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Rooster Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

rooster standing

Rooster symbolism stands for vigilance, dawn, hope, new day, resurrection, and even defiance. For those of you wondering what does rooster mean, this guide is for you. Here, we will discuss the complete meaning of rooster symbolically, in dreams,  and spiritually so you will know exactly what this bird signifies in your life.

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Rooster Symbolism and Meaning

Rooster symbols are representatives of the sun and light. A rooster symbol is also the emblem of France. A rooster symbolizes hope and a brand new day. 

It means that the night has passed and there is a bright, brand new, and hopeful day awaiting you. The rooster or cock rooster also stands for the male or masculine principle. It also denotes incest. 

A rooster cock also is an attribute of resurrection, insolence, inordinate and frustrated desire, and also self-confidence. White rooster symbolism stands for luck. Young Chinese rooster meaning foolishness, although roosters are symbols of luck and signs of the zodiac in China.

rooster in front of a sunset

Black rooster symbolism is linked to death, night, danger, and evil. In fighter roosters, the white color on their tails symbolizes cowardice and disinclination to fight.

The symbol of the rooster on the weathervane stands for vigilance, guard, and alertness. 

In most parts of the world, the rooster is the sign of the sun. Many brands have made the rooster as their logo or mascot owing to its connection to strength, the sun’s energy, hope, and light.

A chariot drawn by roosters has also become the symbol of vigilance. Red rooster symbolism is linked to fire, sun, and protection from fire.

Rooster Native American Symbolism

What does the rooster symbolize to Native Americans? The Lakota tribes used the crowing rooster symbol as an emphatic yes. They also believed that the rooster was linked to the sun, hope, dawn, and vigilance. 

Rooster medicine tells you to be more vigilant, aware, and observant, possibly putting the “light” before everything else. The rooster totem meant that the clans could benefit from the power of the entire species of the rooster and not that specific bird alone. 

The rooster’s medicine brought strength, wisdom, guidance, caring, and insight to the clan members. Among some spiritual rituals of the Native Americans, there is one where the men would race towards a rooster attached on stake. 

rooster fight

The winner was the person who managed to get the rooster. He would then use the rooster to ward off his rivals. A similar ritual is seen in Native Americans of New Mexico. The pueblo celebrates the Feast of Santiago with a ritual contest called a rooster pull. 

The Horsemen attempt to pull a white rooster, buried up to its neck, out of the ground. Thus, the rooster energy has a spiritual and religious significance but was also used in the display of strength and in masculine games. 

Furthermore, before Europeans introduced indigenous Americans to the practice of eating chicken, the birds were kept for feathers, rituals, cockfighting, and making jewelry and headdresses.

Rooster Eastern Symbolism

The rooster Chinese zodiac is an important symbol and considered a  rooster good luck charm – It represents money and good luck. For the Chinese, the rooster god and the fire rooster meaning help in focusing on work, money, and organizing time and money. 

The year of the rooster symbol signifies a time to roll up one’s sleeves and start focusing on career goals. The rooster year meaning is that everything orderly and documented will be in vogue in that year. 

Downsizing and minimalism, along with a more efficient work culture, smarter and more efficient vehicles, and everything else will be popular. Recently, 2017 was the year of the rooster and 2029 will be the next one.

two roosters standing

 What does the year of the rooster signify? It denotes different things to different zodiacs depending on the year of one’s birth. 

Because a rooster has wings, the Chinese classified it as a “bird” and mentioned it in the same breath as a phoenix, crane, or wild goose. 

Mostly, the Rooster zodiac denotes the Chinese yang principle. Also, according to the Chinese zodiac rooster, people born in the Year of the Rooster find luck in the Chinese symbol for rooster. 

They are considered deep thinkers and loners. Rooster symbolism in China is associated with the dawn alarm, but the Chinese clock puts the rooster at sunset.

Rooster Christianity symbolism

A rooster spiritual meaning in the Bible is to mark the passage of time. In all four gospels, Matt, Mark, Luke, and John, the rooster meaning denotes the denial of Jesus by Peter. 

Jesus predicts that Peter will deny Him three times before the rooster crows. 

Rooster significance here is about the passage of time but also somewhat contradictory because, in some places, the rooster crows only once before Peter denies Jesus, while in another, the rooster crows twice. 

