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Squirrel Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


We can learn wisdom from animals. Animal symbolism can lead us to have richer experiences in life. The same is true with Squirrel symbolism. Squirrels symbolize energy, practicality, and playfulness. 

They teach us work-life balance by showing us how they playfully collect nuts, all the while keeping up with playful antics. A squirrel literally seems to be telling us, “You need to have more fun in your life!.” 

In this guide, we will study squirrel meaning in-depth and understand its spiritual meaning as well.

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Squirrel Symbolism and Meaning

In some cultures, the squirrel is sacred to the God of fire and thunder. It lived in the ash tree and represented both- air and earth. By the Middle Age, the red squirrel symbolism turned negative; it became the symbol of the devil owing to its lightning-fast speed and fiery red color.

What does squirrel mean if you dream of it or see it often? Squirrels are a symbol of preparedness. They indicate saving up for a rainy day. You can always see them stocking up on nuts for the cold, dark winter days ahead. 

Therefore, seeing a squirrel could mean that you must invest in your present for a better tomorrow. It may mean working, hard, or even multi-tasking for a better future.

Squirrels are also playful by nature. You will always see them chasing their friends, jumping up and down a tree, and engaging in other playful antics. So, seeing a squirrel in your dreams could be an indication that you will soon meet your friends. 

Alternatively, it might mean that you are working too hard, are too serious, or that you need to relax a bit and have some fun.

Squirrels also represent an abundance of money, food, warmth, love, health, comfort, and rest. They are a good representation of hard work and determination. Seeing one means: no dilly-dallying around – get the job done!

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Squirrel Native American Symbolism

As per Native American symbolism, the squirrel represents a storehouse of energy. It is always gathering and building up stores, which means preparing for the future. It also hides its food in different places – a sign the Natives took for better preparedness and stocking up in different areas for a safer and happier future.

Native Americans believed the squirrel to be representative of preparedness and activity. Squirrels are sociable, but they do not get along with strange squirrels. They hide their nuts in the ground and although they may forget where they have hidden their caches, their strong sense of smell can help them find them later.

American Indians have many stories about chipmunks and squirrels. They also have folk stories explaining how the squirrel got its stripes (1). The legend goes that the squirrel was actually plain, but since it teased a bear, it got clawed in its back, leading to permanent stripes on the back.

The three main squirrel types are red, gray, and black. The Native Choctaws believed the black squirrel to be linked to the solar eclipse (2); they considered it a negative omen and harmful for humanity.

There is another type of squirrel- the flying squirrel. It does not really fly; rather, it stretches its skin, which enables it to glide over long distances. This is a nocturnal squirrel and strongly hates disturbance during the day. The Natives believe that flying squirrel means believing in our dreams and staying focused on the present hard-work while also having fun.

Squirrel Christianity Symbolism

The spiritual meaning of squirrel is to work hard and save for the future. There is no mention of the squirrel in the Bible, but the Holy Book does indicate strong teaching about good hard work.

For example, in Thessalonians 3:6, In the Name of Lord Jesus, we command you brothers to keep away from a brother who does not work and sits idle. We were not idle when we were with you. Nor did we eat anyone’s food.

This is indicative of working hard with the Love of God in your heart.

Have you ever seen a grumpy squirrel sitting around drinking coffee and complaining to other grumpy squirrels about the state of the world? Thus, the Word of God and the teaching of squirrels is to work hard, have fun, keep the faith, and never sit idle.

Always prepare for the future so that you get comfort and have fun with family and friends. Invest in different areas, be prepared, and be grateful for the abundance in all aspects of your life.

A squirrel teaches us a lot of wisdom and that is very much parallel to what we read in the Holy Bible. Preparedness, hard work, faith, love, and devotion are the qualities we can learn from a squirrel.

Squirrel Celtic Symbolism

Squirrel is a bringer of rain, water, and snow. The Celts also associate the red squirrel with the devilish and fiery Loki.

In Celtic Mythology, the squirrel is closely linked to the war Goddess Queen Medb (3). She is depicted with a bird and a squirrel on her shoulder – messengers of the earth and sky. Medb also uses other animal totems, including crow, raven, or blackbird. 

All these are involved in sending ocular messages across world. Likewise, the squirrel runs with messages between this world and the next. Since the squirrel is associated with loud chattering and other noises when predators are nearby, it is also considered as Medb’s guard.

