Eagle Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


Chief of all the winged creatures, an eagle is symbolic of power and of man’s association with the divine. 

It is important to understand the eagle symbolism because it helps us find the drive within ourselves to push further and reach higher.

Understanding the symbolism allows you to view life and yourself from a higher perspective and believe how much more you are capable of.

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Eagle Symbolism and Meaning

To understand the symbolism, we need to question what does eagle mean. Being the supreme winged creature, the eagle’s meaning is of power and resilience. It is the spirit’s message and our connection with divinity because it reaches higher than any other bird.

What does an eagle symbolize for us? It symbolizes rebirth, dawn, spring’s direction, and renewed life for us. 

The eagle significance is particularly characteristic of new beginnings, resilience, and stamina for those who have been experiencing difficult passages in life.


The symbolism of the eagle makes you realize the importance of truthful principles and honesty. If you are on the verge of embarking on a massive endeavor in life, you will benefit tremendously by calling upon the eagle symbolism first.

The eagle represents leadership and authority, and those who make this their spirit animal are born to be leaders and high achievers. 

They are visionaries who believe in the power of expanding their self-discoveries and striving to reach greater personal freedom. If you adopt the eagle symbolism in life, the sky is your limit, and there is nothing ever that can stop you from pushing your limits.

Eagle Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans were tribes of deeply spiritual people. They passed down their thoughts, reflections, ideas, theories, beliefs, and history through symbols and signs to their generations, such as the eagle symbol. 

Geometric symbols featuring celestial bodies are generally their symbols, as well as animal designs and natural phenomena. 

What does the eagle symbolize in the Native American culture? The golden eagle and the bald eagle meaning are of sacredness. Since we know the eagles fly the highest, the Native Americans believe that they are the closest creatures to the Creator.

native american silhouette

The eagle symbol meaning in their culture is of strength, wisdom, and courage. An eagle is typically a messenger for the Native Americans to the creator. They believe that an eagle has a significant connection with visions and delivers their prayers to the Great Spirit of the Spirit world.

In fact, eagles’ symbolic meaning is so sacred for them that they would hold an eagle feather aloft as a custom while saying a prayer. 

Even in the council meetings, representatives would hold eagle feathers as evidence that they were telling the truth. The Natives believe that even the feathers of an eagle have a connection with the Great Spirit.

Eagle Christianity Symbolism

Does eagles spiritual meaning exist in Christianity? The eagle symbolism in the Bible plays an important part in the Christian belief. Throughout the Bible, God’s strength takes the shape of an Eagle, but more particularly in the Old Testament.

Moses himself writes, “You have seen yourselves what I did to Egypt and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to me.” 

Moses also further spoke concerning God saying, “As an eagle stirreth up her nest, flutters over her young, spreads abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings.” This, in itself, is the crux of the eagle’s spiritual meaning.


He uses this imagery to describe how God carried the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt and continued to protect them as they wandered through the wilderness.

The psalmist, too, used the eagle characteristics when speaking of the attributes of God. Refer to Psalm 103, where he says, ‘who satisfies your desires with good so that your youth renews the eagle’s.” What does the eagle represent for Isaiah when he talks about God? 

He finds God’s strength able to renew people and give them the strength to fly higher as the eagle mounted on its wings. He depicts how God can take even the weariest and downtrodden to heights and prosperity unimagined.

Eagle Celtic Symbolism

The Celtics assign concepts to creatures depending on what they personify. What does the eagle stand for in the Celtic symbolism? To put it simply, an eagle is a sign of authority, leadership, dexterity, security, strength, and focus. 

Meanings that are more extensive exist in relation to the eagle spirit guide, but according to the Celtic beliefs, the said meanings form the crux of the Eagle Celtic Symbolism. Essentially, the Celtics believe that an eagle transmits skills of intelligence and focus. 

