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5 Best Bird Feeder Cameras in 2022


A proper bird feeder camera helps you capture candid photos of your feathered friends. With the right camera system, you can “set it and forget it.”

Unfortunately, when it comes to bird feeder cameras, your options are limited. So to create a proper bird feeder camera system, you need a bit of creativity. Here are our favorite options.

We Recommend

Best image quality

Campark Trail Cam

High 18x zoom

PTZ Security Cam

Designed for birds

Bresser Feeder Cam

Best Bird Feeder Camera

1. Campark WiFi 1296P Trail Camera for Wildlife Monitoring

trail camera

The Campark Trail Camera is a high-quality trail camera that offers great image capture capabilities and easy access with WiFi connectivity.

The Campark Trail Camera takes photos with a resolution of 20 megapixels and also records video at 1296P!

There’s very little to complain about with this trail camera. It’s easy to use, durable, and capable of capturing great images.
The Campark Trail Camera is an excellent option for backyard birders who prioritize picture quality. The only issue you may have with this camera is getting it close enough to the birds.

Make sure to choose the camera location carefully and then lure the birds into perching in front of the camera’s lens. If you can get the birds close, you’re sure to snap some great photos.

What we liked

  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Up to 20 Megapixels
  • 1296P Video Quality
  • WiFi Connectivity & Remote App Control
  • 65 ft. Motion Trigger Distance
  • Waterproof
  • Infrared Flash Range 65 ft for Night Shots
  • Great Customer Support

What we didn’t like

  • No Zoom
  • The app has sometimes connectivity issues

How to mount it: Using a tripod (not included), tree strap (included) or a mounting bracket (included).

2. PTZ SV3C Outdoor Security Camera with Zoom

bird camera

The main reason why this PTZ camera is great for feeder monitoring is the 18x zoom. Just position it towards your feeder and zoom in.

The SV3C 1080P PTZ Outdoor Security Camera can easily be used as a bird feeder camera wireless system.

This camera uses WiFi connectivity to transmit images and videos to your computer or smartphone. With just a few taps, you can view a live stream of your favorite birds.

Just position this camera to where your bird yard birds are most active and wait until the birds appear on the screen.

The SV3C 1080P PTZ Outdoor Security Camera also features night vision, 1080P video resolution, and is waterproof, but the one thing that sets this camera apart from the others on the list is that the lens is fully maneuverable.

The lens is capable of panning 355° and tilting 90°. This camera can also zoom up to 18x!

What we liked

  • WiFi Connectivity
  • 1080P Video
  • 18x (4.7-84.6mm) Optical Zoom with Auto-Focus
  • Night Vision up to 60 meters
  • Waterproof
  • Receive Email Alerts and Push Notifications to a Smartphone
  • Up to 128 GB Card Storage

What we didn’t like

  • Only 2 Megapixel Image Resolution
  • Not Completely Wireless. Needs to Be Plugged Into Power Source

How to mount it: Using a mounting bracket (included).

3. BRESSER Wild Bird Feeder Camera

bird camera

The Bresser Bird Feeder Camera is one of the few camera traps that is explicitly designed with birds in mind. With its feeder design, birds will automatically be attracted to the camera, which is ideal for close-up bird pics.

The Bresser Bird Feeder Camera is a motion-activated, full-color camera that takes 3-megapixel photos. This camera is capable of taking extremely close pictures of birds while remaining discreet.

Just fill the feeder with feed and the pictures will come easily. The biggest downside to this bird feeder camera system, though, is the camera. 3 MP resolution just isn’t enough to capture quality images of birds.

The Bresser Bird Feeder Camera is a fun backyard birding addition. However, don’t expect incredible image quality from its camera.

What we liked

  • Very Close Pictures
  • Feeder Design Attracts Birds
  • Birds Can Perch Allowing for Better Image Stabilization
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Image Quality
  • No Flash
  • The feeder itself is quite small

How to mount it: Using mounting bracket (screw into a stable surface for best results).

4. Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision

trail camera

The Victure Trail Game Camera is an affordable trail camera that offers some impressive features considering its price point.

This camera takes 12-megapixel pictures at 1080p and is capable of full HD resolution.

The Night Vision, with its 940nm no-glow infrared, is also a great feature that allows the camera to perform well even in the dead of night.

The Victure Trail Game Camera is a motion capture camera that takes photos and videos. The 2.4 inch LCD screen gives users easy access for reviewing captured images, and the settings offer users lots of control.

This is an excellent option for anyone looking for a motion sensor trail camera that can easily be used as a DIY bird feeder camera.

What we liked

  • Great Battery Life
  • Affordable Trail Camera
  • Records 12 Megapixel Photos & 1080P Full HD Video
  • Easy-to-Use Controls for Custom Settings
  • 2.4 inch LCD Screen
  • Password Protected and Lockable Unit

What we didn’t like

  • Max storage is 32 GB
  • Quick Movements May Result in Blurry Photos

How to mount it: You can use a tripod (not included), tree strap (included) or a mounting bracket (included).

5. Birdhouse Spy Cam Hawk Eye HD Bird Camera

bird camera

The Birdhouse Spy Cam Hawk Eye is one of the best options for viewing the nesting habits of cavity-nesting birds, such as Bluebirds, Wood Duck, and Chickadee.

Just set up the camera inside a nest box, be sure to leave plenty of space for the birds, and observe the nesting behaviors of your favorite birds.

This camera offers impressive visuals during the day and at night. The Birdhouse Spy Cam Hawk-Eye is a corded camera.

