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Bee Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


Animals represent different characteristics, and some even hold profound meanings. Like every other animal, bees also exhibit some strong traits and have spiritual meaning. The role of the bee in nature makes it a symbol of hard work, sustainability, and life. Let us understand the bee symbolism in detail.

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Bee Symbolism and Meaning

Ever wondered what do bees represent? There are many interpretations of the bee symbol meaning. Bees hold great importance in nature and the economy. Pollinating flowers and producing honey are the main tasks of the bee. But that is not the only work they do; hence, bee meanings are more than flowers and honey.

One honey bee symbolism relates to fertility and sexuality because of pollination. The ancient Druids and legends saw the bee as a symbol of the sun (the Goddess), community, and celebration. From its appearance to its nature of work, every aspect of the bee’s life has a certain meaning.

The bright yellow stripes on the bee represent the honey it produces. The yellow color of the bee is also a symbol of the sun and the energy from which it gets life. Without this natural source of light, we cannot sustain life. Bees can be a reminder to be productive in our daily lives and give back to the world in the best way possible.

Bee symbolism shows up often when you get sidetracked from your goal and want to become more focused. Once you understand the bee spiritual meaning, it will inspire you to rethink and change your lifestyle.

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Bee Native American symbolism

Native Americans had a strong belief in the symbolism of numerous things. Spiritual meanings of natural elements played a very important role in the everyday lives of Native Americans. 

This comes as no surprise that they strongly believed in bee symbolism as well. They associated the Native Bee symbol with honesty and serving the community.

Dancing was a crucial part of the culture of ancient Americans. They would dance and dress up and celebrate life. The Native Americans used to paint their masks in black and gold to match the colors of the bee. The dancers put bee-like masks on their faces while dancing for entertainment; it was a special form of dance.

The dancers with bee masks would dance around and touch other dancers with their stinger. The person stung by the bee during the dances would receive small gifts as compensation. 

It is unclear whether Native Americans identified bee with any form of amusement and entertainment. But they used bee masks when dancing in festivals or when they felt happy, so the bee could also represent happiness.

Today, West Coast Native Art Gallery sells various items with bee symbols. You can find ceremonial bee mask, black and gold bee bracelets, and boxes with bee symbol prints. This proves that Native Americans held bee symbolism very important.

Bee Christianity Symbolism

Several religious scriptures talk about bees. The Holy Books of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have details about the role of a bee. You will find many references of bees and honey in the Bible.

The biblical meaning of bees is quite interesting. Historically, bees have been a symbol of the attributes of Jesus Christ. Even today, some monks and nuns associate honey bee symbolism with Christianity. 

The honey reflects the sweet and gentle character of Jesus Christ, and the sting pertains to justice and the cross of Christ. The strength, industriousness, and wisdom of a bee symbolize to that of Jesus Christ.

The symbolism of bees in Christianity is all about positive and sweet metaphors. If you focus on how the bee works, you will find new meanings to its symbol. Bee is also the symbol of activity, work, diligence, and good order. 

Because of the nature and amount of bee’s work, ancient legends believed that bees never sleep. So the image of bees used to represent Christian vigilance.

St. Ambrose, the ancient Bishop of Milan, compared the church to a beehive. According to him, beehive symbolizes a pious and unified community. This theory identifies an individual as a bee who has to work and dedicate their lives to the betterment of the hive.

Bee Celtic Symbolism

There are numerous tales in Celtic Mythology that teaches the wisdom of ancient Celtic Leaders. Celtic religion and mythology are still alive in some cultures and parts of the world, and the spiritual meaning of bees hold great importance to them. Both ancient and modern Celts honor this marvelous creature. In Celtic Myth, bees were a symbol of great wisdom.

Some historians say that the Celts came to Britain, especially for the black bee and its honey. They regarded bees as a spirit messengers between the two worlds. They believed that bees could travel to the Otherworld and bring back messages from the gods. This belief made people chase and catch bees to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Celt people also treated bees as family members. They would inform the bee about all the happenings, including weddings, births, and deaths in the family. The beekeepers used to talk to bees calmly. 

Any offense or harsh words could affect the honey production or the bees leaving its keeper forever. This was a bad omen, indicating the death of a family member.

In the western isles of Scotland, people though that bees carried ancient knowledge from the legends and philosophers. This led to the famous Scottish saying: ‘Ask the wise bee for what the druid knew.’ Some highlanders believed that while sleeping or in a state of unconsciousness, a person’s soul left the body in the form of bees.

This wisdom traveled in the Christian era with some variations. Scottish folk tales of those times stated that bees would hum loudly at midnight of Christmas for Christ’s birth.

Bees in Dreams

What does it mean when you dream about bees? Is a dream about bees just a regular dream, or it has a meaning? While we can’t tell you the meaning of your dream, we are certain about one thing. 

Dreaming about bees usually translates into good things. They symbolize happiness and good luck. Some legends in the past have associated bees in dreams with improvement in life.

We know that bees form a highly organized society. Beehive is like a small kingdom with the queen bee as the ruler. All the other bees stick to their particular roles; this indicates how organized and disciplined bees are.