What does a rooster represent in the Bible? Experts believe that the bird represents the denial of Christ.

rooster portrait

In 1522, Aldrovandi, a Renaissance-era naturalist and physician, noted for his systematic and accurate observations of animals, plants, and minerals, also attempted to explain the spiritual meaning of rooster. 

He calls the rooster not only the symbol of an evangelical preacher – one who brings good news- but also the light of the morning. In fact, Aldrovandi has tried to explain the rooster symbolism in the Bible over 30 odd pages.

In the cult of Ancestors, the rooster is symbolic of the human soul’s clock; the crest and the rooster’s spirit in the cult enclose the mystic of the mystical meal. It represents the limited time of man on the earth.

Rooster Celtic Symbolism

Animal rooster has a deeply symbolic meaning in Scandinavian and Celtic countries. Like the crane, goose, and rabbit, the rooster is a holy animal that is not eaten in some Celtic regions. 

The rooster is the announcer of the new day, embodying the active side of life. It is also a symbol of the lust for love and life and of fertility. 

The rooster animal accompanies Hermes or Mercury, who is God of abundance and financial success. 

Thus, a roosters’ sign is linked to business, finances, money, and wealth. The white rooster symbolism is also seen in Gaul accompanying the Mother Goddess, who is a symbol of fertility. 

rooster standing

The Celtic rooster is also a bird of battle and seen on arms and helmets found in Gaul. 

The rooster is also seen as a fighter, as a symbol of war. Its lust for fighting got it involved in cockfighting since early times. 

In France, the rooster is seen as the national emblem. Roosters were birds used in heraldry and they became the symbol of the Kingdom of the Francks. 

The association of the rooster with fertility is also seen in the German proverb, which applies to thin, not macho men: ‘A good rooster is not fat.’ 

Rooster African Symbolism

In antiquity, the rooster’s sexual aggressiveness made him a powerful fertility symbol. The rooster also figures significantly in African fetishism. It is a powerful voodoo symbol and the rooster icon is the symbol of cults and clans. 

For many rituals and sacrifices, the rooster’s throat is slit as its blood is considered to be very precious to the ritual. Many Africans also keep roosters and chickens in their backyard. 

However, a homestead rooster is never sold because it symbolizes masculinity, sexual potency, and the continuity of the lineage, among many other things; thus, to sell a rooster for money is tantamount to selling a family member. 

rooster portrait

During the initiation ceremonies of tribes, roosters are also sacrificed. They cut the cock or black rooster’s throat and mix its blood with gunpowder, tobacco, pepper, sesame, and cane sugar. 

This holy mixture is applied to the head of the neophytes and initiates. Here, the rooster symbol is meant to purify, cleanse, and bless. 

The Abaluyia tribe in Kenya believes that the red rooster is the source of thunder and lightning. 

For when Wele Xalaba had created the sun, moon, heaven, and earth, he placed a large red rooster in the sky to start thunder and lightning.

Rooster in Dreams

Rooster dreams mean hope, vigilance, and dawn. A rooster means male aggression, virility, and masculinity. 

The rooster dream meaning becomes clear when you see one in the hen house. The rooster is always aggressive and he dominates the chickens and hens.

Rooster’s meaning in dreams is also linked to intuition, forecast, and vision. 

If you dream of eating or fighting with a rooster, it means that you are headed for a bright future and that luck will favor you soon. 

A rooster also stands for your cocky, arrogant self. Perhaps you are listening to idle gossip or chatter. 

rooster standing

The emotional aspects of a rooster in dreams is that you are very proud, vigilant, and always very hopeful. 

Maybe you are telling yourself, through your dreams, to get more serious and focused in life. Hearing a rooster crow in dreams is also a wake-up call. It can also indicate that you need to be more positive and you shouldn’t let your past bring you down. 

All birds are messengers through dreams and the rooster has a very specific message that it brings. It’s crowing signals that the day has begun and that you have work to do. A rooster is practical, confident, and resourceful and connects you to these qualities.

Rooster Encounters and Omens

One of the strangest rooster symbolism meanings is in the UK. When one has to find a drowned, dead body, they take a rooster on the boat and are sure it will crow when the boat reaches the spot with the body. 

A rooster crowing meaning is hope, a new day, a new beginning, and dawn. An old friend is also announced by the crowning of a rooster in the new house. 

To kill a rooster unexpectedly means that you will find something elegant unexpectedly. Let a bride go to a barn on the day of the wedding. If the first fowl she sees is a hen, she will have good days ahead of her.

rooster and chickens

If she sees the rooster, then bad days may be upon her. If a rooster crows on your doorstep on a Sunday morning, prevent bad luck by killing it right away.

