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Horse Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


One of the most present figures in various cultures is horse symbolism. From a straightforward omen to an actual emblem of war, the horse symbol is present in most parts of the world. Understanding this phenomenon is crucial since we will encounter the horse spirit in many moments of our lives, and we must catch its message.

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Horse symbolism and meaning

The main symbols that depict the horse are courage and freedom. This majestic animal is a being of power, independence, freedom, nobleness, endurance, confidence, triumph, heroism, and competition.

The horse is an essential part of history, mythology, and folklore as it was man’s most loyal companion in battle. People revered them almost and even as actual deities. 

On many occasions, horses would enjoy more respect and better life than a human being because of their noble nature, the wealth and power that they brought to their owner, and the loyalty this animal is capable of.


As the horse helped men travel long ago, its spirit aids us in discovering the world around us and the universe within ourselves. 

This wild creature motivates us to move forward, succeed in our ventures, and become the best version we can become. 

If tamed, this animal symbolizes your control over your primarily urges, such as sexual appetites. 

As a wild animal, the horse is inclined to a promiscuous life, but if tamed, then this animal is an example of loyal, trusting, and mature relationships. (1)

Horse Native American symbolism

What does a horse symbolize in American culture? This animal was considered a spiritual being. Native American horse symbol represented freedom and was their token of war. 

Tribes that had the most horses were also the ones to win the battles. The horse meaning was of great wealth as well for those who owned the most.

The blue horse Native American symbolism speaks of a chieftain from the Oglala Lakota tribe that saved white people in distress, even though he battled the white ruling men for over 50 years. 


The blue horse symbolism is born from the first horse that the Indians could catch and ride. This horse spirit animal was depicted as a clan animal, and it gave life to tribal dances.

Native Americans viewed this animal as a symbol of motility, strength, power, and stamina and had a deep respect for it. 

Upon seeing it the first time, they even considered it some deity, calling it the God Dog or the Big Dog. 

Indians that rode them were believed to have divine power, and it was a custom to paint the horse to increase its magical powers.

Horse Eastern Symbolism

What does a horse symbolize in Japanese culture? People thought of the horse as a spirit animal, a divine being, and believed that the Gods entered the world ridding them.

White horse mythology in China depicts this animal bringing the Buddhist sutras for the first time, thus introducing this religion in these Eastern parts. The spiritual meaning of a horse was considered to be of courage, integrity, perseverance, and power.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the symbolism of horses is powerful as it conveys a spirit full of nobleness, faithfulness, and without a match. 


This devoted animal was a companion to man both in good times and in battle and is an emblem of justice, a hero that eliminates the evil out of this world. People governed by this sign are social and friendly with an ethical sense that pushes them to be honest and reliable.

The symbolism of horse in Chinese mythology illustrates this creature as a half-horse, half-dragon, with the power to fly.

Horse head symbolism has its origins in a myth regarding sericulture, which is about a girl that promised a horse to marry it in exchange for bringing her father back from war. Upon returning, the man killed it. The remaining hide flew on the girl on the day and transformed her into a silkworm. (2)

Horse Christianity symbolism

What does a horse symbolize in the Bible? Well, it depends on its color.

White horse symbolism is present in the Bible as a sign of death. The black horse’s meaning is the same with an addition of evil and destructive characteristics. 

But black horse symbolism combined with the symbolism of a white horse is an image of both life and death.

As a more positive view, horse significance is described in the Bible through courage, speed, nobleness, generosity, and even resurrection.


But what does a white horse symbolize in the book of Revelations? It is believed that Jesus will return riding a white horse, which is a representation of Him coming back to bestow His justice upon the evil in the world. 

The animal is a figure of purity and holiness. In the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the red horse symbol is carrying the creator of war. 

The white horse’s meaning is of Conquest, and its owner is either Christ or the Antichrist.  The black horse is a symbol of Famine, and the fourth one is green and signifies death. They were sent to Earth to install the final judgment. (3)

Horse Celtic symbolism

Stallion symbolism manifests strongly amidst the Celts. For them, this horsepower animal is envisioned as their first, but not only, deity and was a symbol of the Sun. 

Goddess Epona, the horse-mother, represents their beloved war deity that used to be worshiped all across Rome.