They refer to it primarily as an emblem of higher thinking owing to its sharpness of appearance of mental abilities. They use the eagle symbol as a guide to training their tribes in the ways of sharp mental skills and rising above the new challenges. 

celtic cross

The Celtic symbolism of eagle serves applies well to problem-solving. However, just as the eagle symbolism in the Bible, the Celtic symbolism for eagle also encompasses more than one concept. If you ponder upon how an eagle seeks its prey, you would note the swiftness in its approach and strategy. 

The Celtic symbolism believes we can apply this same direct and clever approach in aspects of our lives. We would be able to maximize the efficiency in areas where our life seems to be slacking and dull. 

At the same time, it is also imperative to note how fearless the eagle is when it takes on challenges head-on. This should be our attitude too, when we approach life if we too wish to emerge victorious as the eagle.

Eagle in Dreams

Often times, we dream about certain animals, creatures, or celestial bodies that can be symbolic of some important occurrence or aspect in our lives. 

What does the eagle symbolizes when you dream of it? Is seeing an eagle a good sign in your dream? What does eagle mean when it appears in your visions? An eagle in your dream could be symbolic of pride and nobility. 

The context determines the quality of your dream, but the free movement of the winged creature could relate to courage and freedom. Dreaming of negative features of the eagle could relate to superiority, the domination of fierceness.


Dreaming of setting trapping or catching an eagle could indicate the need to be more perceptive of the free will of others around you. Feeding an eagle in your dream could indicate to honing your skills in order to capture the industry and expand your career.

The eagle dream meaning has several more interpretations. Dreaming of turning into one could be indicative of renewing yourself and your spiritual connection. It could be a foreshadowing of awakening your ego and hidden strengths.

Dreaming of an eagle bound in your workplace or your bedroom could reflect your real-life situation. It could be your lack of productivity due to toxic and prohibiting work environments or your own fears and apprehensions that prevent you from employing your full potential.

Eagle Encounters and Omens

The symbolism of eagle takes into account the supremacy of eagle among the creatures of the sky. The eagle symbol meaning also denotes conquering and persisting no matter what. 

An eagle is the strongest among birds because it does not give up until it has risen above challenges, so an encounter with this creature usually relates to positivity and strength.

An encounter with the eagle spirit guide could be a way of teaching you how to save your energy and invest it into worthwhile pursuits. Your bald eagle totem could be a means encouraging you to emerge out of your comfort zone and reaching greater heights.


The eagles’ spiritual meaning for us is of power and beauty. For the ancient Greeks, however, an eagle in flight was a message from the Gods to them, an omen. The Iliad, an epic by Homer’s, shows how the Greeks vowed to conquer Troy. In the middle of the battle, Trojans and mighty Hector were edging them to defeat.

Homer recalls how the Trojans suddenly saw a fatal sign of an eagle flashing before their eyes. What they saw was a Golden Eagle. Have you ever wondered what does the bald eagle stand for? From this epic, we know that the Golden and Bald eagles’ symbolic meaning is of freedom, courage, strength, and bravery, especially in times of oppression.

What does the bald eagle represent for the Greeks and the modern world? It means that regardless of our cultural and religious beliefs, we revered, honor, respect, and take care of the creatures.

Eagle Mythology and Folklore

The eagle significance, what the eagle represents, the eagle meaning, eagle spiritual meaning, etc. all vary by culture and religion. However, you will find eagle as a star feature quite commonly in a number of folklores and mythology around the world.

Celtic mythology sees the eagle as one of the oldest creatures in age and wisdom. You can refer to Welsh Mabinogion to see how it features the Eagle of Germany. 

Another folklore of Culhwch and Olwen shows how Culhwch has to accomplish the task of finding a missing and magical child to win his beloved’s hand. Eventually, it is an ancient and wise eagle that guides him to the right place.


Wales once saw the occurrence of golden eagles and the cries of the usually silent bird formed the idea that perhaps it foretold of a significant event, like a hero’s birth.

What do eagles wings symbolize? In many cultures, the eagles’ wings are symbolic of the important balance between female and male and how one has to depend on the abilities and strengths of the other.