A rooster crowing in your doorway means you will have a visitor by the end of the day. If a rooster on the fence crows with its head facing away from the house means you will have an unwelcome visitor. 

If around dusk, a rooster crows three times, you can look for unexpected news. The crowing of a rooster at night during the Christmas season is bad luck.

Rooster Mythology and Folklore

Rooster mythology in the Hindu religion talks about the lord of Mars, Skanda, who represents masculinity. He rides a peacock and carries an emblem depicting a rooster. 

Black rooster meaning in Lithuanian Mythology is that it lays eggs and gives birth to an Aitvaras, which is a household spirit. 

This ghost rooster makes a home in the nearest residence and refuses to leave. If it does leave, then it takes the shape of a dragon.

 So you must care for the rooster sign in order to prevent bad luck from coming into your household. In Chinese mythology, God sent his little red rooster meaning to impregnate the barren earth. 

rooster standing

The rooster created a paradise on the earth, but the people complained about its crowing. The rooster disappeared from the sky, but he warned the people about a great flood before he did.

A rooster in the henhouse meaning is aggression, masculinity, and virility. It means a man among many men. Chinese good luck rooster brings fortune and wealth. Roosters are also fire- symbols, unabashedly singing to the entire world. 

So Feng Shui recommends placing roosters to brighten the room and balance it. In African mythology, Wele Xakaba created a large rooster and placed this in heaven. This huge red rooster became the source of thunder and lightning.

Rooster Spirit Animal

The rooster spirit animal assists people who tend to be vigilant and for whom little escapes their notice.

Rooster’s powers of observation can also be understood to represent spiritual vigilance. Rooster is mentioned several times in the New Testament, heralding the birth of Jesus and also his denial by Peter. 

Roosters are symbols of luck and fortune in Chinese culture. However, if a rooster enters the home and roosts, it could be seen as a bad omen. Rooster brings advice from the spirit world and the animal kingdom. Heed its advice. 

The rooster is vigilant, resourceful, and also very masculine. It is always active and may even appear cocky to some. The proud rooster takes an aggressive stance on the hens. It symbolizes masculinity. 

Your spirit animal may be telling you to become more vigilant, to let go of old habits, and to reform yourself. Work hard and talk less. Let people see your actions, which are more powerful. 

According to the principles of yin and yang, the rooster is a collection of yang, and the sun is the spirit of yang. The two belong to the same category, and for this reason, the rooster crows when the sun rises, indicating their interaction.

Rooster Totem Animal

The rooster animal totem stands for pride and self-confidence. Also, the rooster spiritual meaning is courage and pride. 

The Romans knew this and took roosters and chickens with them into battle, not as food but as totem animals and good luck charms. If you’ve observed a rooster, you can see that he is a proud animal. He crows loudly and does not care who hears him. 

He even awakens the sun with his crowing. His plumage is perfect and he stands erect. He struts around with confidence and shows everyone who is in charge. Tap into the rooster totem’s spiritual strength, courage, and confidence to instill these qualities within you. 

rooster standing

You can also stand in the rooster pose of Yoga – known as the kukutasana. In this pose, you stand tall like the rooster with your hands on your hips and your rear sticking out. 

Straighten your back, legs, and head, and puff out your chest. 

A rooster’s tail has many feathers of different colors. It symbolizes the rainbow and the different colors mean different things. 

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, and let the rooster’s colors wash over you, cleansing, renewing, strengthening, and awakening you. The rooster medicine calms you, empowers you, and encourages you as well. 

Rooster Power Animal

The rooster power animal is asking you to stay grounded in order to receive the rooster’s energy. Invest your time in studying, bettering your business, or simply focus on long term financial gains. 

That is the symbol of the rooster: money, business, and luck. The appearance of the rooster indicates that it is the time to harvest your energy, for you will need the energy reserve later. 

Self-cultivation is also key, so wake up early-preferably at the crack of dawn and meditate. This will help you resolve issues with a clear mind as they crop up.

rooster standing

The Chinese believe that the rooster’s bright red comb and loud crowing frighten away the negative spirits. So call on your rooster power animal when the time is not so good. Develop your sense of self-awareness. 

Work in the background. Invest in yourself. Plan trips. For when you are not in the barnyard, you will escape unscathed. Don’t take things personally and if people let you down, don’t get into a comatose state. 

