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Falcon Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

falcon flying

Falcon symbolism made its presence into your life at the moment when a great opportunity has come about. Please open your eyes and be careful not to miss this sign, as you must take action immediately. Learn about this animal and take advantage of the message it is sending.

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Falcon Symbolism and Meaning

The falcon symbolism is a contradictory one, for it means death and evil, and at the same time, it is a symbol of the Sun, of vitality. 

As king of the predatory birds in Ancient Egypt, it is a sacred bird that represents the Horus god, as well as many other deities. At first, Christians thought it was a sign of evil, while others saw it as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. 

For the Greeks, the falcon was Apollo’s messenger, and it was sacred for wizards. For Celts, the falcon is a symbol of victory. It was the Scandinavian God Odin’s appearance and Freyja power.

falcon flying

The Chinese see it as a symbol of the Sun and the representation of war, and the Polish consider it a prophetic bird with magical powers.

Falcon spirit is the awakening of your mind, keeping you vigilant and transforming for the better. 

It is the push you need to take action and seize the opportunities. If this animal is present in your life, then be sure of the fact that you will succeed in everything you put your mind to.

The falcon is associated with agility, ascension, determination, aspiration, focus, grace, mental speed and power, prophecy, freedom, swiftness, purpose, movement, and healing.

Falcon Native American Symbolism

What does the falcon symbolize in Native American culture? They are an emblem of power, strength, and courage.

In the Cheyenne people, the falcon meaning is of protection, sheltering the people from rivals and the ill-intended and is also an omen of danger. 

There is a legend in this tribe of a race between the buffalo and the falcon. The winner would eat the other. Being the fastest, the Native American falcon wins and thus protects the people from the buffaloes used to eat them. 

falcon portrait

From this day on, the Cheyenne hunts the buffaloes but never eats their chests, as it is believed that there lies the place where the wild animals hid human flesh for the last time and at the same time, they cherish the birds and never eat falcons.

A tribe like Chippewa, Hopi have the falcon sign as a clan animal. The legend of the White Falcon bird meaning is of a warrior that stole a young spirit woman that bore his child. 

Because his wife wasn’t happy in the human realm, he let her go back and present their son to her father. She returned after the boy grew and asked the man to bring parts of animals to the sky and live with her. In the end, they were turned into white falcons and lived happily ever after. (1)

Falcon Eastern Symbolism

The Asians envision the symbolism of the falcon as a sign of nobility, bravery, and power.

In Feng Shui, it is utilized in bringing success and moving forward with one’s plans. If it’s sitting on a pile of coins, then it will aid you in keeping conflicts between generations away or juridical conflicts and protects children from ill-intended people.

In Japan, the falcon symbol is good luck and wealth and was seen as bright and healthy. The word “hawk” literally signifies the ability to remain calm and act without fear or complete relaxation. 

falcon flying

In the past, the Falcons’ meaning was of a generous person that never dwells in the insignificant things in life.

Japanese admire these birds and dream of flying freely like them, depicting the falcon in illustrations and kites as a symbol of the heart.

In a Korean legend, Habaek, the God of Amnok River, challenges his daughter’s husband to an animal transformation duel to marry her without his consent. One of the animals in which the son-in-law transfigures is the falcon, defeating his rival.

Falcon Christianity symbolism

What do falcons represent in the Bible? The meaning of falcon is of an unclean and evil animal, for it preys on others and should not be eaten. The Scriptures call them an abomination.

In Job’s paragraph, he is searching for wisdom and praises the falcons for their superiority in eyesight, and yet not even this creature can find all that is hidden. There is also an association made between this bird and the natural laws of the Earth.

The spiritual meaning of falcon also appears as a personal transformation by denying your old self and becoming a better person or converting to Christianity.

falcon flying

 It is a symbol of intuition, wisdom, awakening, and spiritual enlightenment. The positive and negative aspect of it come from the idea that the evil one preys on others. 

The good one is the domesticated version, the falcon that no longer hurts others and is spiritually elevated, also a symbol present near the Three Magi.

In other paragraphs, falcon symbolism in the Bible is an analogy to freedom, escaping the master’s grip and releasing yourself, spiritual salvation. Kestrel’s symbolism in Isaiah’s books is fidelity and caring for your family, as these birds are monogamous. (2)

Falcon Celtic Symbolism

In the Celtic Zodiac, the falcon represents a visual person, with great insight and intuition. If you were born under this sign, you have big projects and high expectations from yourself and your life. 

