrule.


The breath of the wild features white goats and mountain goats. Then come the goat mythology and the repeated appearance of goats in mythology around the world. 

What do goats symbolize in the myths? In the goat Greek mythology, you will read about Artemis, the goddess of the moon, whose most sacred possession was the wild goat. A goat pulled Apni’s chariot, who is the god of fire. You will also find a depiction of him riding a he-goat.

Dionysis is a Greek deity who was often seen clothed in goatskin. Baphomet was the goat head symbol, a deity that knights templar worshipped.

Goat Spirit Animal

If you believe in the symbolism of goats and can relate to them, then a goat is your spirit animal. If yours is the goat king spirit animal, it signifies new endeavors and bigger blessings in your life. 

The goat spirit measures the level of your sense of independence and your ambition. The goat spirit animal reminds you of your self-worth and how necessary it is for you to progress in life. 

It teaches you to move away from a stagnant life for your own mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. Riding the goat meaning plays a significant role over here when it comes to disentangling from the wrong crowd. 

What does riding the goat mean? It means you should distance yourself from those unworthy members of your fraternity who could be the obstacle in your path to progress.

When you relate with the goat animal spirit on a personal level, it is the clearest sign for you to do away with guilty feelings. Holding on to them will only ruin your health and your positive perspective of the future.

The goat symbolism exists to usher you to space where you can understand and identify the energies that are working around you. 

When you are curious to know the goats’ meaning, it means you are ready to explore greater and uncovered heights. Things that you have worked tremendously hard to achieve will finally be within your reach, and projects will come to fruition.

Goat Totem Animal

What does the goat totem tell you? What must you do if yours is the goat animal totem? It tells you to never doubt yourself and your potential. 

It teaches you to empower yourself with the knowledge that you can do all things, and no hardships will break you. No matter how hopeless a situation seems, never fail to believe that you will always land safely on your feet. 

Take the example of the ibex symbolism here. The symbol of the dying and resurrected god teaches you about the changing seasons and how fertile humans, animals, and soil are.


If a project or time seems unfruitful now, patience and perseverance will bear fruits in the future. You only have to never give up and break.

Take inspiration from the gazelle symbolism if you wish to use the animal totem in your relationships or desire speed and beauty in all you do. 

The mountain goat totem teaches you to climb higher without doubting your capabilities. You can do much better in life than just waking up and living the ordinary. You make life colorful and interesting, with only a few daring leaps.

Goat Tattoo Meaning

Goat tattoo meaning symbolizes power, libido, vital force, and also fertility. However, various figures and designs featuring goats in tattoos mean different things. 

The goat skull meaning in a tattoo refers to the dark arts, and you will find this common in people who take an interest in satanic meanings.

Many also opt for a goat head like a tattoo, owing to the symbolic meaning of the goat head. What does a goat head symbolize in a tattoo? It is the worship of a deity that many faced suppression for.

Other designs of the goat tattoo work as symbols of injustice, abomination, and condemnation.

The buck symbolism spreads positive messages of innocence, compassion, kindness, gentleness, grace, motherhood, femininity, subtlety, peace, and adventure. 

Those who recognize these emotions in life or place great value in them will often sport a buck tattoo on their arms.


Goat symbolism has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Mainly it is the inspiration to recognize opportunities, reach higher daringly, and to recognize our own uniqueness that drives people to adopt this symbolism.

You can see a great influence of the symbolism, such as inspiring slang terms like the yard tattoo meaning to the two-headed goat symbolism, and more. There is hardly any essential aspect of human life that cannot gain inspiration from the instincts of a goat.


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  1. Thank you so much for this article. It was exactly what I was looking for and I’m so happy I came across it. I have always had a love for goats but never had any of my own.
    About 6 months ago, I miscarried twins. They would have been due in 21 days from the day I am writing this.
    About three weeks ago, we had a neglected looking goat show up between our yard and our neighbors yard. My husband roped it and put it in our horse trailer. We put out signs and called the brand inspector to find the owners. Nobody ever claimed the goat. And it just so happens she is pregnant! We don’t know when she is due, exactly, but it looks as though within the next month, she will be kidding! I am taking care of her and doing research and I’m prepared to have baby goats soon! We are building a home for them.
    I can’t help but feel this is a true sign and good omen. I lost my babies, but somehow I will be able to help bring life into this world right around the time that would have been my due date.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss that you suffered. It’s truly amazing the comfort and catharsis that caring for animals can bring to us. I’m happy that our article was helpful for you!

      — Hailey Brophy
      Writer @ World Birds

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