Your tendency is to go into denial. Going into denial will take away your vitality. So wake up, rise, shine, and crow- not too loudly, though! Your frankness is appreciated. So speak up when needed. 

Rooster Tattoo Meaning

There is a history of rooster tattoo meanings. Some sailors on a Chinese ship had tattooed pig and roosters on their feet. 

They believed that a rooster and pig would cut its own throat rather than try to swim and that would save drowning sailors. 

Legend also has it that in the old ship sailing days, when a ship came across another to find all hands on deck dead with only the rooster and pig surviving, then they had survived whatever calamity befell the sailors. 

This is why rooster tattoos meaning and the pig tattoo together became a good luck charm to protect sailors from drowning. 

illustration of a rooster

With this point of view, you can get a rooster tattoo, meaning that it will always protect you on the high seas of life. Then there is the fighting rooster tattoo meaning representing someone who is very hungry for power. 

A fighter rooster is always kept hungry so that adrenaline courses through its veins to make it a very powerful fighter. Fighting roosters also mean boxers in the ring. 

Roosters also stand for aggression, so rooster tattoos can also be gang tattoo. Because of its red comb, bright plumage of feathers, and puffed chest, rooster tattoos also stand for pride and passion.


A rooster stands for pride, hope, a new day, and even resurrection. For the Chinese, rooster symbolism is linked to good luck, wealth, and fortune. The Japanese believe the rooster symbol to be a signal for prayer. We hope this guide helps you decipher your own special rooster meaning and symbolism.


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  1. I am a christian,and have been praying
    for various things and fasting. On day 41 and 42 I dreamt the same dream.
    A big hen lives its house to another where a big white rooster violently mates with her until she is drained of all energy. She immediately goes back to her house.
    Please help explain this dream to me

    1. A rooster crowing is a universal symbol of awakening. This can be an excellent chance to discover a new path or examine an opportunity that you may be inadvertently ignoring.

      I hope this helps!
      — Hailey Brophy
      Writer @ World Birds

  2. i was preparing for a wedding set up at my boyfriend lodge..setting up for the function then a Black Rooster small one appear at the wedding reception floor…no bride or groom i saw and then i woke up..please what can this mean…

  3. strangest thing happened I’m an entertainer and I believe I’ve always belonged in the country music industry but never made it I decided to move to St Louis and I’m talking about right in the city I’m kind of confused about what happened this evening on the night of August 21st. Two roosters appeared in my yard just as it got dark one rooster was a black and white rooster and they started paying real close attention to my 1987 Chevy and I was about to put a transmission into it the black rooster jumped up on top of the driver’s fender and just sat there facing the windshield the white rooster tried to jump up on the same side with the black and whiterooster would not move
    So the white rooster walked around to the back passenger side fender area of the rear of my truck where there was a plastic 50 gallon garbage can without a lid the white rooster jumped up on top of that edge of the rubber 50 gallon trash can and just posted up there but before they jumped up on my truck both roosters jumped up on my deck of the outside of my porch fence railings and stood on the outside of the ledge of the porch and landed right where my feet were standing like the black and white one is trying to touch me so my dog at that time tried to nip at the rooster so I went and put my dog away the house I went to the other side of the porch in the white rooster jumped up just as the black and white rooster did on the edge of the outer side of the railing porch and stuck his head through the dividers like he wanted to touch me after several hours watching the roosters I decided to walk up to them so I walked off of my back porch and over to the truck of the driver side fender and the rooster which was the black and white one let me come very very close to him almost touching him every now and then stand up then the other rooster crowd two or three times before I was coming into the house I also went over and sat down beside the fender and make sure I had there where the white rooster was perching on the big rubber trash can up against the truck I’ve tried to look for all the answers but I just couldn’t seem to find any it’s been several hours now and they were both still in the same position the same place they were on the white rooster started growing somewhere around 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning and I think he crowed two to three times and now I can’t go to sleep it’s like they’re guarding my truck I didn’t notice them being out there until I started worrying about someone coming on my property and stealing my transmission from my old 87 Chevy so I brought the transmission in the house and the roosters are still in the same place they were and have been for hours now it’s a little after 4:00 a.m. And the roosters are still in the same spot they were if you have any answers for me please contact me by email at up_ [email protected] God bless you my name is Paul I go by J.C. also JC stands of Jesus Christ.

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