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20 Best Gifts for Bird Lovers [From Feeders to Binos]

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Finding unique bird gifts and presents is very challenging because not all birders will be looking for the exact same things to add to their personal collections. Whether it’s an act of kindness or for special occasions, you would like to look for items that enhance the birding experience for your friends.

Bird stuff for home

1. Blue Handworks Welcome Sign

A colorful welcome sign that is made out of metal, this light item weighs only 1.92 ounces. 

This sign can be used as either a bird, garden, or wall décor

There are five birds that form a chain, powder-coated in the colors red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple. 

The front side of the birds is two pieces of metal, one for the wing and one for the body. 

This welcome sign is best used to attract birds like goldfinches, hummingbirds, and blue jays. The ‘welcome’ part of the sign is 10” wide and the entire sign measures at 21” long.

Check the price of Blue Handworks Welcome Sign here

What is special about it: You can use this welcome sign indoors and outdoors.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: The colorful metal birds will spruce up the appearance of your garden, making wild birds curious.

2. Birds of the Photo Ark

This is a hardcover book containing 240 pages of beautiful photos featuring birds from all over the world. 

Joel Sartore’s National Geographic Photo Ark project also features inspiring text written by birder Noah Strycker. 

300 bird species are in this book, including goldfinches and hummingbirds. 

This serves as a great coffee table book for any passionate birder to read if they want to obtain any information on their favorite birds. 

Weighing under 2 pounds, this book is light enough to carry. Measuring in at 8.9 x 0.9 x 8.8 inches, this book is easy enough to store on a shelf.

Check the price of Birds of the Photo Ark here

What is special about it: Amazing photos of your favorite birds provide inspiration for birding enthusiasts.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: You can add this book to your personal library for educational purposes as a birder.

3. Charley Harper Birds Glasses

A collection of drinking glasses that feature the art of one of the most famous wild animal artists makes for a good treasure. 

Charley Harper painted colorful and graphic illustrations of wild animals, and birds in particular, for over six decades until his death in 2007. 

His work was rediscovered by designer Todd Oldham in 2001, and with the help of Fishs Eddy Harper’s bird paintings were placed on drinking glasses. 

These glasses are perfect to have in the kitchen during the day while you look outside to see birds approach feeders and birdhouses. These glasses are safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Check the price of Charley Harper Birds Glasses here

What is special about it: Colorful paintings of birds are on the glasses.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: If you enjoy decorating your kitchen with artwork of birds, then these glasses will make a great fit.

4. Ted and Jack Allover Songbird Print Scarf

If your fashion preference happens to be that of wild birds, then this scarf should get your attention. 

This scarf is made out of lightweight and soft fabric, which is perfect to wear in the summer months. 

Colorful pictures of birds are printed on this scarf, and the birds are large enough to be seen by other people as you pass by. 

Measuring in at 70” x 40”, this scarf is very long. 

This scarf comes in four different colors, which would be navy, beige, coral red, and grass green. The edge of the scarf only comes in the navy color.

Check the price of Ted and Jack Allover Songbird Print Scarf here

What is special about it: It is light enough to wear during the summer season.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This scarf will get you compliments from other people as you pass by them.

5. Bird Lovers Make Me Happy T-Shirt

Bird lovers obviously have a sense of humor, and adding a novelty t-shirt like this to your wardrobe could spark hilarious conversations with your family and friends. 

The message on the front of this shirt is “Birds make me happy. You, not so much”, printed in bold letters. 

This shirt comes in five different colors, which are black, navy, asphalt grey, grass green, and brown. 

This shirt can be machine washed in cold water and can be dried in low heat. 

The solid color shirts are made of 100% cotton. The grey shirt is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

Check the price of Bird Lovers Make Me Happy T-Shirt here

What is special about it: This is a t-shirt you can wear for just about any occasion.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This shirt represents your appreciation for wild birds.

Bird books

6. The Mincing Mockingbird: Guide to Troubled Birds

This is a pocket field guide that describes both where to find and where to avoid the most disturbed birds in North America. 

Humorous and illustrated in presentation, this guide allows bird lovers to quickly identify bird species that are psychotic, violent, or mentally unstable. 

Featured in this 64-page book are some of the most bizarre tales involving wild birds, tales that will make most readers laugh out loud and scratch their heads. 

Though this isn’t for everyone to read, if you need something to read to lighten the mood during the day, this book could be the one for you.

Check the price of The Mincing Mockingbird: Guide to Troubled Birds here

What is special about it: The artwork in the book is beautifully made.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: You will be able to understand the bizarre feeling of the featured stories when you read them.

7. Effin' Birds: A Field Guide to Identification

This is another field guide to bird identification, and it contains a total of 208 pages that feature classic, monochrome plumage artwork. 

John James Audubon is the creator of this book’s artwork. The text in this book features aphorisms that are sure to raise your eyebrows. 

