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Grosbeak Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Grosbeak on twig

Grosbeaks are stout songbirds with large conical bills. Although all grosbeaks share these traits, some of them are true finches while others belong to the cardinal family. (1) Grosbeaks are very showy birds that come in an array of impressive colors. They are frequent bird feeder visitors and are easily recognizable by their namesake. Their oversized sturdy bills are specially adapted for eating the seeds and fruit that make up the grosbeak’s diet. In this way, grosbeaks can be thought of as the “multi-tools” of the songbird realm. They eat a wide variety of foods, live in a variety of climates, and are generally hearty and unflappable.

Grosbeaks are a diverse group, but all of them are beloved by bird watchers and nature lovers. If the grosbeak has a significant role in your life, then this bird may have a unique message in store for you. Symbolic of many things, including faith, adaptability, romance, and good news; the grosbeak is an endless source of wisdom. Like all birds, grosbeaks teach us to appreciate the beauty and blessings of the natural world.

Whether you enjoy the distinctive songs and calls of the grosbeak, their vibrant plumage, or if you feel a spiritual pull towards these gorgeous animals, read on to discover the meanings that the grosbeak has in store! Also, be sure to check out our articles about the closest relatives of the grosbeaks, cardinals and finches.

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Grosbeak Symbolism and Meaning

Grosbeaks can symbolize many different things depending on the context and the individual species.

Grosbeaks are often recognized by their songs and calls. Some grosbeaks have regular warbling songs that birders treasure. Other grosbeaks, however, only issue irregular songs, sharp calls, and buzzy chirps. (2) Because of their range of songs and calls, grosbeaks are often associated with communication and joy.

For many of the most vibrant grosbeak species, such as the Rose-breasted Grosbeak, the males are the much more colorful sex. Often, the females of the species are an understated brown color. This is called “sexual dimorphism.” (3) Sexual dimorphism as a trait represents balance, romance, and the strength of a stable relationship. Although differences between the sexes may be present, both are completely necessary to further the success of the species. In this way, grosbeaks can represent how relationships consist of two unique individuals who must cooperate in order to build a life together.

Additionally, grosbeaks can represent the value of adaptability. Their specialized bills are the grosbeak’s most instantly recognizable trait. These bills are the result of years and years of grosbeaks adapting a stronger and stronger bill to suit their specific diets.

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Grosbeak Native American Symbolism

In Native American traditions, myths that focus specifically on grosbeaks are difficult to find. The grosbeak, however, can be connected with its closest relatives: the true finches and the cardinal.

In many Native traditions, the cardinal or “red bird” is associated with messages. The presence of a cardinal could signify good news to come. Alternatively, a visit from the red bird could indicate that death approaches, since this bird was said to deliver souls to the afterlife. Thus, Native American traditions would associate the grosbeak with messages, communication, and the afterlife. (4) In some stories, the cardinal was considered to be the daughter of the sun. (5) The bright red and gold colors of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak and the Evening Grosbeak align nicely with this symbolic meaning.

Finches are also associated with the sun in certain Native American traditions.

Grosbeak Christianity Symbolism

Evening Grosbeaks
Photo by Sandi Mager on Unsplash

In Christian symbolism, the cardinal is associated with rebirth, resurrection, and faith. This meaning is shared by the related grosbeak.

Additionally, the grosbeaks which belong to the finch family could be associated with empathy and sacrifice.

Grosbeak Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic mythology, birds of all kinds are connected with the spirit world. This is especially true for birds with unusual or flashy colorations. In Celtic myths, brightly colored birds are often associated with fairies and the otherworld. Grosbeaks are an excellent example of this.

Grosbeak in Dreams

Dreaming of a grosbeak is a surefire sign that this songbird has some wisdom in store for you.

Dreams in which grosbeaks can be heard calling or singing often represent expression or creativity. Such a dream can mean that the dreamer has a message to share that they’ve been holding back. If you dream of a singing grosbeak, try to listen closely to your inner voice, and be sure to share your truth out loud. True allies will be excited to hear what you have to say.

In addition, grosbeaks in dreams can signify the arrival of good news in the near future. Dreams in which a grosbeak visits one’s home are especially strong indicators of this. Dreaming of a visiting grosbeak is often a great sign that some joyful news is headed your way.

Dreaming of an Evening Grosbeak, with its gold-colored plumage, is a sign that wealth and good fortune lie in your future. Such a dream can be interpreted similarly to a dream containing a goldfinch. These dreams are often a sign that financial decisions you have made are about to pay off.

Grosbeak Encounters and Omens

Encounters with grosbeaks often hold meanings that are similar to those found in grosbeak dreams. That is to say that, like grosbeak dreams, grosbeak encounters often imply good news or success in the near future.

Encountering a grosbeak may indicate trustworthiness. If a grosbeak chooses to visit your home or allow you to admire its plumage up close, this may be a sign that the bird has sensed that you are gentle and trustworthy enough to approach. With many up close bird encounters, one of the greatest takeaways is that when we are kind and gentle towards the natural world, we are repaid with cherished opportunities to enjoy its beauty.

A grosbeak encounter may also have something to do with gratitude. Grosbeaks come in a vast range of colors and perform a number of cheerful songs. In some cases, these birds may appear simply to multiply the joy of those who observe them, and to remind us that we all have something to be grateful for; even if it’s only the opportunity to admire a visiting grosbeak.

