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10 Parakeet Treats to Make Your Birds Happy (2022)

Whether you want to train your feathery friends or just occasionally offer them something yummy, parakeet treats are essential to have at hand.

What treats do parakeets like? Just like humans, parakeets’ preferences can vary a lot, so you should try and test. Here are our favorite parakeet treats.

We Recommend

Best Fruit Treat

Kaytee Papaya Treat

Best Crunchy Treat

Kaytee Treat Sticks

Best Sunflower Seeds

Kaytee Sunflower Seeds

Parakeet Treats

1. Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings Papaya Bird Treats

bird treat

Fruits happen to be some of a parakeet’s favorite food to eat, and the more variety that you can offer your pet parakeet, the happier it will be. 

These Kaytee treats are made up of real fruit, flavor-filled papaya. These treats are small, bite-sized pieces of real papaya that your parakeet will keep coming back to. 

You can either sprinkle these treats on top of other food your parakeet is having, or you can serve these treats in a separate container.

These small treats are especially ideal if you intend to give out training rewards to your parakeet. It is recommended to give these types of treats to birds that are of maturing adult ages. 

Bright and colorful due to the addition of artificial coloring, your parakeet will be able to immediately recognize these delicious treats. Another great feature about these treats is that they contain no crude fat whatsoever.

What we liked

  • Small, bite-size pieces are ideal for parakeet consumption.
  • Can be sprinkled on top of other foods or served in a separate container.
  • Can last a long time if stored in a cool, dry location.
  • Contains 15% crude fiber, 12% moisture, and 0.1% crude protein. No crude fat.
  • Bright and colorful, these treats are easily recognizable for parakeets.
  • Can serve as great training rewards for parakeets.
  • These treats serve as a great addition to a parakeet’s balanced diet.

Flavor: Papaya
Main ingredients: Dried Papaya, Artificial Colors
Food form: Treats, Dried Fruits

2. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Honey Parakeet Treat Sticks

bird treat

Can parakeets eat honey? The answer is a resounding, yes! Honey sticks are the type of crunchy, fun-to-eat treats to perk up any birds. 

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Honey Parakeet Treat Sticks present a healthy challenge to parakeets, and this delicious reward provides a great number of ingredients that are needed to maintain parakeet diets. 

It is preferred to hang these honey sticks in the cage, and up against the cage walls. 

Pecking at a honey stick and eating it makes for a fun, mentally stimulating activity for parakeets that will alleviate stress and prevent boredom. 

To get the best results from a honey stick, alternate varieties, and limit to just 1 stick per bird per week. This package comes with a 3-way hanger that is made of safe plastic for your pet parakeet. 

However, when the treat is completely consumed, it is recommended that you take the hanger out of the cage.

What we liked

  • One package contains 2 honey sticks.
  • Contains DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids that promotes health in the heart, brain and visual functions.
  • Digestion is promoted with the addition of natural prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Made with healthy seed and other ingredients such as Canary Grass Seed, Oat Groats and Ground Rice.
  • Provides a mentally stimulating activity for your bird to engage in.
  • The specially designed 3-way hanger is made of a safe non-toxic plastic.
  • Can be stored in a cool, dry location for refrigeration or freezing.

Flavor: Honey
Main ingredients: Honey, Flax Seed, Niger Seed, Dehydrated Carrots and Parsley
Food form: Oats and Grain

3. Kaytee Fiesta Blueberry Flavored Yogurt Dipped Sunflower Seeds Bird Treats

bird treat

Out of all parakeet treats, fruit highly contributes to the satisfaction a parakeet gets from eating. 

When it comes to flavor, products like these treats are amazing for parakeets. 

A deliciously fruity and creamy option, Kaytee Fiesta Blueberry Flavored Yogurt Dipped Sunflower Seeds Bird Treats consist of real fruit pieces and sunflower seeds that are dipped in a creamy yogurt coating. 

Mainly used as an occasional treat or as a training reward, this 2.5-ounce bag of treats serves as a great way to bond with your pet parakeet. The bag containing these treats is a re-sealable bag that ensures freshness. 

These treats are specifically suitable for adult birds, and if you also have a larger bird like a Macaw, you can offer it this treat along with your parakeet. 

These treats were manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts, and are not intended for human consumption.

What we liked

  • Blueberry flavored yogurt satisfies your bird’s love for variety.
  • A great training reward to use when bonding with your bird.
  • Resealable bag ensures long-lasting freshness.
  • Contains 7% crude protein, 12% moisture, 20% crude fiber, and 30% crude fat.
  • Can either be sprinkled on other foods, or be served by itself.
  • Suitable for adult parakeets to consume.
  • Can be offered to parakeets as occasional treats or as a training reward.