Written by professional speaker Aaron Reynolds, insults and field notes on bird species that have never been seen before. 

This isn’t a book to share with everybody because of its strong vulgarity. This is a book to read in a room with adult bird lovers who understand the more crude kinds of humor.

Check the price of Effin’ Birds: A Field Guide to Identification here

What is special about it: This is a book that specifically targets adults with its humor.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This is a book you can read if you are having a bad day.

8. The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition

Having a ton of content in 624 pages, author and illustrator David Allen Sibley continues his series The Sibley Guide to Birds, one of the most comprehensive guides to birds in the United States. 

This book includes nearly 7,000 paintings that are digitally remastered from original art for enhanced print quality. 

The expanded text includes habitat information and voice description for every species, as well as additional tips on how to find birds in the field. 

The amount of details and side notes covered in this guide are user-friendly and can keep bird lovers engaged for long periods of time.

Check the price of The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition here

What is special about it: The beautiful illustrations take center stage when you read this book.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: If you need in-depth analysis on bird species, this is the book to have.

9. Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America

This is a hardcover book that contains 544 pages of Roger Tory Peterson’s amazing artwork, original paintings that present the beauty of wild birds. 

This guide is an update to two original guides that were published in 1992, including 40 new paintings, digital updates to the original paintings, and brand new maps to keep the range information of bird species current. 

The text of this guide has been rewritten to cover both the United States and Canada together. 

Birders will be satisfied with the corrections to the taxonomy (name changes and species identification) that are carefully made in this guide.

Check the price of Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America here

What is special about it: This guide is filled with information on birds across North America.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: You can add this timeless guide to your personal library of bird books.

10. National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition

This guide is a perennial bestseller that remains as one of the most frequently updated of all North American bird field guides. 

Comprehensive and authoritative, the text of this guide is written clearly enough for beginning birders to understand. 

More experienced birders will get enough details from this guide as well. 

The illustrations provided in this guide are beautiful and are impressively thorough. 

A total of 1,023 North American bird species have been organized to match the American Ornithological Society’s taxonomy changes. There are more than 900 color-coded maps that show winter, breeding, migration, and subspecies distribution ranges that are easy to follow.

Check the price of National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition here

What is special about it: This is a guide that is accessible to both beginning and experienced birders.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: Features such as thumb tabs and a fold-out visual index help beginning birders.

Best bird feeders

11. Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

This innovative bird feeder is large in size, having an 11.8” x 5” x 4” design. 

You mount this feeder on windows with the help of three powerful suction cups

There are drainage holes on the bottom of the feeder to prevent any mold from building up. 

A top birdhouse cover that protects birds from rain and snow is provided. 

Made out of clear acrylic plastic, this feeder allows you to view the birds as they rest on a comfortable and padded grip-perch.

There is a tray on the bottom of the feeder that is easy to remove and refill with seed.

Check the price of Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder here

What is special about it: This feeder has a durable, all-weather design.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This feeder is easy to clean and easy to view through your window.

12. Brome Squirrel Buster Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

This is a bird feeder that has been built to discourage squirrels from stealing seed. 

The weight of an adult squirrel will automatically close the feeder’s shroud, preventing the squirrel from getting the seed. 

All feeder parts exposed to squirrels are made of materials that are chew-proof, so the feeder won’t be damaged. 

This feeder also has a Seed Ventilation System, which keeps the seed fresh for longer periods of time. 

You can dismantle this feeder by hand into individual components without using any tools. This feeder is safe to clean in the dishwasher, and it is easy to refill.

Check the price of Brome Squirrel Buster Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder here

What is special about it: An adjustable spring mechanism lets you control which size birds can eat on your feeder.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This feeder attracts a wide variety of clinging and perching birds.

13. Pennington Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder

This beautifully designed feeder offers shelter for feeding birds and optimal viewing for passionate birders. 

Constructed from renewable Eastern Red Cedar, which is resistant to weather and insects, this feeder features an open window design, and when receiving this feeder, it is fully assembled and will be ready to hang. 

Taking on the shape of a Gazebo building, this feeder has 6 sides, which allow for 360-degree viewing and feeding. 

Measuring in at 12.8” x 12.8” x 12.5”, this feeder can hold as much as 3 pounds of seed. A chew-proof hanging cable attached to the feeder will protect it from falling and breaking.

Check the price of Pennington Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder here

What is special about it: Having a removable top, this feeder is easy to fill and clean.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This Gazebo feeder adds more character to your bird-friendly backyard.

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14. Nature's Way Bird House

This is a sturdy bird house that is made out of rust-free materials. 

Made with premium cedar, which is insect and rot-resistant, this feeder has clean-out doors which provide birder easy access for cleaning. 

The innovative design of this house can be installed with either a pole mount or a flush mount. 

On the bottom of this feeder are air vents, and this serves as a good way to promote bird health. 

