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5 Best Gazebo Bird Feeders in 2024

bird feeder

A wooden bird feeder looks very elegant and it adds to the look of any garden. Gazebo bird feeders have been very popular because of their looks and of course, they are very durable as well. Another plus point is that their bird feeding performance is exceptional too. 

Gazebo bird feeders are handmade and only high-quality materials such as cedarwood and copper are used in their construction. These materials make sure that the feeder remains safe from any of the external elements.

Most of the bird enthusiasts raise some questions on how to attract birds using a gazebo and what is the best place in your garden for a gazebo. Making this feeder squirrel proof is another hot topic for discussion. In this guide, we will discuss all these matters and will also provide you with our list of the best 5 gazebo bird feeders. 

We Recommend

Elegant design

Pennington Cedar
Gazebo Feeder

Best compact option

NC Birdguy
Gazebo Feeder

Best large option

Woodlink Coppertop
Bird Feeder

How to attract birds to your gazebo feeder?

You can use various tactics to attract as many birds as possible to your gazebo feeder. You need to use the right kind of food and you must also place it in the perfect spot in your lawn where birds can see and reach it without any danger.

It is the best option for you to use different types of bird feeders with your gazebo feeder because you can place different types of foods in all these feeders for different birds (1). You can use tray feeders to attract grosbeaks, sparrows, and pigeons (2).

Moreover, you have to use a specific type of food to bring more specific kinds of birds. To attract pigeons, dove, and quail, you can use milo, wheat, cracked corn, and sunflower hearts. If you want to lure sparrows, blackbirds, bunting, and starlings, then you have to feed them safflower, peanuts, milo, and millet. Another thing that you can use in your garden is birdbaths because birds love fresh flowing water (3).

Where to place gazebo bird feeder?

Gazebo bird feeders are available in different sizes and shapes. The most common ones to use are the fly-through gazebos. The birds will be able to fly straight through the feeder and can spend time sitting around on these feeders.

It is better for you to place these feeders on a tall post just like you have a lamppost right in the middle of your garden. It will not only allow you to have a clear view of what’s going on, but the birds will also have easy access to the seeds. The predators from the tree, like squirrels, won’t have a chance to reach these feeders.

You should at least hang a feeder 5-feet high and 10-feet away from the other trees when you want to use a free-standing pole. If you want to hang it with a tree branch, then you will need a squirrel proof feeder and hang it before the Gazebo so that squirrel is not able to reach the feeder. By picking the right spot, you can attract a number of birds, including the likes of wrens, chickadees, orioles, goldfinches, bluebirds, waxwings, martins, sparrows and so many more (4).

You should use a long and strong bungee or chain to secure a line to the tree. Also, use an S-hook so that you can easily hang or remove the feeder. The feeder should be high enough so that your pet must not be able to reach the bird feeder because it won’t allow the birds to feed in a comfortable mood.

Don’t forget to test the strength of the pole on which you’re going to hang a feeder. It should be sturdy enough to hold 10-20 lbs.

How to make gazebo feeders squirrel proof?

If you live in an area where there are many squirrels and raccoons, then you need to make your gazebo feeder squirrel proof (5). You can buy a squirrel guard separately to keep the feeder safe from any squirrel attacks.

  • The squirrel guard needs to be large enough to cover the feeder comfortably. This guard will also keep the feeder safe from snow and rain as well.
  • If you are hanging your feeder from a tree branch, then you will need to add the squirrel guard at the top of the feeder.
  • If you have placed your feeder on a post and there is nothing accessible from the top, then you should attach the squirrel guard on the bottom because that is the only accessible path to the bird feeder.
  • The squirrel guard needs to move around a little bit and should not be rigid. This won’t provide the squirrels and raccoons a solid platform to make a leap.

How to maintain your gazebo bird feeder?

Maintaining and taking care of your gazebo bird feeder is not entirely different from any other feeder (6). You just need to use a hose to clean your feeder and then allow it to dry. When it is completely dry, only then add the seeds. 

Mold can develop within the feeder in a couple of days and to clean it off. You can use diluted water with bleach. It is better to make a solution of ten parts of water and one part of bleach thoroughly.