Flavor: Blueberry
Main ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Oil
Food form: Treats

4. Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats

bird treat

One of the best parakeet snacks you can provide for your feathered pet would be millet spray. 

The Kaytee Natural brand of millet is a highly palatable treat that is stimulating and entertaining for fledglings, juveniles, and adult birds. 

Millet is a cereal grain that birds love, and you can hang this spray in your bird’s cage or allow your bird to hold this spray in its feet and pluck the millet from it. 

This gives your bird a meaningful activity that mimics what wild birds do. You can offer this premium, a low-fat treat to your bird daily. You can actually use millet sprays like these as parakeet treats for training. 

Every morning you can hold a single sprig of millet in your hand as it enters the cage. Over time your pet parakeet will learn to trust you and then come up and take the millet from your hand.

What we liked

  • An entire package contains as many as 12 millet sprays.
  • This millet contains 12% crude fiber, 12% moisture, 7.5% crude protein, and 3% crude fat.
  •  Safe for birds of both large and small hookbills to eat.
  •  Flexible product; can be either hung in the cage or placed on the cage floor.
  •  Premium, low-fat treat that can be offered to your bird as part of its daily diet.
  •  Millet can help keep parakeets stay active and prevent boredom and inactivity behaviors.
  •  An ideal option for all seed-eating birds to consume.

Flavor: Plain Cereal Grain
Main ingredients: Millet Spray
Food form: Millet Spray

5. Living World Spray Millet

bird treat

Millet is one of the best natural options for food that you can offer your pet parakeet, and this brand of millet is no exception. 

Both nutritious and delicious, this millet is sun-ripened and freshly harvested from the wild, which means that you won’t have to worry about any artificial additives. 

You can either hang this millet spray inside the cage up against one of the walls, or you can place it on the cage floor and allow your parakeet to handle the millet itself. 

Living World Spray Millet is grown in the United States and this package is vacuum-packed to lock in the freshness. 

What is particularly great about this package is that it is a large bag, weighing slightly over a pound, so you will be getting a great abundance of millet that will last. 

As well as being delicious for parakeets, this millet spray should also be on the list of recommended budgie treats.

What we liked

  • Highly digestible; made all-natural without any additives.
  • A good source of carbohydrates and low in fat.
  • An ideal snack for birds of all ages, including growing nestlings and adult birds.
  • Provides variety and prevents boredom by giving parakeets a worthwhile activity.
  • Sun-ripened and freshly harvested from the wild.
  • Easy to hang up or place down inside the cage.
  • This package contains over 1 pound full of millet, a food amount that will last.

Flavor: Plain Cereal Grain
Main ingredients: Millet Spray
Food form: Millet Spray

6. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Oat Groats Bird Treats

bird treat

Protein plays a critical part in the promotion of the overall health of your pet bird. 

Healthy growth of feathers and skin should primarily be promoted, and this product takes on that job. 

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Oat Groats Bird Treats contains 14% protein and is fortified with other vitamins and nutrients that will help your parakeet stay healthy. 

The oat groats used in this product are 100% natural, which should make for a great parakeet treat that will add variety to your bird’s diet. 

Birds love having a variety of things to do inside their cage, and if they have food that they can not only eat but also play with, you will help keep them active and motivated. 

The recommended feeding size of oat groats to parakeets would be around 1 teaspoon since they are small, delicate birds. These oat groats are preferably used to be sprinkled over your bird’s regular food.

What we liked

  • Excellent source of protein for all birds, containing 14% protein.
  • These oat groats feature different sizes and textures, which enable parakeets to play around with.
  • Effectively used to sprinkle over foods your bird regularly eats.
  • Alternatively can be served in a separate dish by itself.
  • Encourages natural behavior such as foraging.
  • This product is specifically suitable for adult birds.
  • Fortified with vitamins and nutrients that will keep your bird healthy.

Flavor: Natural Oat Groats
Main ingredients: Oat Groats, Artificial Colors
Food form: Treats

7. Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Parakeet Bird Treats

bird treat

If you are looking for treats that are packed with many healthy ingredients, this product should be considered. 

Containing both fruits and vegetables, Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Parakeet Bird Treats add a great amount of variety to your pet parakeet’s diet. 

Dependable parakeet snacks are those that can be easily consumed, and the bite-sized seeds and nuts ensure that parakeets can safely consume these treats.

Vegetables like corn, apples, carrots, and spinach are included in these treats, which can give parakeets a change of pace if they ever get tired of eating other treats. 

These treats are flexible in that you can add them to other foods, or you can serve them in a separate container. 

These 9.5 ounce jars can last for some time if you give your parakeet appropriate amounts of servings each day. You can use these treats as a primary food source for your parakeet every day.