Inside the feeder is an elevated mesh floor, which improves air circulation and helps prevent harmful insect infestation. An additional Predator Guard extends the house entrance to protect the nesting birds.

Check the price of Nature’s Way Bird House here

What is special about it: This house has a viewing window so you can see the nesting birds.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This bird house is easy to mount and clean.

15. World Source East Sun Pottery Bird Bath

The Sun Pottery Company made this convenient bird bath, which has a basic design but provides a welcoming area for wild birds to bathe and drink. 

This bird bath comes in four different colors, which are light blue, light green, ivory, and merlot. 

This bird bath is made of ceramic and was fired in a glass kiln to improve its durability through harsh weather. 

Though it is proven to endure cold temperatures, it is recommended not to keep this bird bath out in the cold for long periods of time. Twisting the top part onto the pillar part makes assembling easy.

Check the price of World Source East Sun Pottery Bird Bath here

What is special about it: This bird bath has a lot of space for multiple birds to enjoy.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This bird bath gives birders an opportunity to see their favorite birds up close.

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Best bird optics

16. Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision

If you are looking to take high-quality photos of your favorite wild birds, you will have a lot of fun using this camera. 

Taking 1080P High-Definition resolution photos, this camera has an automatic day and night sensor that ensures crisp, vivid images and videos that give birders the realistic details they need. 

This camera also has a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds with 3 continuous shots, which gives birders the chance to capture the image of birds quickly moving across the field of view. 

Having an LCD screen that is user-friendly with various settings, this is a reliable camera birders can take anywhere.

Check the price of Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision here

What is special about it: This camera can produce high quality black and white nighttime vision without alerting game.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: This is a perfect scouting gift for activities like garden wildlife watching.

17. Creative XP HD Spotting Scope

This is a camera that offers bright and clear viewing at 60X magnification without any chromatic aberrations. 

Two Fine Focus Knobs enable smooth and accurate focusing to get beautiful images, and also included is an adjustable large Eye Relief of 17 millimeters, which promotes comfortable viewing

This package also comes with a pair of protective lens covers and a Bluetooth camera control device that helps you adjust the scope’s settings. 

This scope comes in a protective soft cover carrying case and it also has a strap that you can attach to the case. A 12” metal tripod provides a solid foundation for the scope.

Check the price of this specific product here

What is special about it: Included is a cell phone adapter which allows you to take great photographs through the scope’s lens.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: Having a lot of range in zooming in and out, birders can see the finest details of birds.

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18. Barska 10-30x50 Zoom Gladiator Binocular

Birders need a dependable pair of binoculars to get a great view of wild birds, and this pair is designed for that task. 

Providing an Eye Relief of 15 millimeters, these binoculars give you long distance terrestrial and astronomical viewing

You can scan a large field of view and then zoom in on birds for a broader detailed look with its variable magnification range. 

The package includes a carrying case, a neck strap, lens covers, a lens cloth, and a helpful user manual. 

These binoculars have large objective lenses of 50 millimeters, which maximizes light transmission, and fully coated optics for crisp and sharp images.

Check the price of Barska 10-30×50 Zoom Gladiator Binocular here

What is special about it: These binoculars have a durable ergonomic design with shock-absorbing rubber armor.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: Quick and smooth zoom adjustments makes the experience of viewing birds simple.

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19. Gosky 12x55 High Definition Monocular

An ideal option for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness explorers. 

This handheld monocular telescope has a high power magnification, allowing you to see 12 times closer with a clear image using the generous, light-gathering 55-millimeter objective wide lens

The lens is fully multi-coated in green and is also coated with a blue eyepiece, which allows for brighter views and crisper images. 

The design of this monocular is waterproof, fog-proof, dust-proof, and shockproof. It is completely sealed and filled with 100% nitrogen, which prevents moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the monocular. You can also mount this monocular on a tripod.

Check the price of Gosky 12×55 High Definition Monocular here

What is special about it: The monocular has eye-cups that can be twisted up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: It is easy to carry around for activities like hiking, climbing, and bird watching.

20. Nikon Coolpix P900 Digital Camera

Having a powerful zoom lens, this digital camera has an enhanced digital zoom function that effectively doubles your reach. 

This camera also features a swiveling vary-angle display and a high-resolution Electronic Viewfinder that turns on automatically when lifted to your eye. 

With these features, you can capture photos and videos from creative perspectives overhead, down low, or directly ahead of you. 

The camera can go as far as you want it to go, as there is a PSAM dial available on the top of the camera, which is helpful for advanced shooters. The power of the camera relies on a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Check the price of Nikon Coolpix P900 Digital Camera here

What is special about it: This camera also has a built-in GPS and records the exact location of each shot you take.

Why it’s a great gift for a bird lover: You can easily adjust this camera’s angles to get your preferred shots of wild birds.

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