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Pig Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

pig swimming

Pig symbolism stands for ignorance, greed, uncleanliness, and stubbornness. But if you go to the East, particularly in China and Korea, then the pigs sign takes on a positive meaning. If you are wondering exactly what does a pig symbolize and wish to know more, then read on! We have different pig symbolic representations across cultures.

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Pig Symbolism and Meaning

Pig symbolism is particularly important in the East. In China and Korea, the pig symbol is a symbol of fortune and Good Luck. In Hawaii, too, pig symbols and god of pigs are worshipped. 

Infinite numbers of pigs are shown in Hawaiin artforms to symbolize the infinite power of Gods. In many parts of Hawaii, the pig symbol is also taken as a symbol of economic power. 

The image of the pig god is the symbol of Lono as well as the war god. 

The phrase pigs on the wing meaning refer to Pink Floyd’s song but also to the popular phrase ‘when pigs fly.’ When pigs fly, the meaning is that something will never take place.

two pigs on the beach

Its usage dates back to the seventeenth century when it was readily understood that something as corpulent as a pig was among the most unlikely creatures to take to the wing. 

In China, the zodiac pig, the wild boar symbol, and wild boar symbolism represent sincere, tolerant, honest, though naive people. It is related to pig horoscope and astrology. 

The wild boar symbolism components include strength, resolute courage, fearless aggression, and ferocity. Wild boars play major roles in myth and folklore, which we will study shortly.

Pig Native American Symbolism

For the Native Americans, there was a special meaning of swines and the meaning of pigs. The Native Americans perceived the pig as a bringer of rain that fertilizes the earth. For them, a 

dream about pigs, especially to a shaman, meant that the year would bring good rain. 

Since rains were connected to harvest and good crops and crops often meant good money, the meaning of swine together with their propensity to reproduce at massive rates led to their symbolism of fertility and good luck.

What do pigs symbolize to Natives? They would invoke pig medicine and the pig gods before hunts to have success on their hunts.

pig nose

Later on, when the settlers came, domesticated pigs contributed to the destruction of the Native American way of life. Pigs also indirectly contributed to the misunderstanding and conflict with settlers. 

The pigs also started eating nuts and seeds, which the Natives depended upon for food. Pigs ate everything: clams, oysters, deer, and even the young animals of indigenous wildlife. Soon the Natives found the forests stripped off everything. 

As a result, they started raising wild boars and pigs and soon became reliant on these animals for food. In their skirmishes with the settlers, natives often hunted and tortured cattle and sheep but never the pigs as they were a source of food.

Pig Eastern Symbolism

The Chinese pig is a symbol of great esteem owing to the value people hold for its flesh. While its diet is closely monitored, it is still allowed to eat offal on the streets. 

The God of Swine is then evoked in the case of Chinese piggy porcine disease. 

The Chinese zodiac pig or the pig (zodiac) is one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. 2019 was the year of the earth pig. 

What does the year of the pig mean? According to the pig Chinese zodiac, 2019 was a year to hold family and friends together, forget the past, and move forward. 

Also, the pig zodiac (sometimes also called Boar) represents one of the most sociable signs. 

pig on the grass

The Chinese pig meaning reflects that pigs were thought of as key components of the household and of the very meaning of “home.” In terms of diet, pork has a very important role in meals. 

Pig good luck charm is seen on bracelets. The Chinese symbol for pig ensures family and business success. As per the Chinese horoscope, a pig is a yin animal. It has hidden agendas. The year of the pig symbol is readily available online and represents wealth. 

You can use the year of the pig traits to bring success in business. The Chinese pig is one of the animals associated with wealth. The boar symbolism in Japan is linked to fertility, courage, abundance, and prosperity.

Pig Christianity symbolism

Pig symbolism in the Bible is found in Matthew 8:32: Go. And when they came out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters. 

What does a pig symbolize in the Bible? The swine of the Bible, in most instances, probably was the wild pig, still common in Palestine. While Canaanite pagans kept herds of swine

Swine in the bible meaning is the pig unholy, unfit for the temple, and an abomination to the gods. What does swine mean in the Bible? Jews can eat crickets and grasshoppers but not pork. 

pig on the grass

The swine or pig is an unholy animal in the Bible. Eating pork is therefore looked down upon. Isaiah 66:3 talks about pigs’ blood given as a sacrifice. In the ancient world, pigs roamed the streets unclean and as dogs did. 

This further increased the biblical symbolism of pig with uncleanliness. Later on, as pigs became domesticated, they started being associated with Gentiles. 

In Prov 11:22, Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout, is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion. There is an incongruous contrast between a beautiful object and an unclean animal.

Pig Celtic Symbolism

The pig in Celtic mythology has been associated with the divine feminine and as a symbol of the great initiator. Ceridwen is the great Celtic pig Goddess. 