Later on, the Celt myth goes on to tell the story of Cuchulainn, who goes on to kill Medb’s pet dog, bird, and squirrel. Medb herself has a narrow escape when one of her serving maids wears her headdress and is killed by Cuchulainn’s sling.

The squirrel can thus be considered as the beloved rodent in the Northern Hemisphere. The Celts also were grateful for this animal since its fur and meat provided them with warmth and food in cold and dark winters.

The habit of hoarding nuts made the squirrels a symbol of avarice in some medieval bestiaries, but other European cultures praised the animal for its thrift.

Squirrel in Dreams

Squirrel dream meaning represents playfulness, preparedness, fun, abundance, storage, treasure hunting, and even lightness. It also means surrender completely and focus on the task on hand. It means keep doing what you do while staying positive.

A squirrel in dreams also means lightness, superficial concern, or trivial concern. It also indicates flirtation. When you dream of a squirrel, it means that you must work hard, sacrifice yourself, but rest assured that you will reap the rewards.

Dreaming of watching a squirrel eating represents domestic joys. Dreaming of capturing a squirrel means danger. Simply dreaming of a squirrel chasing other squirrels or jumping up and down a tree means you need to invest in your today, plan for the future, and save up for a rainy day.

To dream of killing a squirrel means you are unfriendly and disliked. Seeing many squirrels in your dreams indicates that you will soon meet friends and have a fun gathering. It also means successful investments, a time of abundance, and advancement in business.

If you have been working towards a particular goal, or even multiple projects and feel that everything you are doing is futile, then the squirrel dream indicates that you should persist and that you will reap the rewards.

Squirrel encounters and omens

Squirrels are totem animals. They have various spiritual and symbolic meanings. When we see squirrels, it means it is a sign from God. We can learn wisdom from them. Squirrel symbolism is tied to energy – both practical and playful. Their playful antics while collecting nuts tell us to have a work-fun balance.

If you see a squirrel all the time, it means ‘you need to stop being so serious all the time.’ Relax and have more fun. Yet, it also tells you to prepare for the future, be it by saving money, food, ideas, or energy for the tougher days ahead. 

A flying squirrel tells you: ‘go swing from a few limbs and fly from a branch without a safety net beneath.’ It means to have faith in the Higher Power.

Squirrels are playful animals that chatter, gather nuts, and work hard all day. They jump, chase, and play with their fellow squirrels. 

And when a human crosses their path, they might show their irritation by flicking their tail, stamping a forefoot, or even indulging in chastisement. So, never bother a busy squirrel. Being bitten by a squirrel could indicate an altercation with a partner or a child.

The black squirrel symbolism does not mean good luck. Instead, it means solar eclipse according to some legends. Therefore, a black squirrel is the enemy of humanity and needs to be destroyed if mankind wants to enjoy the heat and light of the sun.

Squirrel Mythology and Folklore

In Nordic mythology, the squirrel named Ratatosk, representing rain and snow, constantly runs up and down. It hides in the tree and represents air and earth elements.

In Hindu mythology, squirrels play a very important role. They supposedly helped Lord Rama, the Hindu God, cross the ocean between India and present-day Sri Lanka to help bring back Rama’s wife kidnapped by the brutal and terrify demon-king Ravana who had ten heads. Lord Rama then blessed the squirrels by touching them on their backs and that is why squirrels have stripes on their backside.

“Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry will cause snow to gather in a hurry’.

This verse is used to predict the weather. It is a common belief that furry and thick-bushy-tailed animals like squirrels and bears can help indicate whether harsh weather is coming. Although this is what the folklores say, in reality, it is just representative of the animals’ eating habits.

What does seeing a white squirrel mean? An albino or white squirrel has a special place in mythology. It symbolizes that change is coming and urges you to prepare for it.

In many American folk stories, you will find a story on ‘How the squirrel got its stripes.’ They tell the story of a stripe-less chipmunk that teased a bear, was chased by it and had his claws in its back that left the marks of the stripes. The story ends with the fact that the chipmunks of today still have stripes on their backs as a reminder not to tease other animals.

In Japan, the Ainu tribe believed that the squirrel was the discarded sandal of God Aiona – it would never rot. Malaysians believed that squirrels were produced like butterflies from cocoons.

Squirrel Spirit Animal

Is your motto to be always prepared? Then your spirit animal could be a squirrel. Your characteristics are: always multi-tasking, being prepared, being super-busy, and saving food/money/comforts. 

You may also be afraid to part with anything. Many hoarders who love to keep stuff in their homes are like the squirrel. They always prepare for the dark and cold days ahead.

