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Coyote Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


Have you been under a lot of stress lately? The coyote symbolism might give you a boost to laugh at yourself or even play a trick on you. So don’t let yourself fooled. Learn about the coyote meaning and how to use this animal’s wisdom for your own benefit.

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Coyote symbolism and meaning

The coyote symbolism is a complicated one, for this animal never confers easy lessons.

It may anger and exhaust you many times, but if you understand its teachings, you will be very grateful in the end, as it taught you through your own experience and made you evolve quickly, on your own feet.

The general symbolic meaning is a jokester, playfulness, adaptability, seeing the truth behind it, a complex and cunning personality, wisdom, and cleverness.

It often represents two sides of the same coin, being a troublesome creature, but a good fortune sign.


It is depicted as having healing and magical powers, and it brings happiness wherever it goes, this being its most curative trait.

It teaches us to find the equilibrium between wisdom and foolishness. The coyote will bring hidden emotions and thoughts to the surface, making you uncomfortable but healing you. 

This spirit animal will lead you through the unexpected, so be careful of what lays ahead, because as said before, the coyote is not a simple teacher. Experiences might not always be as joyful as this animal is.

Coyote Native American symbolism

The coyote in Native American culture has a special place, for it was from this region that it got its name. The Native American coyote symbol is of a stealthy, intelligent, and crafty animal. 

Based on the tribe’s culture, this creature has various meanings. The coyote Indian can represent from a hero of humanity to an arrogant, reckless character.

Coyote medicine is prevalent through the Pueblo tribes. Arikara mythology speaks of a coyote god, Chirich. This deity brings problems to itself, as well as to others with his boastful and lustful behavior. 


This coyote trickster is a character meant to stir laughter and teach about dangerous conduct, as it often gets killed and randomly resurrects.

In the Western parts, the coyote Native American view is more respectful towards it because it is seen as a savior of humans, the spirit that brought them fire and formed the world and civilization. The Native American coyote meaning can also go to the extent of being the god creator.

The Blackfoot tribe sees the coyote as a demigod that created their world and bestows wisdom upon them. The coyote Native American meaning, in this case, is of an older man and older woman that rule over them.

Coyote Eastern Symbolism

What does coyote mean in the Eastern parts? The Korean Jindo dog has a coyote appearance, as it is said to be a breed between this animal and wolves. It is a symbol of bravery and loyalty for this country.

In China and Japan, the white coyote symbolism is complimentary, while the black coyote meaning is evil. Japanese stories have these animals associated with magic and believe them to be shapeshifters.

Eastern folklore portrays a bright but shady coyote character that stirs conflict between his animal friends to distract their attention while eating the prey by himself.


In Hinduism, the coyote symbol appears as a pet owned by deities, one of the most popular ones being Chamunda, a goddess of fig trees and wanderer of cremated realms. 

Shivaduti goddess is represented with a jackal head because of the scripture tale she emerges in the battlefield with hundreds of wild, vicious coyotes.

The cynocephali is a dog or coyote mythology of these animals having a human body. In the Chinese zodiac, the eleventh element is a depiction of this creature.

Coyote Christianity symbolism

Coyote can be a boy’s Christian name, and it’s definition would of a trickster or a smuggler. The coyote’s biblical meaning is found in Isaiah’s paragraph. 

He laments that his Israeli people don’t cherish and embellish him enough with gratitude, gifts, and animal sacrifices. He describes the coyotes and lizards as even them being more thankful to him than the people he chose to bring water to. 

In this context, the coyote’s spiritual meaning is of a poor creature that would not deserve attention or respect otherwise, but that even this insignificant and disgraceful animal is better than his people.


In other mentions throughout the Bible, the coyote’s meaning is of a knowledgeable animal that can avoid any trap and steal other animal’s prey. 

They are team players, as shown when they hunt rabbits, for one is chasing it till it tires out, and the other comes and grabs it.

There is a Christian child’s story of a coyote hunting a cat, in which it lures its prey away from safety step by step so that it could catch and kill it. The meaning of coyotes, in this case, is an analogy to Satan that tempts you away from the righteous path.

Coyote Celtic symbolism

What does a coyote symbolize for the Celts? It is not a very common animal in these parts, but it is associated with dogs and wolves.

