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5 Best Bird Baths in 2024 [Essential for Songbirds]

bird bath

A dependable supply of fresh, clean water is not only essential for birds but is a great way to attract them to your yard. Birds need water to survive, and providing water for birds is key to their health and habitat. Choosing the best set up to keep your birds happy and healthy means finding a bath that birds will use but is also easy to keep clean. 

There are many types of bird baths to choose from and deciding what is the best bird bath for your yard can be a challenge. When choosing a birdbath, you have to consider type, location, and cleaning, as well as picking out a design that you like the look of.

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Best bird bath

Sunnydaze Ceramic Bird Bath

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Smart Solar Fountain
Bird Bath

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Alpine Corporation Pedestal
Bird Bath

Types of bird baths

  • Hanging Bird Bath – Convenient to clean, these types of bird baths are often small and shallow. Great for small spaces like apartment balconies or the perfect addition to your pole or deck, these smaller basins are also excellent if you have trees with low limbs.

  • Deck Mounted Bird Bath – Providing an up-close experience, deck mounted bird baths can give great views while also being easy to clean due to their smaller size. Measure your railing or buy an adjustable model to make sure you end up with a perfect fit.

  • Ground Bird Bath – Easy and often portable, ground bird baths give birds a more natural water source since they mimic puddles. Typically lighter than a classic bird bath, these bird baths can be moved frequently until you find the best location for your birds. A lot of shier birds that don’t like traditional baths will be more comfortable with a ground bath.

  • Wall Mounted Bird Bath – Similar to deck mounted, wall mounted bird baths are an excellent choice for a close-up view of birds bathing.

  • One-Piece Standing – Bulkier and more substantial than other options, pedestal models are very popular because of the wide range of styles available. This classic design is what you probably picture when you think of a bird bath.

  • Two-Piece Standing – Easy to assemble and install, this popular style is the classic bird bath in two pieces, featuring a round basin supported by a sturdy pedestal.

  • Over-the-railing – Similar to deck mounted, these baths can use a railing for support. Easy to clean due to their light nature, experiment with the location that works for you.

What is the best location for your bird bath?

When deciding on the ideal location for your bird bath placement, consider how you can make your bath as comfortable and natural for birds as possible. Height and proximity to a hose are important considerations for both your convenience and the birds. More birds will come to a ground-level basin, and arranging branches or stones has the added benefit of giving them somewhere to stand while drinking.  

This is especially important during cold weather, giving them a place to drink without getting wet. Since they have a harder time flying as quickly and nimbly as usual when their wings are wet, birds feel particularly vulnerable to predators while bathing or drinking. Be sure to provide both shelter and protection. 

Nearby cover, such as shrubs or trees, can also provide a safe place for birds to hide if need be, but be careful to give birds enough space to escape from cats that might be hiding in dense bushes or shrubs. 

During colder months, a heated bird bath can make a big difference for birds whose other water sources may have frozen over.

According to my go-to gardening reference, Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, if you have perimeter plantings of thick native shrubs and trees – particularly those with fruit – your avian population will increase dramatically. That being said, the best location for your birdbath is one that your birds will actually use. Experiment in your yard to find the ideal set up based on how the birds in your yard actually behave.

How to keep the bird bath clean?

Keeping your bird bath free and clear of debris, algae, and other dirt is not only more attractive to birds but healthier for them as well. Not only does a dirty bath provide breeding grounds for viruses and disease, but standing water attracts mosquitoes and no one wants them. Therefore, it’s important to clean your bath at least once every few days or sooner if algae starts to form. Some birders insist that adding a copper source to the water helps to keep it cleaner and inhibit algae growth. The jury is out on this, but it might be worth trying!

Keeping it clean is as easy as a quick rinse and scrub with nine parts water, one part vinegar. Avoid synthetic soaps or cleaners as they can be harmful to birds’ feathers. Refill the water every other day during most seasons, but if it gets particularly hot where you are then fill at least once a day to avoid evaporation.

