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Species Spotlight: The Killdeer

Killdeer displaying

It’s a memorable and somewhat vicious-sounding name for such a charming little bird. But the Killdeer’s name has nothing at all to do with killing. Instead, it is an onomatopoeia for the sound that Killdeer make. This “kill-deer” cry is so loud and shrill that early naturalists called the Killdeer the “Chattering Plover” and the “Noisy Plover.”

Like all plovers, the Killdeer is a petite shorebird with a round body and somewhat long legs. Unlike most plovers, though, Killdeer can be found throughout the continental United States. For many beginner birders, they are the most recognizable plover thanks to their distinctive black breast bands and orange eye rings.

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Fun Facts About the Killdeer

Killdeer are undeniably cute and their small bodies are packed to the brim with character. They may look tiny and helpless, but Killdeer are clever little drama queens. Let’s look at what makes them so special!

The Future of The Killdeer

The Killdeer is currently classified as “least concern” with regards to conservation. Their wide range and large numbers allows for this species to maintain relative stability throughout the United States. Despite this, populations are decreasing slightly. An affinity for lawns has made them adaptable to the presence of humans, however man-made threats like pesticides still damage their total numbers.

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