Her role as the devourer of the profane can be seen emulated in the function of the pig in Celtic mythology. 

In many Celtic stories, the pigs or swines are given as gifts. However, the hog symbol later became the symbol of food as pork meat was one of the most sought-after meats for feasting. 

The name of the hero Culhwch also means slender or lean pig, and the pig or boar symbol became the primary symbol of hunting and battle. 

swimming pig

Hog symbolism and swine symbolism depictions are seen on Gundestrup cauldrons and on helmets of warriors on horsebacks. Representations of boars were also seen on amulets as good luck charms. 

This was in the hope that the animal’s traits and characteristics such as leadership, strength, speed, warrior spirit, direction, and sheer force would be passed on to the wearer. 

The Celts believed that pigs, boars, and hogs were useful animals when faced with new situations. Celtic King Twrch Trwyth was converted into a boar and retained its qualities of wildness and instinct.

Pig African Symbolism

What does piggy symbolize in the African culture? Pig symbolism is rather complex in Africa. A Makonde girls’ initiation mask ( in Tanzania / Mozambique ) depicts a bush pig as a symbol of transition. 

African Muslims are prohibited from eating pork as the pig is sacred to them. The pig has been recognized as the first plough in Africa. 

In hotter parts of Africa, Madagascar, and desert areas, people hunt and use wild boars and hogs for their meat. In the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, slaves from Africa were kept by Americans on their farms and ranches.

pigs nose

Where the whites enjoyed the ‘better parts of the hogs,’ their scraps were passed on to the slaves. These included feet, neck, ears, tail, and gizzards and intestines. 

Thus, the hog or pig could be the symbol of oppression. In the Tsembaga tribe, the pigs and hogs became symbols of wealth. Tsembaga women raised pigs and fed them sweet potatoes and yams. 

There was a competition between women to raise more and more pigs. As a result, each Tsembaga woman worked harder and harder in the fields so that she could raise more pigs for the next kaiko. In this case, the pigs were definitely symbols of wealth for the clan.

Pig in Dreams

Pig in dream symbolizes arrogance, stubbornness, greed, and uncleanliness. What does a pig mean if you dream of one eating or hogging through garbage? It can mean many things like someone in your circles is living off of you. 

In general, the pig dream meaning also symbolizes a lack of manners. It could be that you are worried you need to brush up on your manners and social skills or that someone you know has pig-like manners. 

Baby pig dream meaning in Chinese culture is good luck and that you will hear good news soon. It can also mean money and wealth. 

pig portrait

Dream interpretation pig can also symbolize some sexual interpretation. If you constantly end up dreaming of pigs, it could indicate some sort of stubborn or obstinate aspect of your inner self. 

Of course, the pigs’ dream meaning changes based on the dreamers’ circumstances. Mostly, pigs in dreams can mean a good catch before a fishing trip. 

Also, the meaning of pigs in dreams can mean chauvinism. Male chauvinistic pig or MCP is a term for an arrogant man. So, the dreams about pigs for a woman can mean someone in her circles is behaving like a MCP.

Pig Encounters and Omens

The pig metaphor symbolizes wealth and good luck in the East. However, in some cultures, pigs are associated with garbage and dirt. 

In many developing nations, you can see pigs scavenging through garbage cans. 

They are carnivorous animals that eat anything and everything. That is why, in many cultures, eating pork is frowned upon.

What does pig mean to the Hindus? Hindus believe that wild boars are symbols of Lord Vishnu. In Europe, wild pigs are considered destroyers of crops. Domesticated pigs are considered auspicious and symbols of good luck.

pig eating grass on the field

In certain ancient traditions, the pig goddess is an omen of fertility. If a pig crosses your path from the left side, it will bring a good omen with it. 

However, when you see one rolling in dried up mud, it is considered an inauspicious omen. When embarking upon a mission or a journey, if a person sees a pig on his/her left side, then the mission or journey will be successful. 

If one sees a pig charging in anger, it symbolizes that the person will deal with some kind of fight or quarrel. If you see a pair of pigs engaged in sexual activity, then it could be the foretelling of you meeting a beloved friend soon.

Pig Mythology and Folklore

Pigs in mythology in China have a story about the Yao people. 

In the Sanjiang and Baise districts, if any one of the Yao people was found to have eaten dog meat by mistake, he would be made to butcher a pig and take a bath in the pig’s blood. 

Then offer the pig as a sacrifice to King Pan. This symbolizes the pig’s ability to purify the human soul. 

According to Hindu Mythology, the pig ( or the wild boar ) is the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. 

Muslims also adore it as a holy animal and many legends and mythological tales depict the pig as holy in the Islamic cultures. 

pig on the grass

Pigs are associated with the Underworld in both northern and southern European myths. 