Finally, because grosbeaks are often associated with messages, faith, and the afterlife, a grosbeak encounter may be a reminder of the continuing love and protection of a loved one who has passed on. Grosbeaks are sometimes thought of as messengers or deliverers of souls to the afterlife. Encountering a grosbeak after suffering the loss of a loved one can be a reminder that the grief of loss does not last forever.

Close up Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

Grosbeak in Mythology & Folklore

There is very little folklore or mythology that features grosbeaks specifically. In order to determine their mythological meanings, we must examine myths and stories featuring similar and related birds.

Native American Mythology:

One Native American myth explains how the related cardinal got his colors:

A Raccoon passing a Wolf one day made several insulting remarks, until at last the Wolf became angry and turned and chased him. The Raccoon ran his best and managed to reach a tree by the river side before the Wolf came up. He climbed the tree and stretched out on a limb overhanging the water. When the Wolf arrived he saw the reflection in the water, and thinking it was the Raccoon he jumped at it and was nearly drowned before he could scramble out again, all wet and dripping. He lay down on the bank to dry and fell asleep, and while he was sleeping the Raccoon came down the tree and plastered his eyes with dung. When the Wolf awoke he found he could not open his eyes, and began to whine. Along came a little brown bird through the bushes and heard the Wolf crying and asked what was the matter. The Wolf told his story and said, “If you will get my eyes open, I will show you where to find some nice red paint to paint yourself.” “All right,” said the brown bird; so he pecked at the Wolf’s eyes until he got off all the plaster. Then the Wolf took him to a rock that had streaks of bright red paint running through it, and the little bird painted himself with it, and has ever since been a Redbird. (6)

This story is actually exceptionally similar to another narrative describing how the finch got its color. Both finches and cardinals are close relatives of the grosbeak.

Greek Mythology:

In Greek mythology, the finch appears in the myth of a woman named Acanthis. Ancanthis was the daughter of Autonous and Hippodamia, and sister to Anthus, Erodius, and Schoenous. When Acanthis’s brother, Anthus, is killed by their father’s horses, she is consumed with grief. The gods, pitying Acanthis, transform her into a finch to free her from the anguish of her grief. (7)

Although not all grosbeaks are strictly finches, the association between grosbeaks and the afterlife aligns well with their roles as messengers and psychopomps.

Grosbeak Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the grosbeak represents growth, insight, empathy, communication, and vulnerability. People with this spirit animal are kind and outgoing types who crave opportunities to express themselves creatively.

People with the grosbeak as their spirit animal tend to be artistic and expressive. They are often the type of people who feel most comfortable when their appearance conveys their tastes. They may enjoy doing things like dying their hair in unique colors, tattooing their skin, or displaying unique and showy fashion choices.

People with the grosbeak spirit animal are often easy-going and great at rolling with the punches. Because of this, they may feel taken advantage of by individuals who mistake a laid back attitude for an easy target. Because of this, people with the grosbeak as their spirit animal value honesty very highly. Although they are certainly extroverted, people with this spirit animal do not trust easily and often maintain a select few close relationships.

Grosbeak Totem Animal

The grosbeak totem animal represents healing. Like the highly adaptable grosbeak spirit animal, the grosbeak totem animal is not easily trusting. Fortunately, though, once a trusting relationship has been earned, people with the grosbeak totem animal can heal from past wounds beautifully and often use their experience to help heal others.

Grosbeak in Winter
Photo by Zachary Beckman on Unsplash

At the core of the grosbeak totem animal is an ongoing struggle between faith and trust, and shrewdness. Individuals with this totem animal desperately want to see the best in people but continue to fear getting hurt. For this reason, though they are outgoing, they have a tendency to retreat into their work, passions, or creative pursuits.

Grosbeak Power Animal

The power of the grosbeak is timing. People with the grosbeak as their power animal may feel impatient or hasty, but the guiding force of the grosbeak ensures that everything will happen when the time is most right for it.

What may look like a streak of bad luck may, for an individual with the grosbeak power animal, actually be a storm that precedes a rainbow of blessings. Furthermore, the power of timing is such that people with the grosbeak as their power animal tend to be able to grow consistently without stagnating.

This may not seem like much, but consistent growth and self improvement is one of the most difficult and rewarding things that a person can achieve.

Grosbeak Tattoo Meaning

A grosbeak tattoo can symbolize a number of things depending upon the wearer and the content of the tattoo.

As stated above, people with the grosbeak spirit animal are all about artistic expression. One might get a grosbeak tattoo as a manifestation of their love for creativity.

A grosbeak tattoo may also represent the ability to adapt to challenges. Like the grosbeak’s conical bill, someone with this tattoo may be expressing their readiness to meet any challenge that comes their way.


The grosbeak may not be the most unique or memorable member of the avian class, but it is certainly a valuable and enriching addition to the natural landscape. Cheerful, colorful, and plucky; what more could anybody want from a bird.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

What’s most interesting about grosbeaks, at least according to this author, is their differences. Each species of grosbeak has its own unique traits, behaviors, markings, and sometimes even family. A few species of grosbeak are even considered to be more closely related to tanagers! Finding similar characteristics between all of these birds has been a challenge. Fortunately, grosbeaks have given me a pretty big hint as to what their common ground might be. Hint: It’s the beak. Yes, the trait that grosbeaks all seem to share is an impressive conical bill that can tackle any meal they need it to. If the grosbeak has any message for mankind, perhaps it is simply to celebrate your strengths. What one might call “gros” another might call beautiful!

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