Also, consider a solar bird bath, as moving water will keep the bath cleaner and birds like bluebirds and cardinals are attracted to it.

Read more about how to attract bluebirds, cardinals, and woodpeckers.

Keeping your bath full and clean is the best way to entice songbirds to your backyard. A dirty bath won’t attract many birds and may do more harm than good. But keep your bath clean and full and you will be well rewarded. 

Don’t forget the accessories

One of the best ways to make your bird bath more attractive to birds is to keep the water moving. The motion attracts birds’ attention and can help draw larger numbers to your bird bath. There are many ways to accomplish this feat to attract birds.  

  • Add a bubbler or aerator for gently moving water birds won’t be able to resist.  
  • For even more water movement, install a fountain, waterfall, or agitator to your bird bath.  
  • And don’t forget the heater for when the temperature falls and water is likely to freeze – making your bath all the more important for backyard birds.  
  • Whether solar or electric, heaters are a great way to ensure your birds have a reliable water source even in the colder months.

How to choose the right bird bath?

Choosing the right bird bath for your habitat can be overwhelming when there are so many options to choose from. Consider the following when making your decision.  

  • Size – Smaller baths may be more convenient, but they also may cause territorial issues among birds. Larger baths, although harder to move and clean, can hold more water, which may be an added benefit depending on the volume of birds.  

  • Bird Comfort – Appearances aside, the best bird baths are designed with birds in mind. Consider the material and size of ledges for tiny talons to grip. Ideally, basins should be at least 1-2 inches deep, with fancier models including shallow and deep areas for birds of different sizes.  

  • Water Movement – Moving water attracts birds, and may minimize insects and algae growth. Many models include drippers, misters, bubblers, and fountains to keep water flowing.  

  • Height – The height of the birdbath can determine which types of birds you will attract. Smaller birds often feel more comfortable at taller baths since it gives them a better field of view, whereas ground basins will attract larger birds such as doves, ducks, and quail.

  • Durability – Fancy bird baths may look pretty, but they won’t stand the test of time or weather unless they’re built to last. Providing a reliable source of water, year-round, means making sure your bird bath is sturdy enough to withstand the weather or rotating baths throughout seasons. Northern regions with long winters need a sturdier bath, preferably with a heater, while warmer climates may be more interested in a larger capacity basin that won’t evaporate as quickly.  

  • Cost – As with most things on planet earth, the cost can be a deciding factor. Finding the best bird bath to fit your budget shouldn’t be an issue as there are many options and price points available. Remember, though, birds can’t read price tags and the best bird bath for your backyard is one your birds will actually use. 

Best bird baths for attracting birds

1. Alpine Corporation Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath

This Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath is an elegant and functional garden statue.

Ornate yet sturdy, this traditional bird bath is made of durable plastic with a brushed gold finish

It’s the cheapest option in this list but the quality is great for the price.

Although the bird bath isn’t physically very heavy, the anchors that come with it are keeping it quite steady.

When it comes to bird baths, you definitely get what you pay for, and the build quality of this bath is far from perfect. But it’s a great lightweight starter option that will look nice in your garden while you prepare to choose a more heavy duty bath.

It’s also extremely easy to assemble. Sparrows, starlings, grackles and other birds have no problem using it.

Check the price of this Alpine Corporation Pedestal Bird Bath here

What we liked

  • Attractive ornate details
  • Large, deep basin
  • Sturdy base made of durable resin
  • Includes stakes to secure base to ground

What we didn’t like

  • May not hold up to harsh winter weather
  • May need to secure base with more than stakes

What’s special about it: Great value for money
Measurements: 13.5 x 19.5 x 32 inches
Material: plastic

2. Smart Solar Water Fountain Bird Bath

This Smart Solar two-tiered bird bath is a beautiful two-tiered concrete bird bath with solar fountain included. 

Two levels allow for small and large birds to frequent this ample water source. 

The solar fountain keeps water moving, attracting more birds, both big and small. The water flows well from the solar top

Solar-on-demand allows you to choose when you want your fountain to run, with a convenient on/off switch on the solar panel and extra power stored in the battery. 