In Celtic stories, too, the pig has underworld connections: in the tale of Mag Mucrime, magic pigs come or are sent from the gates of the Underworld to ravage the land for 7 years. 

In Greek mythology, pigs are sacred to Demeter and also a symbol of Persephone, who is killed but returns to the earth to ensure fertility. 

In Scandinavian mythology Frejya, the Goddess and her brother Freyr both own pigs. Pig symbols were often seen on amulets, headdresses, capes, weapons, and shields of European heroes.

Pig Spirit Animal

Pig spirit animal sometimes gets a bad press. Pig people may find that others do not always give them credit for the wisdom and qualities they possess. 

If you have been blessed with a wild boar spirit animal, then allow it to nudge you into open – minded, thoughtful dialogues, whether with others or internally, as you mull over ideas and what you have come to understand. 

You are intelligent and capable and you are a survivor. You have a connection with the earth. The spirit animal pig is telling you to stop ruminating over thoughts again and again.

 Instead, use its spirit to get clear wisdom from your inner guides. Let your mind rest now. Let the boar spirit animal allow your intelligence to mingle with the mysteries of intuitive guidance. 

Learn to release and let go of things that no longer serve you. Keep your mind and sight on the divine. 

This will help you improve in all directions and aspects of life: be it your finances, your relationships, and even your career. Pig spirit will protect you from ‘analysis paralysis.’ Once you are aligned with the pig spirit’s keen intelligence, clarity, and focus will aid in decision making.

Pig Totem Animal

The pig totem animal was used (as totem) by the nomarchs of the Lower Delta, but their conquest by Upper Egypt made pigs low – status animals. The pig animal totem does symbolize greed, filth, and arrogance. 

But, it also has some positive aspects: it is the symbol of wealth and fertility. The Europeans prayed to Pig Goddess for treating infertility. People who have pig totem tend to do well in their business, finances, and even in relationships. 

You will find things always going in their favor because they are protected by the pig totem. One of the main aspects of the pig totem people is that they always keep their attention focused on wealth and money.

pig on the grass

They work quite hard to achieve their financial targets. However, they are also greedy and quickly cross the boundaries from having their needs met to wanting more and more. 

Pig totem people also tend to be untidy, filthy, and sometimes, even lazy. They are opportunists and you will find them being present at the right place at the right time. 

Pig and boar totem animals represent people who are sociable, sincere, and have philosophic personalities. You can meditate on your totem animal to seek its wisdom and strength.

Pig Power Animal

The boar symbolism and pig as a power animal stands for fertility and abundance. They are also Chinese zodiac symbols. If your power animal is a pig, then you are highly intelligent, affectionate, generous, and independent. 

You love children and large families. As a parent, you nurture and support your young ones. The pig plays a significant role in Chinese horoscopes. 

People born in the year of the pig are likely to do well in their business. 

They are attracted to wealth and money but will work hard to achieve materialistic goals. However, their love of pleasure also contributes to their becoming big spenders. 

lots of pigs

Pig medicine will help you bring in money and good fortune in your life. The Chinese Zodiac sign of pig represents the most sociable people. They are community-minded and gregarious. 

Their particular and obsessive nature can, however, make them depressed. Call upon the pig power animal to help you unscramble your thoughts and bring more clarity to your thinking. 

To bring more abundance in your life, you can carry a pig charm. You can also call upon your pig power animal when you want to play the role of a leader.- for the pig has immense leadership qualities.

Pig Tattoo Meaning

The pig with wings meaning as tattoos represent the flying pig – a term used to represent something that will never happen. After all, pigs cannot have wings, and they cannot fly. 

The pig head, meaning as a tattoo, on the other hand, means a stubborn person. 

What does a pig represent as a tattoo? You see, pigs in popular culture increased the fame of the animal as tattoos. Also, pigs tattooed on the left foot and/or a rooster on the right would keep a sailor safe at sea. 

This is because, in shipwrecks, when everyone on board died, only a pig and rooster survived. This led to the symbolic pig meaning as that of a savior or a good luck charm for sailors. 

illustration of a pig head

Tattoo of wild boar meaning is linked to Scottish history. Scotts used boar petroglyphs as primitive symbols etched into stone during 736 AD. Thus, tattooed pigs meaning is the strength of warriors.

In Japan, China, and other Oriental nations, pig tattoos represent wealth, fortune, good luck, and blessings. People born in the year of the pig can get the animal tattooed on their personality too. 

What does a flying pig symbolize as a tattoo? It means something that will never occur. This can have a deeper symbolic meaning for the person, such as not wanting something bad or ugly to occur.


What does a pig represent in your life? We hope this guide has clarified pig symbolism, whether you want to know its meaning in dreams or you plan to get a tattoo. In any case, pigs can mean both negative and positive things. They can mean greed and lack of manners but are also the symbols of wealth and good luck.


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