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10 Parrot Treats to Make Your Birds Happy (2022)

Many people have parrots as their pets but don’t know how to create bonding with them. Sharing a meal with birds and rewarding them with some treats now and then creates a bond. These treats are also beneficial for their health.

Parrot treats can be a huge benefit for your bird. It is because most of the bird foods don’t have enough vitamins or minerals in them and can lead to various health issues for the birds. 

But rewarding your bird with a treat doesn’t have to be expensive. Various options are available on the market for you to explore besides Quaker parrot treats. Let’s have a brief look at them one by one.

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Parrot treats

1. Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats

If you are looking to mentally stimulate your bird and entertain it, then go for the Kaytee Bird Treat. 

It contains a minimum of 7.5% crude protein and 3% crude fat. There is no use of artificial flavor or color in the making of this treat. 

With this good quality treat, your bird will not only feel active, but you will also encourage foraging.

Additionally, it will assist in alleviating stress and reducing boredom. 

These parrot treats feature the springs of millet, which is a cereal grain that birds like to devour.

You can use these treats for parrots in your bird’s cage, and the design of this product mimics the way birds like to eat in the wild. It is a low fat treat that you can offer to your parrot daily.

Check the price of Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats here

What we liked

  • Stimulates the bird and encourages foraging
  • Quality treats for all seed-eating birds
  • Highly palatable treat that is enjoyable for juveniles as well as adults
  • Suitable for all hookbills
  • Simple to use design, just hand it in the birdcage
  • Low-fat treats ideally suitable for daily feeding
  • Eradicates stress and boredom

Flavor: Millet
Main ingredients: Millet
Food form: Spray millet, treats

2. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Oat Groats Bird Treats

Want to give your bird a boost of flavor? There is nothing better than the Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro bird treat. 

This flavor and protein-enriched treat are highly essential for the overall health of your bird. It promotes the development and growth of feathers as well as skin. 

It is a good option for you to use as a treat for parrot eating fruits. You can use it as your macaw treats as well.  

This parrot treat features oat groats and has 14% more fat along with other nutrients and vitamins. This treat is a great way to add some new flavors to your bird’s diet. 

These husk treats are fluffy and big, which makes it easier to replace the oat groats every morning. You can sprinkle it over the regular food or serve it to them in a separate dish.

Check the price of Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Oat Groats Bird Treats here

What we liked

  • A high percentage of protein
  • Fortified with other minerals and vitamins
  • Boosts development and growth of skin and feathers
  • Different textured grains and their sizes will encourage the birds to play
  • Encourage foraging
  • Mix it with other food or serve it separately
  • Features oat groats flavor that birds especially parrots love

Flavor: Oat groats
Main ingredients: Oat groats
Food form: Treats

3. Vitakraft Super Fruit Cocktail Parrot & Cockatiel Treats

Vitakraft parrot snacks are good enough to keep them busy in the cage. There’s not too much coconut in it. 

Apart from that, your parrot will love the chewy fruit gummies. 

However, the quantity of shelled peanuts is too low in the mix.

These treats are made with parrot’s favorite ingredients such as banana, peanuts, carrots, peas, pineapple, and red pepper. 

The cocktail treat ingredients contain essential trace elements, minerals and vitamins, and variety your parrot needs.

If your bird hates fresh vegetables and fruits, you can serve them with Vitakraft’s dried treat.

Check the price of Vitakraft Super Fruit Cocktail Parrot & Cockatiel Treats here

What we liked

  • Encourages natural foraging
  • Great for supplementing the diet of your bird
  • Include colorful and bright food in your bird’s menu
  • Different textures and sizes of the grains
  • With the variety, this treat encourages sorting
  • Premium quality mixture of fruits, nuts, and vegetables
  • The resealable packaging helps in retaining freshness

Flavor: Fruits, nuts, and vegetables
Main ingredients: Peanuts, peas, pineapples, carrots, banana, red peppers, etc.
Food form: Dried

4. Kaytee Fiesta Blueberry Yogurt Dipped Sunflower Seeds Bird Treats

For the birds that love to eat creamy and fruity treats, the Kaytee Fiesta Parrot treat is a great option. 

It contains sunflower seeds that come with a blueberry flavor. 

The food contains real pieces of fruit, and all the ingredients are covered with a coating of creamy yogurt. 

These ingredients have a minimum of 30% crude fat and 20% crude fiber. 

This treat is useful for Appetite Stimulation and helps to combat Boredom. Don’t feed your parrot this treat more than 20% of the total food intake; otherwise, the stomach may get upset. 

Discard any soiled or uneaten portions to keep your birds healthy.

Check the price of Kaytee Fiesta Blueberry Yogurt Dipped Sunflower Seeds Bird Treats here

What we liked

  • Crunchy texture with a creamy and fruity blend
  • Satisfies their love for variety
  • An excellent way to bond with your bird
  • Real and high-quality sunflower seeds dipped in yogurt with blueberry flavor
  • The resealable packaging keeps the contents fresh
  • Use it as an occasional treat or a reward
  • Very nutritional for your bird’s health

Flavor: Blueberry
Main ingredients: Sunflower seeds
Food form: Treats

5. Brown's Tropical Carnival Crunchy Crisp Sticks Bird Treats

What do parrots like to eat for treats? Parrots love to grasp and eat the crunch, in case you’re wondering. 

The Brown’s Tropical parrot food is very crunchy and colorful, and the birds will love to explore it. 

The main ingredients include the likes of rice flour, cornflour, oat flour, and a couple of sources of Vitamin B-1, and B-2.

Furthermore, it is lightweight, low in fat, and easy to grasp for the birds in their talons. 

The treat is equally great for cockatiels, parakeets, as well as parrots. Expect a large amount of these sticks to be broken when you receive them because they are fragile. 