Idealism and a philosophical view of things are significant characteristics in your personality. Your curiosity makes you a walking encyclopedia and grants you a clear picture of things. Exploration is a necessity, and your general knowledge is a vast one.

Celtic folklore speaks of the peregrine falcon symbolism as an omen to being careful and keeping your eyes open to possible dangers.

falcon flying

It is considered a spirit that travels between worlds and brings messages from the other side. This information was usually what a person should change in his life, or linger upon.

A Celtic falcon story describes the conversation between this bird and a human that took many animals’ shapes throughout his long life. They confess their doings, achievements in battles, and what they went through, while only the falcon observes him across time. 

In this story, the falcon bird’s meaning is of a vicious predator that has a spiritual epiphany before death and seeks forgiveness from the human, wishing to go to heaven the next day. (3)

Falcon African Symbolism

Falcon symbols in Egypt are frequently used as they are the country’s emblem through the most critical deity they have. 

Horus is the God of justice and order, represented with a falcon’s head, for he defeated Seth, the God of death, and also to kill his father. It is said that every Pharaoh was the reincarnation of this deity.

The Egyptian falcon meaning is of a divine leader and protector of the king and the skies. For this, it is also used by airplane companies. Khonsu, the Egyptian God of the Moon, is also depicted with a falcon’s head and is linked to Horus. 


The hawk’s eyesight is associated with watching over those that travel during the night and is in charge of the Moon’s rotations. The falcon symbol’s meaning is also of fertility and healing.

A Nigerian folktale illustrates a falcon that had to choose what animal he would prey on. He picks a baby owl but is advised to take it back because the parents did not react when losing their offspring. 

He then hunts a baby chicken and is faced with a racket. In this story, the peregrine falcon meaning is to be careful of those that are silent when hurt, for they are the most dangerous and will attack from the dark. (4)

Falcon in Dreams

What does a falcon symbolize in dreams? A falcon dream suggests the necessity of seeing things in a different light.

A baby kestrel falcon dream is a sign of prosperity if you pay close attention to your work. If the bird is caged, it means you need to entertain yourself more, escape from the mundane life.

A dead falcon is a symbol of the defeated rival, and it implies it is the time to heal. If the bird flies over your head, then the falcon spirit message is cautious towards your enemies that might attack soon.

falcon flying

If you catch the hawk, then get ready for some soon to come, delightful events. If you dream of a black falcon or talk to you, you must take action and change something, for it is a sign that you will not succeed.

If the hawk is out hunting and catches prey, you also are in good luck and soon receive money. A flying falcon means you will find new solutions to improve your businesses. If it’s not flying, the disappointments await you. 

If it’s flying from right to left, then your luck is about to finish, you will lose the advantage you have over others. But if it’s flying in the opposite direction, you’ll have success.

Falcon Encounters and Omens

What does seeing a falcon mean when it comes to omens? 

The symbolism of falcon sightings is of caution when it comes to taking advantage of the opportunities that occur, especially whether they are worthy of your effort and to move quickly when they do. 

It also means your view of things will become more evident.

But what does blue falcon mean? A stranger or a foreigner is the blue falcon meaning, for it flies through very long distances. Spotting it is a sign of searching for the traveler within you.


So is it good luck to see a falcon? It seems so, but especially the falcon feather meaning is one of great fortune if placed on the house’s ridges. The falcon tree symbol is a sign to take action and seize the opportunities laid before you.

The falcon omen of it appearing at your window is a connection to the enemies you have to watch for. In Western regions, the falcon is a messenger from the spirit world and seeing it means you will discover some secrets.

If the bird is flying in the same direction as the wind, prepare yourself for harsh times, but know that you will overcome them. (5)

Falcon Mythology and Folklore

In Norse mythology, the goddess, Freyja, wears a feathered falcon cloak that gives her the ability to fly. She is associated with love, sex, fertility, war, gold, and beauty. Falcons are also a symbol of God’s prophet and were nurtured as pets.

Falcon mythology in Ancient Rome is present when an eagle is set to fly in flames as a symbol of carrying the dead emperor to heaven. 

Legions in this area had an emblem of a silver falcon with a thunderbolt in his claws and sought to sleep near an eagle’s nest, with its feather buried somewhere near, as protection.

falcon flying

The symbol of Mexico is of a falcon sitting on a cactus with a snake in its claws, for it is believed that the Aztecs took grounds in the place where an Indian saw this falcon.

In the Indian Parsee religion, burying the dead is an abomination brought to the world’s elements. 