Users need to plan on having it set up in a location that is close enough for the cord to reach a TV or computer monitor.

It should also be noted that the camera is not waterproof and it does not record images or video. Users should be aware that this is a direct video stream camera that is intended to be placed inside nest boxes.

What we liked

  • Offers live view
  • Picture Quality
  • Small Design Allows for Placement within Nest Boxes or Nest Cavities
  • Night Vision with 10 Infrared LED Lights
  • Direct Video Streaming
  • Includes Microphone for Sound Output

What we didn’t like

  • Not Waterproof
  • Does Not Record Video or Pictures

How to mount it: Using a mounting bracket (included).

Types of bird feeder cameras

Since most camera traps aren’t marketed directly as bird feeder cameras, it may take some DIY ingenuity to build a camera system that is capable of capturing quality shots of your backyard birds. The first thing to consider is what type of camera should you get. There are 3 main types of cameras that can be used as a feeder cam. Below you can see how these types of cameras match up:

Trail Cameras

Trail cameras work by taking a series of photos or videos after an object moves in front of the camera’s lens. Most trail cameras are used by hunters and wildlife enthusiasts, hoping to capture images of mammals as they move about the forest. Trail cameras can be used to capture images of birds, but you’ll want to place them in areas where birds are able to perch and sit still for a moment.

Birdhouse Cameras

Birdhouse cameras provide an intimate look inside the life cycle of birds. Simply placing a birdhouse camera inside a nestbox that is used by nesting birds will allow you to stream the process of baby birds hatching and becoming fledglings. The images you can capture with a birdhouse camera are unique and quite difficult to replicate using any other camera system.

Security Cameras

Believe it or not, security cameras catch quite a lot of wildlife activity. Placed in the right spot, a security camera can capture pictures of birds too. Security cameras offer users the ability to maneuver the lens and even zoom, which can help you get even better images of birds visiting feeders or nest boxes. Security cameras also offer wireless streaming options so you can view your bird activity anytime and anywhere.

Where and how to mount your camera?

When it comes time to mount your camera, location is key. You’ll want to find a place that has a lot of bird activity, such as a feeder, nest box, or bird bath. When determining where to place your camera, think about where the lighting will be best. You don’t want the camera pointed toward the sun. Situate the camera at an angle where the light will project in front of the lens, brightening the subject that will be recorded.

There are 3 common ways of mounting a camera and each has its pros and cons. Take a look at these options and determine which style is best for your yard:


  • Pros: Tripods are a great option because they can be placed just about anywhere. They’re simple to set up and simple to move.
  • Cons: Unfortunately, tripods can be an eye-sore, especially if you plan on placing your camera in the middle of your yard. Tripods can also be easily interfered with. If you have other animals roaming your yard, you may find your camera knocked over the next day.

Tree Strap

  • Pros: Tree straps are a great inconspicuous way to set up a camera. Most of the time, a trail camera comes with a tree strap. Tree straps are great if you plan on placing your camera in a wooded area.
  • Cons: Using a tree strap limits you in terms of where you can place your camera. If there’s not a tree conveniently located near your bird feeders, it may not be the best option.

Mounting Bracket

  • Pros: A mounting bracket offers more stability for your camera. Simply screw in the mounting plate into a tree or structure (building, fence, wooden post, etc.) and aim your camera where you think the birds will land.
  • Cons: Mounting brackets require a bit more installation time. Using a mounting bracket makes it less easy to move your camera if you want to try other positions.

DIY bird feeder camera tips

Setting up a bird feeder cam may take some inventiveness, but fortunately, it’s pretty easy to set up an effective camera system that can easily capture images of birds. Here are some quick DIY tips to help you get started:

Make Sure There’s a Perch

Most camera traps don’t have great shutter speed, so it’s important that you position your camera on a spot where the birds will be momentarily still. Pointing your camera toward feeders or birdhouses that have perches will increase the likelihood of capturing clear photos.

Attract Birds to Your Camera

Birds will not naturally come and sit in front of your camera. Use bird seed, mealworm, or even fruit to attract a variety of birds to your camera.

Consider Image Clarity

If the image quality is your goal, make sure to prioritize camera placement. You’ll want your camera to point to areas in your yard that receive good light. Image clarity will also improve if you choose a camera that has a wide lens and high resolution.

How to choose the right bird feeder camera?

Since there are few bird feeder camera systems on the market, setting up your own camera will take some creativity, but knowing what you want from a bird feeder camera will help you make the best choice. Here’s what to look for:


A higher resolution is always better, so look for a camera that can capture the pixels you need to create sharp, colorful images. A camera that is capable of taking photos 10 megapixels or higher will be perfect as a feeder cam. However, If image capture isn’t your thing and you plan on taking video, look for a camera that records video 1080p or higher.


If you plan on using your camera to record video, it’s always great to have accompanying audio. Check to make sure your camera comes with an audio feature that captures sound effectively.

Night Vision

Night vision is a great feature that can help you determine which furry animal is eating all your bird seed. Typically night vision binoculars and cameras will capture photos or videos in black-and-white using infrared lighting to clarify the subject in view.


Some cameras may require you to pull out a memory card in order to view files, but there are other better options for file accessibility. Many trail cameras actually have a screen that allows you to view your captured images with the unit in-hand. More sophisticated cameras may allow you to view your pictures wirelessly using WiFi connectivity.

Weather Resistance

If you’re planning on keeping your camera out in the elements, then weather resistance is extremely important. You’ll want to find a camera that is waterproof and durable.

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