The coyote characteristics are found in tales such as the one when a she-wolf nurtured the future king. Coyote wisdom is profoundly respected in this region. 

This animal is considered a guide and helper to humankind. It is also a symbol of keeping yourself grounded and knowing your roots. Some Celtic old coins depict a wolf about to swallow the Moon, which is a sign of the eclipse. 


This jackal spirit animal has both negative and positive meanings. It is seen as a divine creature with magical powers that chases the Sun and Moon and keeps them moving and protects life on Earth.

The coyote spirit guide is present in the Otherworld to accompany the dead, as some believe, while others say it is an emblem of longevity. 

The Celtic god Sucellus is portrayed wearing a wolf pelt or is followed by a dog. Tribes saw the coyote as a free animal that could travel anywhere and whenever, fearing it and, at the same time, admiring it.

Coyote African symbolism

In Egyptian culture, Anubis is the God of death and is illustrated having a jackal or other canine’s head. 

This association could come from the fact that people would bury their dead in a very superficial way in ancient times, which resulted in coyotes surrounding cemeteries and eating corpses.

In Egypt, a coyote myth speaks of this jackal carrying baby Horus on it’s back to pass him over water. As a representation of the Sun, Horus burned the coyote’s back, and it is believed that this is why it has black stripes on it’s back today. 


On the other hand, the Kung people believe that this coyote sign was gained for its habit of eating the dead.

In Ethiopia, folklore describes a conflict between humans and coyotes born from the fact that Noah initially denied their boarding before the Great Flood, believing that they were a worthless form of life.

An African tale narrates a hunting spree on which a lion and a coyote went. Because the lion was a better hunter, the coyote offered to carry and prepare their families’ meat. Upon return, the symbols of trickery were laid out as the lion finds his family dying of hunger. The clever coyote hides on a cliff and kills the lion in the end.

Coyote in dreams

What does it mean when you see a coyote in your dreams? Dreams about coyotes signify a profit you will gain from other’s misery.

What does it mean when a coyote is barking? The coyote howl meaning is of the dissatisfaction of your relatives towards you. The dead coyote meaning is of cleverness on your behalf and good results that will come along.

The red coyote animal is a sign of freedom, of discovering new things about yourself and your relationships. On the other hand, the white coyote meaning is a helpful indicator that God is giving you.


The coyote symbolism in dreams might also be of a thief, trickster, or a dangerous situation awaiting you. Even so, the dream about coyotes doesn’t have to be all negative. 

This animal could be a symbol of the balance and wisdom needed in life. Others consider it a creative, sacred power, coyote magic.

What does seeing a coyote mean if it’s playfully lurking you? Be on the watch to what your spouse is up to, as they might be enjoying extra-conjugal relationships, or maybe your boss is lying and leading you on.

Coyote encounters and omens

What does it mean when a coyote crosses your path? This coyote sighting meaning speaks of the worries you should let go of and start anew and take pleasure in the things you do.

Seeing a coyote during the day is somewhat unusual, so don’t miss this message that the spirit world is sending you. 

The coyote energy is messaging you to laugh more and take life less seriously, even laugh at yourself and never forget about karma, because what goes around always comes back around.

A coyote omen urges you to turn around and go back home if you see a coyote on your way. Otherwise, you face great danger.


What does it mean to see a coyote? It works as a mirror for you. 

The coyote is playful and tricky at the same time, not taking life too seriously. It’s time your work pays off with a vacation you might have been avoiding or postponing along with loved ones.

Even if it’s an object, an encounter with this animal could suggest that you need to overview your behavior towards others and build strong partnerships to evolve.

Coyote mythology and folklore

In Navajo mythology, the coyote spirit is summoned in ceremonies destined to heal a tribe member that caught the “coyote illness” by witnessing or killing this animal.

Maidu myth describes the Earth Maker creating the world and the people and a coyote that afterward inserts evil into it. 

The Maker commands the destruction of the coyote trickster god, but he recognizes the animal’s equal power as they fail to do so.

A Shasta Indian tale presents the coyote spirit animal as being the one to shorten the 10-month long winter by physical combat with the Moon. 


The creature defeats 5 of them and thus helps the people escape half of the months of cold. A Zuni legend, on the other hand, depicts the coyote on the other side of this story. 