It’s simple to assemble and when submerged in water the pump is silent.

You don’t need an electrician to run electric for it, it’s easy to set it up on your own.

Check the price of this Smart Solar Water Fountain here

What we liked

  • Two-tiered bowl attracts even more birds
  • Solar powered fountain keeps water moving
  • On-demand fountain with extra power stored in battery
  • Easy on/off switch allows you to choose when you want your fountain to work
  • Made from durable concrete

What we didn’t like

  • De-icer not included
  • Requires sunny location
  • Some users have said that the finish peels over time

What’s special about it: Includes a solar powered fountain
Measurements: 21 inches diameter x 29 inches height
Material: stone/concrete

3. Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath

This Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath has stylish yet durable design.

It’s made of durable cedar for the legs and pedestal with a beautiful double-ring heated bowl that turns on at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The manufacturer states that the bath provides with water down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some assembly is required, but it will be worth the effort to keep your birds happy and watered even on the coldest days. 

It also has a clever stand design which makes this pedestal bath a durable addition that won’t tip or turn. This shallow heated bird bath is the perfect complement to your backyard birding habitat. 

Check the price of Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath here

What we liked

  • Double ring heater keeps water free from ice
  • Cord is hidden inside wood
  • Nice wide perch for multiple birds
  • Guaranteed to keep water down to -20 degrees F

What we didn’t like

  • Cedar prone to wear
  • You will need an outdoor extension cord to go along with it

What’s special about it: Guaranteed to provide your birds with water down to -20degrees F
Measurements: 29 x 22 x 22 in
Material: cedar and plastic

4. Evergreen Garden Hanging Glass Bird Bath

Stunning and stylish, this Tiffany-inspired bird bath design will have neighbors and birds alike coming to your yard. 

This hanging glass bowl has vivid colors to add both decoration and a spot to rest for birds.

It’s made of beautifully colored glass and chain, be sure to hang this in plain view to enjoy the winged-friends who visit. 

The glass allows for easy and convenient cleaning.  

Although it comes with chains for hanging, this bath bowl can also be used on a low pedestal to suit your birds’ fancy. Hang from a tree or bush to showcase this work of art and bring the birds to you. The vibrant colors can even help you attract hummingbirds!

Check the price of Evergreen Garden Hanging Bird Bath here

What we liked

  • Gorgeous design
  • Decorative but functional addition to garden oasis
  • Vivid colours
  • Hang close by for a great view

What we didn’t like

  • Fragile and not as durable as other models
  • Lack of perches

What special about it: Stunning Tiffany-inspired design
Measurements: 13.5 x 13.5 x 22.75 inches
Material: Glass

5. Sunnydaze Duo-tone Ceramic Bird Bath

A beautiful addition to any garden, this Sunnydaze ceramic bird bath is constructed of ceramic with a light blue glaze. 

Provide a welcoming area for your backyard birds with this sturdy pedestal bird bath. 

This bird bath must be seen in person to be appreciated. The deep bowl and wide ledge provide a durable backyard watering spot for even larger birds. 

The interlocking base and bowl provide extreme durability to prevent this bird bath from tipping. 

Ceramic fired in a gas kiln for durability and an even color to finish provides an exceptionally robust and frost-proof bird bath to -4 degrees Fahrenheit (do not expose for long periods). 

Rugged, yet easy to keep clean, this classic design will be a charming addition to any garden giving your backyard birds a place to bathe and drink for years to come.

Check the price of this Sunnydaze Ceramic Bird Bath here

What we liked

  • Glaze adds sheen that helps with appearance and keeping basin clean
  • Classic design with deep bowl
  • Easy assembly and sturdy construction
  • Durable and welcoming design

What we didn’t like

  • Should not be exposed to freezing temperatures for long periods of time
  • Heavy and may be difficult to move around to test in different locations

What special about it: Ceramic glaze adds attractive sheen that helps clean
Measurements: 25 inches x 21 inches x 17 inches
Material: ceramic

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