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Cats are one of the most beloved pets people have, but what do cats represent in our lives? Cat symbolism is powerful and useful to know about as we run upon them daily and so we should take a closer look and not miss the messages they carry for us.

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Cat symbolism and meaning

The cat is a symbol of various connotations. It varies from negative aspects such as being linked to demons, witchcraft, darkness to very positive characteristics such as independence, liberty, spiritual enlightenment, intuition, balance, and hope. 

This feline has been attributed to deities and has been revered in Egypt, as well as Greece. However, it gained an evil meaning in the latter, being associated ultimately with Halloween.

Cats were believed to have magical powers to the extent that they could even bring the deceased back to life. 


Some thought these skills came from demons, witches, or even Satan himself. Others witnessed their ability to heal their owners and institute good vibes and luck in their lives.

The colors in which kittens present themselves have a deep meaning as well. But keep in mind that seeing them in real life or dreams have different significations.

These contradictory attributes make the cat an even more potent symbol of the balance it invokes in us. This spirit animal binds us to be patient and observant, to calculate our every move, and always make the right decision with great self-confidence and a spirit of adventure. (1)

Cat Native American symbolism

For Native Americans, general cat symbolism is about the mysterious and esoteric, independence, and the guardian of energy. But for a particular tribe, the Oglala, the meaning of cats was of witchcraft, thinking that these felines could put curses on them.

The Hopi used to call “Wildcats” men that would behave disrespectfully to women. Various tribes have stories that depict this character with a greedy and selfish attitude. 

Mohave and Zuni tribes, on the other hand, thought of this native American cat spirit to have healing properties that would aid them during hunting. 


They also made a connection between this cat symbol and the south, as well as the color red. As for the Pawnee tribe, they linked the Wildcat to the stars and clothed their children in its fur for celestial blessings.

Like many other animals, the cat symbols also made their way in various tribes as clan animals. Pogumk is a native American figure that is portrayed as a black cat symbol. The legend describes a man that defended his family and tribe from a witch. 

So we can ask ourselves the meaning of this legend, are cats spiritual guardians? It seems so, according to many other myths, as we shall see. (2)

Cat Eastern Symbolism

The Eastern parts have a figurine called Maneki-Neko. It is a cat animal totem for good luck born from the legend of a man that was saved from lightning by this cat’s gesture. 

But what does a cat symbolize according to the paw used or its color? 

Well, if a kitty is using its left foot, then it means this feline spirit animal is bringing happiness and luck into your life, but if the other paw is lifted, then it’s all about the money. 

The white cat symbolism is of good fortune, while the black cat symbolism is about keeping evil away. 


The golden version of this Chinese cat spirit comes with wealth and prosperity; the red one is for good health and the yellow one for improved relationships. 

If it’s academic achievements you need, then you must get yourself the green Maneki-Neko; as for beauty and longevity, we suggest you go for the purple kitten. The pink cat’s meaning is love, hope, and romance.

We can also find shrines and temples here dedicated to this spirit cat that was believed to keep rodents away for a productive silk output. (3)

Cat Christianity symbolism

What does the Bible say about cats? Cats in the Bible are depicted mostly as wild animals. It outlines the feline’s predatory nature. 

This cruel and ruthless behavior marks the cat, especially the black one, as a satanic creature, an evil being that preys on the frail. 

The spiritual meaning of a black cat defines a demon that could even live in its body, possess it along with its ancestors. Through this feline’s powerful mind, the Luciferian spirit could install a communication with humans.


Even so, in the biblical meaning of cats, we can find its good characteristics as well. Wise men like Jesus Christ assume its strength and boldness traits. Cats are linked to lions and are depicted as kings that bestow their judgment and wisdom upon others.

Overall, the symbolism of cats portrays every aspect of human nature, good or bad. It includes jealousy and anger, but it illustrates power, strength, and majesty as well. 

It could be a protector, but at the same time, the cat spirit animal could be your downfall. That is why we must ask what do cats represent spiritually and keep all of these biblical meanings in mind.

Cat Celtic symbolism

For the Celtics, cats in mythology symbolize the guardian of the Otherworld, a cat spirit that protected its secrets. Cats’ meanings for them are of emotional distance, unpredictability, and mystery. 

Thus the cat omen talked about pacing yourself and finding the resources you need within the peace and changing the way you do things, being creative, and compromising.