Interestingly, the feathers of eagles also have major significance in several cultures. The clan chiefs of the highland still adorn their bonnets with three eagle feathers to signify their ranks. Even the Native Americans refer to the eagle feathers with great reverence.

Eagle Spirit Animal

What do eagles represent spiritually and as a spirit animal? Many look upon the spirit animal as a powerful messenger. The eagle’s ability to soar to greater heights than other birds can only wish for offers the life lesson that we must ponder upon even the minutest aspects of our life. 

This is the essence of a broader perspective while keeping a keen eye for opportunities, progress, and genuine people in our life.

What is the double-headed eagle meaning? Two headed eagles symbolize dominion and power in vexillology and heraldry. You may consider this depiction as a symbol of an eagle god. 


Even the bald eagle symbolism has its own importance in the history of the world, particularly of America. The bald eagle meaning made an appropriate choice for the Founding Fathers as the emblem of their nation.

The American Eagle Symbol meaning draws attention towards the freedom and strength of America. It is the national bird of the nation and sits on the Great Seal of the country with outspread wings.

The German eagle symbol refers to the Nazi party. Because it symbolized the party, people called it the Pasteiadler. In a nutshell, if your spirit animal is the eagle, you must take it as your calling to be courageous and to grow by stretching your limits.

Eagle Totem Animal

Those who are born with the eagle totem, specifically the bald eagle totem, want to experience everything to the maximum. 

They are the ones who will never hesitate from spreading their wings to the utmost and fearlessly on every adventure or project they undertake, yet they keep one foot on stable ground.


One notable fact of having the eagle totem animal is that as the bird itself can rise beyond boundaries unimaginable, similarly, those who possess this totem animal can achieve heights of success beyond comprehension.

Yet, the totem also simultaneously reminds us that no bird can fly in the air forever. At some point, it has to descend to the ground. This shows how, despite being such a magnificent and highly accomplished creature, it does not let go of its roots in Mother Nature. 

Just as it soars magnificently to the heavens, it returns equally gracefully to its home. Let there be no achievement, no matter how great, that would make you forget your roots.

Eagle Power Animal

You must call upon the eagle as your power animal when facing conflicting situations in life. Time brings us to certain phases where we need to broaden our perspectives and analyze things from a vantage point. 

This is the time when the eagle power animal is the most advantageous for us. Times when relationships and jobs get challenging or difficult, we must seek the eagle spirit animal as a guide to providing us with deep insights and enabling us with skills to make sound choices. 

It is a popular belief that since the eagle is particularly fond of heights, we must seek the power animal from a high place too when enlisting his help for success.

Eagle medicine is profound in its own way, as well. The bald eagle medicine typically delivers the kind of energy that enlightens us on the appropriate time to speak and how forcefully. 

Eagles may not be incredibly vocal, but they have tremendously strong beaks and jaws. This can help us in deciding on when what and how to say things.

Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Primarily, the eagle serves as the national bird and an emblem on the Great Seal of America; hence its tattoo in that nation is extremely popular. Eagle is symbolic of power, strength, courage, and focus.

Not only was it the choice of the Founding Fathers of America, but you will also find a great mention of an eagle in several parables. The purpose is mainly to drive the high achievers towards greater success and be the drive behind people who have great ambitions in life.

woman getting a tattoo

Apart from being an impactful representation of power, the eagle tattoo meanings differ according to the philosophies and cultures. You can use the eagle tattoo as a symbol of purity, beauty, and a solid force.

The Native Americans popularly sport the eagle tattoo as well for its spiritual power. They consider eagles the great messengers of Gods due to their high flights and thus wear the symbolic tattoo to show their connection with the Great Spirit.


Eagle symbolism is all about spirituality, power, and wisdom. Apart from its association with the United States, the eagle symbolism has various interpretations for a number of other cultures around the world as well. 

Ancient Greeks look at it as a symbol of virility and masculine strength and others. The animal spirit guide works as a driving force in making individuals expand their limits, broaden their perceptions and outlooks, and spread their wings to soar to heights of victory uncharted before.


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