Spirit animal squirrel also represents a sociable nature. You are meticulous, love your routine, are always scurrying around doing different, and multiple tasks. However, you still find the time to be sociable, have fun, party, and make friends. 

You have highly evolved communication skills, are great at talking, articulating, and vocalizing, and you can spot trends. You are great as an investor and know where the big bucks are. Your research skills are fantastic as well. So you could be a journalist, a reporter, a blogger, or even a writer.

On the downside, the squirrel spirit animal also represents and high-strung and hyperactive individual that is running about fast in multiple directions doing multiple tasks. You may also be scattering your energy in different directions. All this is fine as long as you, like the squirrel, have fun in the process!

Squirrel Totem Animal

Squirrel animal totem symbolizes preparedness, abundance, multi-tasking, new-life, rest, better days, and laying groundwork.

A squirrel works hard and always prepares for the times ahead. It plans, places tactics, makes strategies, and is ready for anything that comes in its way. However, despite being busy, fast, and hurried, it also is positive, playful, and joyful. It has no room for negativity. It focuses its thoughts on preparedness and abundance.

A squirrel totem animal is asking you to prepare for the future. It asks you to focus on saving money. It represents the fact that hard work is always rewarded and that laziness won’t get you anywhere in life. 

When we say that meaning of squirrels is abundance, we mean not only monetary abundance but also an abundance of good friends, loving relationships, shelter and comfort, opportunities, etc. It also means food on the table when it is cold, and comfort and peace despite the cold and dark around.

If you are working towards a goal or outcome and have been wondering about the meaning of a squirrel crossing your path, then the squirrel is trying to tell you not to give up. 

Although your efforts may seem futile, illusionary, or you think you are wasting your time, please persist. Because you aren’t. Do not procrastinate. Stick to your work and you will soon be rewarded with peace, comfort, and good food.

Squirrel Power Animal

We all know the Nordic God Thor – thanks to the Avengers. But did you know that the squirrel is linked to Thor? A squirrel by the name of Ratatosk is linked to Thor – the thunder God – and lives in the branches of the world-tree where it belongs to both – the earth element and the air element.

What does a squirrel symbolize as a power animal? If your power animal is Squirrel, then you may have the habit of saving money, saving food, or collecting treasures – all for the future. Apart from material objects, you may also be in the habit of saving ideas and energy for the future.

You are probably a prepper or a survivor preparing for the apocalypse. Squirrel power animal people may even build bunkers or having a bug out area where they can hide when the normalcy ends or the cold and dark days arise.

People with squirrels as their power animals may like to sleep more during the winters. They love the spring, summer, and early autumn months when they have greater energy to work, play, and be active. 

They are playful people engaging in antics with their friends.  People with squirrels as there power animal are also highly sociable. They may make great researchers, news reporters, and media personalities as well.

If a squirrel arises as a power animal, there may also be a need to overcome strife between feeling and understanding. However, your carefree nature will also make you more willing to let bygones be bygones.

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Squirrel Tattoo Meaning

If you are planning to get a squirrel tattoo, congratulations! It is a great choice, indeed! Squirrels are smart, playful, and extremely good at camouflaging. They are hardworking, intelligent, and have acute senses which aid in their survival. 

There are hundreds of different types of squirrels, but they all teach us the value of hard work mixed with play and having fun. Naturally, different squirrel species also symbolize different things.

For example, a flying squirrel is representative of keeping a focus on one’s dreams and goals. It symbolizes that one should never give up on one’s dream of flying higher and bettering oneself. 

On the other hand, a ground squirrel teaches us the value of being prepared, alert, hard-working, and busy all day; yet it tells you to mix some fun and pleasure with work.

In general, a squirrel represents a focus on the future. It stresses the ability to camouflage itself from predators and to save food/nuts for the cold and dark days ahead. 

It teaches humans to be prepared, to collect food, save money, and prepare for the future. At the same time, the meaning of the squirrel tattoo is never letting go of one’s playful and fun nature that is inherent within each one of us.

Discuss your vision with your tattoo artist so you can zero in upon the best squirrel tattoo that suits your personality and is in alignment with your goals and dreams.


Whether you are studying squirrel symbolism because of recurrent dreams or wish to get a squirrel tattoo, understand that squirrels represent hard work, a focus on the future, and also playfulness, which adds to their unique personalities. We hope this guide helps you decipher the meaning of squirrel so you can act wisely and with faith in your abilities and that in the Higher Power.

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