The spiritual meaning of the black cat was also of evil, so they sacrificed them to keep this demonic energy away.


The Welsh have a legend of a Celtic cat goddess that describes a witch that had cat minions do her bindings on Earth. She embodies characteristics such as wisdom and enchantment.

A person governed by the Celtic cat zodiac sign is highly intelligent, analytical, and very intuitive. People influenced by this spirit animal cat can overcome any project successfully and efficiently. 

The feline meaning illustrates a sixth sense that helps those that possess it to see the world profoundly. They are social and charming and make a good impression everywhere they go, but are not fond of attention, leading to the belief that they are very detached, while they like to stand by and observe.

Cat African symbolism

The symbolism of the cat is powerful in Egypt. It was believed that these pets would bring good luck to the household. 

These felines were so beloved and respected in these parts of the world that they were covered in jewels and treated royally. Egyptians used to mummify their cats and shave their eyebrows as a mourning ritual. 

Killing such a species would bring you death by law, although it was common for an owner to kill his kitten to be accompanied by it in the afterlife. Temple rituals are also used to sacrifice these animals.


Even though mythology speaks of various animal transformations of gods, there exists only one deity that could turn itself into a cat by the name of Bastet, whose temple resides in the Per-Bast city. She represented pregnancy, childbirth, and fertility.

Are cats spiritual protectors? It is said that these animals guarded the Pharaoh of venomous snakes and were a representation of the Sun God, Ra. Even so, they were not worshiped, but the public opinion was of it holding some divine essence in it.

Cat symbolism in literature is found in Herodotus’s story of the Persians invading Egypt, in which they sent cats ahead in the battle to scare Egyptians and make them surrender. (4)

Cat in dreams

If you had a dream about cats, it might be a sign of deceit and unpleasant upcoming events. The white cat’s dream meaning is of an auto-induced illusion, a harmless personal fantasy, while the black cat’s meaning is the uncontrolled version of this semblance. 

If you also hear the black cat meowing, then it means that your friends are talking behind your back. But what does a gray cat symbolize? 

Many interpreters think this cat dream meaning represents you will yield to flattery and betrayal. If the grey cat symbolism appears to a man, then it means a deceitful woman will seduce him.


The orange cat symbolism could show a future pregnancy for a woman but could also be about betrayal. A dream about cats in the house might signify you are making space for someone in your home and heart.

Dead cat symbolism talks about releasing your emotions and paying attention to your deepest feelings.

So what does dreaming about cats mean really? It is generally a bad sign, and you should pay close attention to details. Dreaming of cats that are playing could mean that you need something or someone in your life that can bring or your childish nature. (5)

Cat encounters and omens

You might ask yourself what does it mean when you see a cat and what does a cat represent? When a cat appears in your life, be aware of the message it brings of a deep secret that someone is hiding from you. The significance of cats is also associated with their color. 

The black cat’s spiritual meaning has its roots in the superstitious legend of the demonic vampire being Lilith that would take the cat’s form and steal babies’ breaths. For the Japanese, on the other hand, the black cat omen is a good sign.


What does it mean when a cat shows up at your door? If this has happened to you, then rejoice because it is a sign of good luck and fortune.

But what does it mean if a cat shows up at your house? If it’s a new house, Russians would advise you to let the kitten inside first so that it will bring you good luck.

What does a cat symbolize in Japan if it’s licking it’s paw and washing its face? It would be best if you got ready for visitors.

And what do cats symbolize in the Netherlands, you might ask? The answer is gossip, so we advise avoiding private conversations around them. (6)

Cat mythology and folklore

In some parts of Europe, there is a myth that if a cat jumps over a grave, the corpse will rise again as a vampire. William Henderson speaks of a similar event at a funeral, where they had to kill the cat to move on with the burial.

Ireland folklore illustrates animals associated with magic, such as the cat sidhe, a combination between a cat and a fairy that could steal souls. 

The Celts would have to distract it through various means so that they could bury their people and guarantee their pass to the gods. 


On Halloween night, they would leave milk outside their door for this cat power animal so that it would leave their cows alone.

The demon cat is a myth born in the government buildings of Washington, D.C. This cat mythology narrates a moment in history when cats were brought here to get rid of mice in the basements.