  • Cedar and Redwood’s feeders are easy to maintain, but they will lose their color with time. You need to use a wood sealer after a few years to prevent the color fading.
  • Only use the sealer on the outside of the feeder and don’t use it in the feeding area. Pinewood feeders are also maintainable in the same manner. 

If you want to go for metal feeders, then you need to know that the copper feeders are way better than other metal feeders in handling rust. But if you don’t treat it well, its color will also turn into a non-pleasant green.

  • To prevent fading, simply polish the copper feeder with a bleach solution cleaner and apply lacquer to keep the feeder looking beautiful.
  • You need to make sure that you get rid of any old seeds that tend to get stuck in the tiny holes of your feeder. It is better for you to use a steel spatula to get rid of any bird droppings that remain stuck to the walls and floor of the feeder.

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How to choose the right gazebo bird feeder?

There are various aspects associated with buying a gazebo bird feeder and you need to keep all of them in mind to make the right purchase. 

Safety – Your bird feeder needs to be extremely safe and should be placed in a suitable section of your garden. Make sure to go for feeders that don’t have any sharp edges. You also need to place the feeders where rodents or pets cannot attack them.

Placement – You can begin by placing the feeder where you want it to be. But you will need to change the place if you don’t find any activity in a few days. This might also happen if the feed is not dry or if it is too much exposed where the birds might feel it as a risk.

Quality – Only look to invest in a good quality bird feeder because a quality feeder is going to last for a long time. A poorly constructed feeder with low-quality materials is not going to stand the test of time and all the outdoor elements.

Cleaning – Cleaning is mandatory because you don’t want the bird to get infected from bacteria and fungus from your bird feeder. A bird feeder shouldn’t be a hassle to clean. You also need to pick a bird feeder that is easy to refill.

Capacity – The capacity of the feeder needs to be appropriate as well. Birds at least eat half of their body weight in seeds on a daily basis. You need to go for a feeder that can hold at least 2 pounds of seeds in it. This will keep the show going. With more seeds, more birds come. Gazebo bird feeders are good at holding a large number of seeds. Even the low-end models come with at least four pounds of body weight. 

Best gazebo bird feeders

1. Amish Crafted Bird Feeder

Amish Crafted is manufacturing an elegant and well-designed bird feeder

The company uses premium quality pine wood material in its construction. 

The roof the feeder has made with cedar, which makes it the stand against the test of harsh outdoor conditions. 

It comes with a post-mount about 04-inch x 04-inch. Additionally, this spindle type bird feeder is suitable for all types of birds and squirrels. 

The combination of cedar shake roof and heavy-duty material makes it sturdy. Moreover, these Amish gazebos feeders come with a removable plug on the top of the feeder. 

The removability of the plug makes the filling cylinder and cleaning swift — the plastic cylinder measures about 5-inch x 10-inch.

Check the price of Amish Crafted Bird Feeder here

What we liked

  • Spindle type large bird feeder
  • Constructed with premium quality pine wood material
  • Comes with the plastic cylinder that can hold 4 lbs of bird feed 
  • Easy to refill feeder cylinder due to removable plug 
  • Ideal for 4-inch x 4-inch post mount  

What we didn’t like

  • Roughly finished (but the best value for money feeder)

How much seed can fit: The capacity of birdseed is approximately more than 4 lbs
What is it made of: It has made with premium quality wood
Measurements: 24-inch x 20-inch x 20-inch

2. Pennington Cedar Bird Feeder

If you are looking for the cedar gazebo bird feeder for your backyard, then we recommend you go with Pennington bird feeder. 

It has been constructed from insect and weather-resistant cedar

You can hang it on the tree and wherever you want, you can remove it. 

It comes with an open style window design that provides both shelter and view to the birds.  

The birds can view and feed on 6 sides due to 360-degree construction. Therefore, many birds can enjoy their feed at the same time. 

Furthermore, it attracts plenty of beautiful birds such as Chickadees, Grosbeaks, Goldfinches, and cardinals. It is also effortless to clean and refill the birdseed of this large gazebo.