If you see a cluster of bees, the dream could mean you need to organize your life. Such dreams may depict that you need to focus and work on some areas of your life.

A dream about beehive could be a sign of a prosperous future and abundance. If you see honey inside the hive, the dream could symbolize wealth. If there is a beehive full of bees, it might depict happiness and joy regarding your family life.

However, not all dreams about bees have good meanings. Dreams about bees chasing you have a bad indication. Such dreams indicate your thoughts about past or unresolved issues that are still bothering you.

If you dream that a bee has attacked or stung you, the dream may indicate your suspicion about something or someone.

Bee Encounters and Omens

While taking a stroll in a beautiful park or garden, you may encounter bees. You may see a bee buzzing around you, or if you aren’t lucky, you may get a bee sting. 

Whether you got stung by a bee or just passed through it, you would think it was a normal encounter. Perhaps it was. But in certain cases, bee encounters may indicate something important.

Old and wise people say that encountering bee means that you need to get focused or improve a certain area of your life. This isn’t just a myth, as many people have sworn by it to be true. If you have a beautiful flower garden, you will often see bees around.

An encounter with bees can be a coincidence. But the next time you have a bee encounter, you may need to stop and think. 

Is there something you need to focus on? 

Do you have an unaccomplished goal for long? 

Are you balancing your work, life, and health properly? 

The meaning of bee encounters can be different for anyone. All you got to do is reflect on the bee symbol meanings and see which one fits best to your situation.

Bee Mythology and Folklore

Bee has symbolic and spiritual importance in many traditions and religions; you’ll find their reference in mythologies and folklores. 

As we already discussed, according to Celtic mythology, bees are messengers that travel to the Otherworld and bring messages from the gods. Many ancient traditions and mythologies share this belief with some variations.

Romans always avoided a swarm of bees, not because they were afraid of it, but they believed bees were carrying messages from the skies.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the sun god Ra created honey bee to carry his message and obey him. He created the honey bees out of his own tears.

Honey bees have stingers to protect them and the honey they produce. Roman mythology has its own folklore for the honey bee stinger. They believe the King of Roman gods, Jupiter, gave the honey bee stinger to protect honey.

The tradition of informing bees about the major events was not only a part of the Celtic culture. Cornish and several other folklores state that the beekeepers must inform the bees about every main event. If a beekeeper dies, their spouse or eldest son must perform the duties of the beekeeper.

They should gently knock on the beehive and announce that their previous keeper has passed away. The new beekeeper must introduce themselves to the bees as well.

Bee Spirit Animal

A spirit animal presents life lessons; through its skills, a spirit animal shows how to deal with the challenges of your spiritual journey. You might be thinking what does a bee spirit animal means? 

Bee spirit animal has a strong work ethic and symbolizes hard work and dedication. It also signifies the importance of stopping by and sucking the nectar of the flowers. 

This means one should take out time to enjoy the nectar of life, i.e., the blessings and rewards of life.

Bee spirit guide prompts you to see if you are properly balancing your work life and well being. Bees can also be a reminder to enjoy the honey of life, i.e., the simple and sweet moments and the rewards of your efforts. 

They may also remind you to enjoy the beauty of nature and appreciate little things around.

Bee Totem Animal

A totem animal refers to an animal spirit that you invoke as a tribe or an individual due to its survival skills and superpowers. People choose an animal totem they have a strong connection with, and which influence their lives. 

Several powerful animals can be a totem for people, including lion, tiger, bull, etc. Although bee is a tiny buzzing insect, its power is magnificent.

People with bee totem can accomplish the impossible. Not only are they hardworking and devoted to their tasks, they know how to enjoy life well. They stay positive and understand the proper use of their energy.

People with bee totem have a clear path and goal in life. Not only are they focused but also self-sufficient. According to the laws of aerodynamics, bees aren’t capable of flying as their body is too large than its wings. 

But bees prove that scientific laws discovered by man cannot encompass nature’s work. This is also why the bee totem symbolizes achieving the impossible.

Bee Power Animal

Regardless of the tiny size of the bee, it is very powerful. If bees stop pollinating, millions of plants specie will die. This could finish almost every fruit and vegetable the man grows on the land.

Honey is not just a natural sweetener but also natural medicine; bee medicine. This sweet gift from the bee has healing properties and offers many health benefits. 

With all the attributes and roles of bee, it is much responsible and powerful than us humans. This is why bee is one of the animals that can make a perfect totem or a spirit animal.

Bee Tattoo Meaning

Bee tattoo is one of the coolest animal tattoos you can get. There are several meanings of bee for a tattoo. 

With a bee tattoo, you can show that regardless of your appearance, you can accomplish great things in life. 

People must not judge you by your size. You are much powerful than what people think.

Anyone who wants to symbolize hard work, dedication, happiness, good luck, warmth, and brightness must get a bee tattoo. 

A honeycomb and bee tattoo on your hand can be a great reminder to enjoy the rewards and blessings of life.


Though a bee is underestimated because of its tiny size, it is a marvelous creature. There have been many myths and spiritual meanings associated with bees in the past. Today, a bee symbolizes hard work, dedication, and order in life. There is a lot we humans can learn from the awe-inspiring nature of the bee.


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