Celtic druids had a ritual in which the one that would be named king slept inside the skin of a sacrificed horse. Throughout Ireland and Scotland, there is a tale that describes a fairy called the Pooka horse that drew travelers to their death.


In the Celtic zodiac, the horse symbol meaning identifies people that love attention, being admired, and have a noble stature. 

They are men of action, whether good or bad and are born leaders but can be a good team worker as well. 

Courage never leaves them, and they are capable of doing world-changing deeds. Horses’ symbolism consists of traits such as ambition, creativeness, affection, influence, challenge, and expressiveness. 

Horse governed people have a natural attraction toward sports and have a fit body. Even though they are portrayed as arrogant, the truth is that they are caring and soft hearted with a strong capability of sharing the love. (4)

Horse African symbolism

What is the spiritual meaning of horses in the Egyptian vision? It is not far from the general opinion and is also seen as a symbol of confidence, nobleness, and fortitude. 

These animals were never used for working in the fields. The horse’s spiritual meaning was of heroism, battle, and victory. 

They were so respected that in ancient times, Rameses the second chose to dine with the horses instead of his officers because he considered the animals to be nobler.


Horses were rare in these parts, and only the wealthy could afford to keep them, as they were fed with the best of foods, treated with reverence, excellent barns, and given names.

In the Northwest of Africa, there is a traditional exposition of men riding horses that is common during festivals and weddings. 

It is called Fantasia, and it consists of an ensemble of men wearing traditional clothing, galloping synchronously, and firing arms. 

This spectacle is seen as being similar to martial arts and is a symbol of the deep interconnection between the owner and his horse. In Guinea, there is a custom to cut the horse’s tail and make an offering to have a good harvest. (5)

Horse in dreams

Dreams about horses can have various meanings depending on the action or color it involves. A white horse running might appear in your night visions when you are loved, and partying, wealth, and success will soon approach you. 

The white stallion meaning embodies a deep love affair but a beautiful life nonetheless. Many horses in dreams are a sign of a peaceful marriage. 

Then what does a black horse symbolize? You’re in luck because you’ll have a wealthy, beautiful wife, or maybe you will receive exciting news. On the other hand, the black horse in a dream might represent unrequited love. 


The brown horse dream meaning speaks of ascension in your career, thanks to an influential person. The brown horse symbolism could have a negative aspect as well, and it might mean that you are going through difficult times.

But what does a horse symbolize in a dream regarding its actions? The dream of riding a horse is a sign of independence, fornication, and maybe even having an unavailable lover.

The dream about horses in which there is a lonely animal means you will meet an ill-intended person. The horse dream, meaning in which you are hit by it, is a sign that you might be struck by luck soon.

Horse encounters and omens

It is said to be unlucky to rename your horse. The meaning of a white horse encounter might be of death to some but a moment to make a wish to others.

For good luck and keeping evil spirits away, you should hand a horseshoe at your door, but be careful to position it with it’s pointing up so that the luck gathers inside and not splatters away.

Horsehair was believed to have had healing powers. It could cure worm infestation and even cancer if ingested.


The horse face meaning is of good luck if there is a star present on its forehead. Another way to bring luck to your life or your marriage is by seeing a grey horse on your wedding day.

Finding yourself in horse poop is a smart way of achieving fortune. What does a horse represent if it’s back is facing a bush? Beware because a storm is coming. 

And what do horses symbolize if they’re neighbors outside? Watch the health of your household because it is not a good sign.The hair of a white horse’s significance is of healing warts by strangling them with it.

Horse mythology and folklore

In Greek mythology, there is the famous Pegasus, a divine horse with wings. His mission was to carry thunderbolts to Zeus. It had the magical power to make water burst from wherever it hit with its hoof.

Another mythological creature born from the same region is the Centaurus. It was a beast composed of half-human and half horse. Its reputation was of violating women, drinking, and destroying everything in their way. Zeus used them to punish his enemies and humankind.

horse statue

The legendary unicorn is another worth mentioning symbol. His origins are the same as the others, and its representation is of a horse with a horn in its forehead. 

The wild horse meaning is about purity, as this animal would only be found in the presence of virgins. The horn is believed to have had healing powers.