The coyote steals the Moon and the Sun along with an eagle, placing them in a box. Because of his curiosity, the coyote opens the container, and the stars escape bringing winter into the world.

In Aztec mythology, we can find the coyote god of mischief, music, dance, Huehuecoyotl, a lustful character, and womanizer. He brought war to Earth by seducing the goddess of fertility and prostitutes, Xochiquetzal.

Coyote spirit animal

The spirit animal coyote makes itself present when we need protection through harmless deceit or when we need to let our barriers down. 

Or maybe life has become too gloomy, Ifou of the good things in life and how to enjoy them.

The coyote spirit animal meaning, if you were born with it, the coyote spirit animal meaning is that you are a joyful person and know how to pass through difficult times with a smile on your face.

Your coyote personality makes you funny and adaptable to any situation and any crowd. 

People are delighted with your presence and seek your companionship. Even so, you do not trust just anyone and feel at your best between family and close friends.

Others may think you do not take life seriously because of your humorous nature, but you envision life as a sacred path that can be walked only by being cunning, having wisdom, and sometimes by playing tricks on others. 

Coyote traits make you consider karma and restrain from harming jokes. Love, devotion, and caring for their offspring are the best of the coyote personality traits.

Coyote totem animal

The coyote totem helps the owner adapt quickly to stressful situations and find his playful, childish side by enticing him to make tricky jokes on others.

The coyote animal totem is for those that want to forget about their worries and live in the present moment alongside the most important people in your life, your family. Children will suddenly approach you as they love your joyful nature and energy. 

Being so full of life, you will feel even more refreshed around them. Worries about what others think will vanish, and you will live your life the way it was intended and thus evolve spiritually and in every way, really fast.


The coyote tooth meaning if it’s a necklace is of bringing that animal’s energy to its fullest in your life, and it is a symbol of balance and happiness. 

When negative thoughts and energies have overwhelmed you and made you forget what life is really about, this is the coyote totem meaning.

Create yourself a coyote totem pole and be ready for a total transformation. Being an adult doesn’t mean killing your inner child because that would mean killing your soul and living like an emotionless robot.

Coyote power animal

Another way in which you can enjoy this animal’s traits is by inviting the coyote power animal in your spirit. 

Happiness will be a part of you, and it will help you suppress negative ideas and relax. The coyote will break your negative cycle by changing your mindset to a lively tune. Say hi to your inner child and learn to enjoy all the little things again.

But aside from the playfulness, the coyote will teach you how to be cunning and shapeshift as this animal does when facing trouble. Despite its foolish ways, the coyote is full of wisdom and very intelligent and should never be underestimated.


The coyote medicine card describes this animal as a spirit that alerts your mind to wake you up and make you aware of your actions, whether they are your own or just programmed behaviors. 

He is not an easy teacher, for he pushes you to think and come to your own conclusions based on what information he is offering you, thus forcing you to grow and evolve this way quickly. 

His deceiving way of passing knowledge comes with a price through the experiences you carry out.

Coyote tattoo meaning

A howling coyote tattoo with a Moon is a symbol of power, knowledge, and healing one’s self. The tribal coyote tattoo comes from Native American cultures and is a rugged charm to have illustrated on your skin. 

Its significance is of a spiritual connection to your wild side, and it is said to bestow speed, intelligence, and well-developed survival instincts. The cartoon coyote tattoo is a reminder of this character’s ambition, strength, and intelligence. 

Although he is depicted as an evil scoundrel, he made our childhoods full of laughter and joy through his trifle style and silly adventures. Its symbolic meaning is of the inner child who wants to play and be a trickster.

A wildly running coyote with its teeth showing tattoo meaning is a healthy sexual drive, a womanizer, fertility, and is most common amongst men.

A coyote wearing a wolf pet on its head symbolizes the animal’s wisdom and intelligence, energy, that becomes part of the one that gets this image tattooed.

The half-faced coyote, a half-faced skeleton with a Moon on the sky, represents the spiritual connection the person has to the Otherworld, or it is a symbol of grievance after a loved one, a way to connect to the one that has passed.


Having the coyote present in your life will make you resourceful and expand your creative and magical perspectives. But, as we have seen, to implement this animal’s energy, we need to pay close attention and learn from its playful and deceiving teachings. It is the parent that bestows knowledge through experience.


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