It depicts the cat as a spirit animal that never left the ground even after it’s death. This cat energy being is said to make its appearance during elections and before tragedies; for example, it showed before John F. Kennedy’s death. (7)

Cat spirit animal

Cats and spirituality have a close connection. The cat’s spiritual energy shows itself when you are on edge and in need of the right timing. 

This cat spirit guide will position you in the proper timeline and teach you when to act. Your spiritual connection with cats can help you change your ways and, thus, the final results. 

The cat message is of balance, knowing when to stop, reflect, and listen to your instincts. The cat’s spiritual meaning is of being aware of when to act and when to relax.

What does a cat mean spiritually, aside from your affiliation with it? Cats’ symbolism speaks of flexibility and agility of its ability to always fall on their feet.

What does it mean when cats hang around your house? They might be there to inspire these qualities in you and encourage a new outlook on life.

Invoke the cat’s spiritual meaning in your life if you feel the need for independence in your relationship. This animal spirit will boost your confidence and help free yourself from your limitations.

The spiritual significance of cats is of mystery, so if you seek esoteric knowledge, call this spirit to come in your aid as it has a talent of sniffing out all that is hidden.

Cat totem animal

Having the cat totem pole can assist you when it comes to taking risks. As the nine lives of the cat, so shall you have several opportunities, but keep in mind that the cat totem is about evaluating the situation first and not blindingly moving forward.

Bring the meaning of cats into your daily activity and learn to relax and recharge your batteries as this feline to reach your fullest potential. The cat totem meaning is of intelligence, protection, independence, agility, and curiosity. 


People that have it in their possession will feel the drive to enlightenment. They will have magnetism, good vibes that will draw others around them. Even so, these people tend to be loners because of their independent nature that dismisses others’ opinions. 

The spiritual meaning of cats can make them overconfident and stubborn in their decisions. As a more negative trait, cat totem people can easily manipulate others and change tables in their favor.

Those ruled by this totem love night walks, for the mystery in which it is shrouded and the sense of adventure that arises. Although they embody the cute kitten, cat totem persons are vicious as a lion. (8)

Cat power animal

The meaning of cat power animal illustrates traits such as sensuality, mystery and magic, independence, and freedom. 

If this feline makes its way into your life, pay close attention to details.

If an orange cat appears before you, this power animal is there to push you into making changes in your life, even start a new beginning. 

It will bestow confidence and leadership attributes upon you. A grey or silvery feline will strongly be linked to the occult.


It usually makes its appearance in one’s childhood to ensure it’s guidance to its owner. These cats keep you grounded and remind you of past experiences as well as give hope for the future.

White cats are a symbol of purity, and their mission is to help us grow spiritually. It is a cat medicine totem as it has the power to heal us.

But what does a black cat mean spiritually? 

Seeing a black cat at night, although thought as a bad omen in many parts of the world, is a vital sign that healing energies are entering into your life. The symbolism of a cat cleaning his private parts is another analogy for this cleansing effect this animal brings.

Cat tattoo meaning

The cat tattoo is a symbol for femininity, sensuality; it represents luck, mostly it’s paw, life after death, and mystery. 

It could mean that the person needs a spiritual connection or that maybe he is just grieving after his deceased pet.

The Egyptian cat tattoo is a figure chosen by people that seek enlightenment, that dive in the occult, or of someone that has lost a loved one, in which case it is a symbol of the afterlife.

A cat face is a symbol designed for a feminine and graceful person. It could also be an image of his pet.

Cat paws are for people that always want to want a lucky charm pictured on their skin. The cat-eye is elected by those that seek the truth. It is a representation of one’s inner soul.

A prison cat tattoo signifies one’s thieving career. It can be a single cat or multiple felines, suggesting that the person was part of a group. The carrier might also only want to display his cunning nature.

The placement of the tattoo also has a spiritual meaning, so the cat will be exposed according to these convictions. (9)


Even though in many cultures, this animal might raise fear and be considered as a bad sign, don’t hesitate to harness its spiritual power. The cat will bring you many benefits with its wisdom and well-meaning temper, waiting for your call to aid you in your path towards healing and spiritual enlightenment.


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  1. Carmen C. Davis

    I recently visited Ghana for 24 days. Upon my arrival, I made eye contact with a mostly white, bony cat with a few black spots on paws, one blue eye and one brown eye. This cat and I engaged eye to eye and a 10 feet distanced. after eye contact, the cat stopped, turned around and never to be seen from again. My host informed me that they just recently befriended the cat a few weeks earlier.

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