We have spoken of the Greeks, but what do horses represent in Hindu mythology? Krishna, the messenger of god Vishnu, killed a demon horse by the name of Keshi in a duel. This Luciferian being is described as killing unborn children, having great speed, and an enormous horse body. (6)

Horse spirit animal

What does it mean when horses follow you? If this spirit animal is chasing you, then be aware of the information it is trying to pass unto you. 

The horse spirit guide indicates that you might be wasting your energies on other’s problems instead of your own and thus losing your power and freedom.

Nonetheless, what is the spiritual meaning of a horse? The horse as a spirit animal is here to teach you to have confidence and have the courage to dive in and discover yourself.

People that have this spirit animal within are very social and friendly and are beloved by those around them. 

They are very competitive and will stop at nothing until they reach their victory. The wild horses meaning applies to them as they cannot be pushed around at someone’s whim for they were born natural leaders. 

Even so, this makes them move people away sometimes because of their almost obsession with freedom and individuality. Horse governed persons also tend to a promiscuous life.

If you find yourself in a troublesome situation, do not hesitate to call your spirit animal. It can aid when you require strength or, on the contrary, when you should be reminded that you have your human limitations. (7)

Horse totem animal

The golden horse totem is a symbol of the Sun and deep spirituality. It helps the owner trust his inner resources and pushes him to act.

The black and white horse totem illustrates dualism and hesitation but can be used to bring balance to your soul. The white horse psychological meaning is of knowledge, faith, spiritual growth, and intellectualism.

The black horse totem is an emblem of death and rebirth. Its purpose is to aid you in leaving unnecessary things behind and showing you new opportunities that await. For this, it is required to take a risk and have faith.


The grey horse totem is a reminder that any troubling issue you will find it’s resolved. The key is to have an honest chat with yourself.

The roan horse animal totem is used as a kick forward, as it speaks of self-input limitations that must be cleared if any advancement is desired.

The bay horse totem pole helps you have a slow but sure path toward success.

The horse medicine totem brings it’s owner healing and cleanses his body, mind, and spirit. It helps in leaving negative thoughts in the past and having a much brighter vision of the present and future. The horse wisdom aids you in connecting with your soul, intuition, and senses.

Horse power animal

This power animal’s mission is to aid you in embracing the strength within yourself. It’s energy influences your perspective and helps you join spiritually with the Earth. 

The presence of horsepower will deepen your noble and honorable feelings, making you wild and even hard to control sometimes because of the independence and heroic like nature it instills.

If the horse medicine card appears, it will affect you in a way that you will let your guard down and be who you are, without any fear. 


You will become conscious of the fact that a spiritual force is behind you and keeping you safe always. Courage and faith will define your soul, and you will never feel alone.

This power animal is a kick forward for those that want to attain a healthy body, mind, and soul. It will increase self-love and assist you in overriding past traumas. 

With its essence, you can connect with your fears and overcome these obstacles, experiencing these feelings in a healthy and controlled way.

Let this power animal pour light over your darkest corners and feel it’s strength and wild courage by invoking its spirit. (8)

Horse tattoo meaning

What does a horse symbolize in the tattoo industry? Well, there is the idea of horsepower when it comes to cars, and it is a symbol of speed and power.

The winged horse tattoo is a representation of Pegasus, earlier mentioned, and is a symbol of bravery and power as well, but also of wisdom and fame, poetry, and, more recently, of creativity and freedom of thought.

In the Celtic horse tattoo, there are their famous knots present either in the animal’s hair or other body parts, and it portrays power and triumph.

Tribal horse tattoos can be an actual totem illustrated on your body, and it speaks of the link between the animal and its owner.

Horseshoe tattoos are a sure way to have good luck and prosperity present everywhere you go, so don’t hesitate to visit the salon before you buy a lottery ticket.

Flaming horse tattoo is an image of a horse or a horse’s tail on fire. Its message is of power, strength, and the wild nature of the beast.

The placement of the tattoo can be anywhere, as it has positive energy nonetheless. (9)


The horse spirit animal is an energy that everyone needs at any moment during life. It is the vigor that makes us progress and reaches the best version of ourselves, so make sure that regardless of what animal spirit lies within, you also call the horse to guide you.


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