Hence, they leave the dead bodies in the open to be eaten by falcons. It seems that the birds are now disappearing due to Diclofenac’s consumption, which has been banned in India. (6)

Falcon Spirit Animal

People that are guarded by the falcon spirit animal are solitary and feel happy about it. The falcon characteristics make them agile and sharp, and they always have the answer to any problem. 

Their healthy mind and intellectual capabilities help them know when is the right time to act. The falcon spirit makes you potent in any challenge or problematic situation. Being the first in everything is an urgent need, making you learn about anything always. 

Hearing messages from the spirit world is something ordinary for hawk people. The peregrine falcon spirit animal governed those that love to travel. 

If you have this falcon spirit in you, you are a patient person who always thinks before taking action. Your hawk personality makes you analytical, perfectionist, and fierce. 

Spontaneity isn’t your thing because you like having everything planned and under control. You are always up to something, creating, working, and passionate about everything you undertake. You love making strategies and using your mind to solve any mystery or puzzle that comes your way.

Other falcon traits give you energy, courage, willpower, mental acuity, vision, help you see the future and make quick decisions. (7)

Falcon Totem Animal

The falcon totem meaning is about acting quickly and taking advantage of every opportunity, but not without analyzing the situation first.

The peregrine falcon totem speaks of travels, being always on the road, and discovering the world. It also empowers your intellectual abilities and helps you see things.

Falcon totem poles are for those that like making strategies and apply math to everything. It will help you reach your goals and focus on your projects.

The falcon totem is linked to the Sun’s energy that makes you fierce and passionate about your occupations and urges you to work continuously on your dreams. 

falcon flying

Meditating with this charm will help you hear what the spirit world has to tell you. The guidance received will aid you in your path to success.

The Falcon animal totem is useful when you need a reminder of your qualities and potential. It helps you find the necessary resources in yourself and become all you can be. 

It is a perfect charm if you want to evolve in your career and need a boost of mental energy. It will make you aware and conscious of all your surroundings, and you won’t miss any detail.

Falcon Power Animal

The falcon power animal is the energy you need to invoke to increase your mental capabilities and help you strategies for your projects. 

It is a power user for leaders, people who use their minds to solve and love a challenge. The hawk will teach you when and how to act to achieve your goals.

Falcon medicine is for those who may be tired and have a hard time keeping their minds on the problem. This will help you focus like never before and give you great mental strength. Patience is the key to everything.

falcon flying

Do not worry that you will miss the opportunity, for the falcon knows precisely when to push you into action.

If this power animal has come to you, then pay attention to it’s teaching. It may inform you to take a break and reevaluate your situation. Blaming or depending on others is not the answer. 

The solution is in you, and only you can solve the problem with an objective view. You can even meditate while doing what relaxes you. 

The important thing is to disconnect entirely from the main problem. Negative emotions will be of the past if the falcon is with you, your mind will clear and let you see the next step. (8)

Falcon Tattoo Meaning

Falcon tattoos illustrate strength and power. It is depicted in a proud posture, even fierce, and it’s a symbol of war. 

The hawk is rarely a representation of peace. It’s meaning is most outlined when it is painted on the muscles, flying.

Tattoos in which the bird is looking down is a symbol of superiority and power over others, that is why it must be pictured on a vital member of the body.

The peregrine falcon tattoo meaning is of war. Its goal is to strike terror in those that see it, and thus it was commonly used by soldiers.

falcon illustration

The military link also comes from the fact that this falcon can hunt with great precision, calculating it’s distance very well, symbolizing this magnificent intellect and ability to kill. 

The Egyptian falcon tattoo with Horus’s eye represents the energy of the Sun, power, and intellect. Because of its patience and concentration while hunting, it is also a symbol of discipline, dedication to one’s goals.

The American falcon tattoo represents love for the country, clarity, aspirations, justice, power, and freedom. Those that decide to paint this bird on themselves invoke it’s honor, nobility, and vitality.


The falcon spirit is for the hard workers, those that have high goals and want to achieve everything from life and are passionate about their projects. Invoke this spirit animal into your life and let it get you to the highest peaks to which the falcon can fly.