Most of them fall through the cage floor grate when the bird drops them, so expect a lot of waste.

Check the price of Brown’s Tropical Carnival Crunchy Crisp Sticks Bird Treats here

What we liked

  • Crunchy treats with chewy texture on the inside
  • Different colors to keep the variety going
  • You can give to any bird of any size
  • It is full of vitamin B
  • The rates are very easy to grasp
  • They are light in weight
  • Use them for a delicious reward
  • Excellent for forming a bond with your bird

Flavor: Fruits and berries
Main ingredients: Fruits and vegetables
Food form: Treats

6. Kaytee Fiesta Mango Yogurt Dipped Papaya Bird Treats

Just like the blueberry yogurt coated sunflower seeds, this treat features papaya seeds with mango yogurt coating. 

You can add it with that blueberry coated sunflower seeds and create a treat that your bird will love to devour. 

You can feed your parrot regularly with it, or you can use it as a reward for some tricks. 

The yogurt coating in this food helps them to digest their food easily. 

It is one of the highly nutritious treats for birds. Make sure that you don’t exceed the treats more than 20% of the total bird diet.

Expect the traces or smell of peanuts and tree nuts in the packaging. Don’t feed them if your bird is allergic to those foods. The tiny pieces are difficult to eat for birds and fall apart almost immediately.

Check the price of Kaytee Fiesta Mango Yogurt Dipped Papaya Bird Treats here

What we liked

  • Excellent to make your birds happy and encourage foraging
  • Promotes bonding between you and your pet
  • These treats are made with real papaya seeds and pieces
  • The yogurt coating boosts the digestive system of your bird
  • Great for adding some variety to your food
  • Aids digestion
  • Great nutritional value

Flavor: Fruits and berries
Main ingredients: Papaya pieces and seeds with mango yogurt coating
Food form: Treats

7. Kaytee Fiesta Pop-A-Rounds Pineapple Bird Food

These pineapple bird snacks are made with popped milo, along with pineapple and honey for sweetening.  

Pop-A-rounds are great treats if you want to feed your parrot a high fiber nutritional value with low fats.

If you’re working to potty train your bird, this treat would motivate him. 

You can use these soft pops when it’s time for him to use the potty before he gets on your shoulder.

It also comes in a resealable packing to maintain its freshness. As most of the birds are picky eaters, this treat is going to be very helpful for them to encourage foraging.

Check the price of Kaytee Fiesta Pop-A-Rounds Pineapple Bird Food here

What we liked

  • Encourages foraging and stimulates birds
  • Excellent for developing a bond with your bird
  • Very wholesome and crunchy treat
  • Honey and corn sugar-coated dried pineapple pieces
  • Great for training treats
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Very soft to tar off into pieces

Flavor: Pineapple
Main ingredients: Popped milo sweetened with honey
Food form: Treats

8. Niteangel Apple Small Animal & Bird Chew Sticks

These Niteangel apple chew sticks would give parrots something to gnaw on that looks purely natural. 

These treats are made from the branches of real apple trees that have been grown organically, and they haven’t been any use of pesticides. 

You don’t have to do much to feed this treat to your bird, either. 

Just throw on a couple of branches inside the cage and see what the bird does with it. 

Chewing on wood is natural for them, and they will be very thrilled with the flavor. Furthermore, it would help their teeth stay healthy.

Check the price of Niteangel Apple Small Animal & Bird Chew Sticks here

What we liked

  • Made from 100% genuine apple trees
  • Very tasty for chewing
  • Sourced from organically grown apple trees
  • Great for releasing stress and boredom
  • Good for the incisors of your bird
  • The sticks are about 5-inches long, and there are 60 to 70 sticks in one packet
  • Excellent to use as a recreational food item

Flavor: Apple
Main ingredients: Apple tree branches
Food form: Treats

9. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parrot Biscuit Bird Treats

Kaytee Parrot Biscuit is one of the best organic parrot treats out there. 

If your parrot loves eating biscuits, which is the case with most of these birds, then this is the right treat to go for. 

The crunchy and nutritious treat is very delicious for the birds. 

A high nutritional value of calcium and protein would help them to grow and make their bones stronger. 

It is great for birds to exercise their beaks. And it also features DHA Omega 3 that boosts vision, heart, and brain functions. It is good for you to use as a training reward or an occasional treat. 

Check the price of Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parrot Biscuit Bird Treats here

What we liked

  • Features DHA Omega 3, which is good for heat, vision, and brain
  • Promotes natural pre and probiotics for aiding healthy digestion
  • Good choice for the birds to exercise their beaks
  • Very crunchy and nutritional in flavor
  • Suitable for large hookbills
  • Made with corn, egg, wheat, and various other ingredients
  • Mentally stimulates the bride and reduces boredom or anxiety

Flavor: Wheat
Main ingredients: Corn, egg, wheat, and other ingredients
Food form: Treats

10. Brown's Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices Bird Treats

Birds like parrots, just love fruits, and these dried orange slices are an absolute delight for them. 

You can give this treat to any sized bird, and they will love it. 

It’s a great choice if you need the treat to reward your pet bird for various tricks and training. 

These parrot treats are very simple to use. And it is rich in Vitamin C. 

So you can use it with other foods and treats to provide your bird with a complete nutritional value.

Since they’re 100% edible, there will be no mess to clean up when your parrot finishes his delicious snack.

Check the price of Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices Bird Treats here

What we liked

  • Encourages foraging and sorting
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Made with real orange slices
  • You won’t have to deal with any mess later on
  • Great for birds of all sizes
  • Good to eradicate cage boredom and anxiety
  • Use it by mixing it with other treats

Flavor: Oranges
Main ingredients: Orange slices
Food form: Treats

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