What we liked

  • Formulated specifically for parakeets.
  • Can be served either on top of food or in a separate container.
  • Contains a great variety of ingredients, mixing fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.
  • An ideal option as a primary food source for a parakeet’s daily consumption.
  • Contains 14% crude protein, 12% moisture, 5% crude fat, and 3.5% crude fiber.
  • Can last a long time if stored in a cool, dry location.
  • All ingredients are small and bite-sized, an ideal size for parakeets.

Flavor: Blend of Fruits and Vegetables
Main ingredients: Corn, Apples, Carrots, Spinach, Niger Seed, Ground Oat Groats, Yellow Millet
Food form: Treats, Birdseed

8. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Crunchy Crisp Sticks Bird Treats

bird treat

One way of perking up your pet budgie is to give it food that is bright and colorful, something that can be noticed right away when placed inside the cage. 

These Crunchy Crisp Sticks come in multiple colors, but they also contain good health benefits for your parakeet as the recipe is full of Vitamin B, particularly containing Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin B-2. 

These treats also contain very little fat, which helps your parakeet maintain a balanced diet. 

Pet birds have a natural chewing instinct that they need to have satisfied, and these crunchy treats serve as a reliable interactive source, especially if your pet bird is bored. 

Having an enticing texture, they are light and easy to grasp, which makes for great budgie treats, though they can be given to birds of all sizes. These treats can be used as tasty rewards or additions to your parakeet’s regular food.

What we liked

  • Contains Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin B-2, making these treats a healthy option.
  • These crunchy treats help satisfy the natural instinct of parakeets.
  • Light and easy to grasp, these crisp sticks are designed for smaller birds to handle.
  • Can be served either as tasty rewards or additions to regular food.
  • Bright and colorful, these treats are immediately recognizable for birds.
  • Contains 12% moisture, 6% crude protein, 4% crude fiber, and 1% crude fat.
  • Can be broken up into multiple pieces for easier consumption.

Flavor: Plain Cereal Grain
Main ingredients: Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Oat Flour
Food form: Treats

9. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices Bird Treats

bird treat

If you are looking for a natural source of food to feet your pet bird, then organic dried orange slices would do the job. 

Offering Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices Bird Treats as budgie treats for training would be a good way to motivate your pet budgie. 

These treats can be given to birds of any size as long as they are of adult ages. Once you open this bag, you will smell a pleasant citrus aroma of sun-ripened oranges. 

These treats are simple in presentation but highly effective in promoting health benefits for your pet bird. The main advantage to these treats is that there are no artificial additives included. 

They are 100% edible and there is no mess to clean up when your pet parakeet finishes this delicious snack. Treats like orange slices help stimulate the natural foraging instinct of parakeets and relieves them from any stress they have inside the cage.

What we liked

  • 100% natural, having no artificial additives.
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C.
  • Can be served to birds of all sizes, preferably of adult ages.
  • 100% edible and can be served as either a reward or an addition to a regular meal.
  • Contains 16% moisture, 10% crude fiber, 6.8% crude protein, and 1% crude fat.
  • Can be stored in a cool, dry location for optimal freshness.
  • Once eaten by your pet parakeet, there are no messes to clean up.

Flavor: Orange
Main ingredients: Dried Orange Slices
Food form: Treats, Dried Fruits

10. Brown’s Calcium Cuttlebone Mango Flavored Bird Treat

bird treat

In most cages, pet birds will have a cuttlebone where they grind their beaks against to keep them growing long. 

Some of the best parakeet treats homemade include adding flavor to treats like cuttlebones, and this treat packs a great amount of flavor. 

Brown’s Calcium Cuttlebone Mango Flavored Bird Treat is a superior calcium supplement that parakeets will love chewing into. 

Attach this with a clip that is included in the package and the parakeet will be attracted by the enticing mango flavor as it grinds its beak. 

This cage enhancement provides hours of exercise and relief from boredom. Calcium is needed for birds to consume because it promotes strong bones, healthy muscle function, and egg development. 

Along with the exotic mango flavor, this cuttlebone also contains fish oil, Vitamin B-1, and honey, which makes this treat a very healthy option for your parakeet. This cuttlebone is preferably used as a treat for adult birds.

What we liked

  • Cage clip is included to keep the cuttlebone in place for continuous use.
  • Provides exercise and stimulates natural foraging instinct for your pet bird.
  • This treat’s texture will keep parakeets entertained for hours, preventing boredom.
  • Preferably a treat to give your pet bird when it’s of adult age.
  • Contains 85% calcium, 12% moisture, 3% crude fiber, 1.75% crude protein, and only 0.01% crude fat.
  • This treat promotes strong bones, muscle function and egg development.
  • A great interactive source for parakeets that is long-lasting.

Flavor: Mango
Main ingredients: Ground Cuttlebone, Oyster Shell, Grit, Fish Oil, Vitamin B1 Supplement, Honey, Calcium Carbonate
Food form: Treats


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