Check the price of Pennington Cedar Bird Feeder here

What we liked

  • Comes with fully assembled feeder and also ready to hang 
  • Refill and cleaning is not a hassle 
  • Birds can enjoy feed and view due to an open style 360-degree window design 
  • Attracts plenty of birds like hummingbirds, siskin, titmice, and more

What we didn’t like

  • Heavyweight cedar bird feeder but attracts more birds

How much seed can fit: It can hold about 3 lbs. of bird feed
What is it made of: The manufacturer constructed it from insect and weather resistant Eastern-Red Cedar
Measurements: 12.8-inch x 12.8-inch x 12.5-inch

3. Stokes Select Gazebo Bird Feeder

Do you want to hang a lightweight and durable bird feeder on your garden? 

Well, Stokes Select gazebo bird feeder should be your preference. 

The company uses heavy-duty plastic material to construct it that makes it a sturdy and durable bird feeder. 

It comes with a gazebo-style design that has more than 2.6 lbs capacity to hold bird feeds. 

You can feed all varieties of seed according to a bird species. This is because; your purchase includes six feeding ports that separate each birdfeed. 

In addition to that, it offers multiple hanging and mounting options. Thus, you can hang it on the branches of the tree as well as you can also mount it on the pole.

Check the price of Stokes Select Gazebo Bird Feeder here

What we liked

  • Easy to use due to one-touch closing and opening 
  • Equipped with large-sized six feeding ports 
  • Offers both hanging and mounting options  
  • Easy to monitor seed level due to plastic body

What we didn’t like

  • Birdseed capacity is low so it is not a suitable option for large ground

How much seed can fit: It comes with six feeding ports and it can store 2.6 lbs. bird feed
What is it made of: The company uses heavy-duty plastic material to construct it
Measurements: 8.2-inch x 9.4-inch x 8.9-inch

4. Woodlink Coppertop Bird Feeder

If the wooden bird feeder is your preference, then we suggest you purchase Woodlink Coppertop bird feeder

The company is using the real copper, a polycarbonate bird feeder tube, and superior quality red cedar wood materials to construct it. 

It can hold about 10 lbs. of mixed fruit, seeds, and mealworms. 

The top of the feeder has been constructed from a real cooper that protects the food from multiple kinds of weather conditions. 

The solid base is rust-resistant, which comes with zinc -chromate screws. Your purchase comes with fully assembled so you can simply mount it in the right place. 

The mounting brackets come with the product and you do not need to spend extra money to purchase it.

Check the price of Woodlink Coppertop Bird Feeder here

What we liked

  • Constructed from a combination of metal, wood, and plastic materials
  • Fully assembled and comes with an inbuilt bracket 
  • Cooper roof helps to protect bird seeds from the weather
  • Solid base make it more durable and rust-resistant 
  • Look like a natural feeder that attracts more birds

What we didn’t like

  • The quality of the removable top is not like a real cooper

How much seed can fit: It can hold 10 lbs. of mixed seeds, fruits, and other mealworms
What is it made of: It is a combination of real copper, a polycarbonate bird feeder tube, and red cedar
Measurements: 21-inch x 20.9-inch x 25.5-inch

5. NC Birdguy Gazebo Wild Bird Feeder

If you are looking for a compact gazebo bird feeder, then you can pick NC Birdguy bird feeder. 

The octagon-shape makes it compact and gives it a beautiful outlook. 

A combination of PVC and Vinyl materials makes it durable and stylish

This NC Birdguy will never split, decay, and rot. 

Furthermore, the top finial is removable that makes the seed filling and cleanness convenient. You can also mount it according to your requirements on a 4-inch x 4-inch post. 

It is equipped with a copper roof that is also removable. Hence, there is no need to purchase additional tools for installation and maintenance.

Check the price of NC Birdguy Gazebo Wild Bird Feeder here

What we liked

  • Comes with a detachable top finial that makes the seed filling easy
  • Can be mount on 4-inch x 4-inch post 
  • Constructed with durable materials 
  • No additional tool is required for its configuration

What we didn’t like

  • The edges of the copper roof are somewhat sharp

How much seed can fit: The capacity of the bird feed is more than 6 lbs
What is it made of: NC Birdguy is using a good quality cellular PVC and copper materials to manufacture it
Measurements: 11-inch x 11-inch x 14.5-inch

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