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17 thoughts on “Falcon Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)”

  1. I was taking a lovely winter walk this afternoon And a red footed falcon landed on a fence post and stayed there for awhile. It allowed me to get fairly close and I took several iPhone pics. I felt so so honored. It lifted my spirits as I’ve been going thru some difficult times. Janis

    1. I inheritted my parents farm. Started cleaning every time i had a falcon perched in front of me come from nowhere. Khaw khaw khaw. Actually ignored it but got pictures. Got late one night. Suddenly sounded like indians coming very uneasy feeling. Had to drive to house obseve orbs floating and like spotlight shining at me from across yard. Later air seemed clearer finished what i was doing. Got a paranormal group out did praying and stuff said the land sacred indian land. Now don’t hear stuff all day and the falcon leaves me alone now to.

  2. Hi – A Peregrine Falcon wailed for 15 minutes and flew between two palm trees in my Southern Cal backyard this morning. Wailed some more and then flew off. I thought it was a Coopers Hawk all this time until I heard it wail- nothing sounds like that! Ominous!!

  3. Hello,
    I dreamed of a falcon fighting a snake and trying to stop it from getting into my house… what does that mean?

    1. I don’t have any expertise and this is only my opinion. if it’s stopping the from getting into your house it definitely means that someone or some power is protecting you from evil person or negativity. I hope you are always protected from negativity evil and always stay positive trying to see beauty in everything

  4. It might be nothing- but we have had two brown Falcons in our backyard yesterday and the same two again today at about the same time around 10 AM central, they sit in a tree or even on our umbrella and then fly off, my husband and I both saw, one even flew into our top glass window yesterday -seemed okay and flew away.
    Any thoughts? Insights what is going on?

    1. Hailey Brophy

      I wonder if perhaps they are confused by their own reflections in the glass window? This is a fairly common behavior for songbirds, but a bit less so for birds of prey. They could also be juveniles sticking together while their parents care for them and watch from afar.

      I hope this helps!
      — Hailey Brophy
      Writer @ World Birds

    2. A similar thing happened to me late this morning. A small falcon collided against the house outside my bedroom. Not sure if the noise originated inside my closet or outside the house, I went outside and found the falcon on the ground unconscious. As I approached it, it quickly regained its composure and flew up to a branch in a nearby tree. I looked away for a brief moment, but it was gone when I looked back up into the tree where it had landed. I saw no other falcons nearby, but I surmise this was a fledgling. (Cottonwood, Arizona)

  5. Hi, what is the meaning of a hawk flying in front of your car from left to right? The hawk was not following anything and have no idea why it flew across my car. The hawk was not harmed and saw it land in a branch in the opposite side of the street. Your comment would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  6. Hi! I live in Southern Brazil. I was slepping, it was about four o’clok afternoon, when I was waked up by a Krestel on my window of my apartament, singing a lot. Then, when I went to window to see it better, I looked at its eyes, it saw me, and flight. What does it meaning?

    1. I think this could mean that your life is entering a new path. Birds of prey often signify foresight and guidance. Hopefully this helps you!

      — Hailey Brophy
      Writer @ World Birds

  7. Can you help me? I was dropping off a food pkg to my daughter’s house yesterday late morning front door when going down steps I heard flapping and the bird (which was a falcon ) had a leather strap around its ankle and rope dangling it proceeded to fly into the front door then rested looked back at me and did it again,
    I was very concerned for it being so cold out and my daughter or her partner couldn’t come out as both have covid, so left pkg and walked away so in case I agitated the falcon and messaged them rgds it and they called RSPCA

    But by the time my daughter said they arrived, it flew off,
    Worried for its Safty with that rope dangling🙏

    Could you tell me what meaning is this for me?

    Thank you kindly

    Math jo

  8. Hi Mr.Garth, I had an experience with a tiercel, 3 days to my birthday he came to my 7th floor apartment window and perched up side down, didn’t seem distressed.. I tried to grab him under the cover of the blinders and as expected he blistered away in a split second.. but not with his tail feathers, I was left with all 12 of them.. I dug deeper and came across your article on Falcon symbolism and meaning and felt a spark.. is it possible to invoke the spirit of the falcon using the tail feathers? Because things have been though and I’m out here hunting and lastly will the bird survive the trauma?
    Regards, Keith

  9. I’ve just seen a falcon flying over us here in Northcliff Johannesburg. Such a spectacular sight. I was on a strategy session with an NPO here and it was so so symbolic.

  10. Hi Garth
    Thank you for this article. 2 days ago a falcon flew in front of my car, i tried to avoid it but hit it, then moments later I saw one carrying a fish. Never have either of these situations ever happened to me before, even though where I live there are many and they are protected. I have found what resonates and I think I understand the meaning behind what happened. Thank you, again.

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