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Martin Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit, & Omens)

Pair of Purple Martins

Martins are large members of the swallow family which are recognizable for their iridescent colors and acrobatic antics. The relationship between Martins and humans is so deep and ancient that there are parts of the world, namely eastern North America, in which certain types of Martins nest almost exclusively in human-supplied birdhouses. (1)

This is due to ancient traditions involving building birdhouses for these beautiful and energetic birds. Thanks to this tradition, some modern populations of Martins are uniquely dependent on humans to steward and protect them.

Brimming with personality, the Martin is a bird which charms and inspires. Read on to learn more about the fascinating history of Martins and the unique traits that these birds possess.

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Martin Symbolism and Meaning

Swallows on the whole are often associated with protection, safe homecoming, and navigation. Swallow tattoos are common for pirates and sailors because of the superstition which connected these birds with good luck at sea. This is most likely because swallows are land-based, so encountering a swallow at sea meant that land was close at hand. Martins, as members of the swallow family, are similarly connected with good luck and safe passage. (2)

Because many populations of Martins are so heavily dependent upon human involvement to survive and breed, these birds are connected with conservation and stewardship. They embody the symbiotic relationship between mankind and nature and remind us of our responsibility to safeguard it. They may, however, be associated with helplessness or dependency.

Furthermore, it is said that Martin houses were so common and popular in the eastern United States during the nineteenth century that every single house seemed to have one. John James Audubon once wrote that he chose which inn to stay in for the night based on the quality of their Martin house. Good lodgings for the birds meant good lodgings for their human guests. So, the Martin may represent hospitality, generosity, and welcome. (3)

Martins are insectivores and they hunt for their food on the wing. These birds are often seen performing dazzling acrobatic displays as they wheel and dive after insects. Fascinatingly, these birds don’t just eat on the wing, they actually drink all of their water on the wing as well. Rather than landing near water to drink, they simply swoop low and dip their bills into the water as they fly. So, the Martin may represent the old adage “a rolling stone gathers no moss.”

House Martin
Image by Dr. Georg Wietschorke from Pixabay

One of the reasons that Martins eat and drink on the wing is their feet. Martin feet are built for perching, but are awkwardly positioned and designed for walking. While these birds can both walk and run, they do so clumsily. So, the Martin may represent clumsiness.

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Martin Native American Symbolism

The reason that Purple Martins are so dependent on humans to provide appropriate nests is because of an interesting symbiotic relationship which formed between these birds and the Native American tribes of the eastern United States centuries ago. Various Native American tribes discovered that Purple Martins preferred to nest in holes or cavities, but that these birds could not make them for themselves. They would instead repurpose abandoned woodpecker holes and similar cavities. So, several tribes began hollowing out gourds and hanging them from poles for the Purple Martins to use. These gourds were a rousing success. The Purple Martins loved living near humans because their own predators were too shy to come near. As for the humans, watching the acrobatic birds was not only entertaining but hugely useful. Purple Martins eat insects and made an excellent for of natural and free pest control. So, a symbiotic relationship began which benefitted both parties. (4)

Because no tribes on the West Coast of the United States employed this method, Purple Martins in this part of the country still seek out abandoned cavities in which to nest. In the eastern half of the country, though, Purple Martins use human-made nests almost exclusively and are heavily dependent on these nests.

Martin Christianity Symbolism

Throughout the Bible, God names humanity as stewards of creation. He gives the responsibility to mankind to protect, keep, and maintain the earth and its creatures. The relationship between humans and Purple Martins can be seen as reflecting this responsibility and reinforcing its importance. (5)

Martin Celtic Symbolism

In Irish folklore, the swallow is associated with the weather. The height at which the swallow flies is thought to predict weather conditions. Birds on the whole tend to be connected with the Otherworld, the supernatural, and the transitions between this world and the next.

Martin in Dreams

Dreaming of a Martin might indicate homecoming or a desire to find one’s own home. Martins don’t have the bill strength to hollow out holes in trees on their own. Instead, these birds must utilize existing cavities to make a nest. Dreaming of a Martin might indicate that one feels lost when it comes to establishing one’s own space.

Dreaming of a Martin house indicates cooperation, generosity, and kindness. It is out of appreciation for these lovely birds that people continue to build homes to sustain them. Dreaming of one of these homes can indicate that one feels gratitude for the people in one’s life who have extended love and support during times of need.

Dreaming of a flock of Martins might indicate growth or forward movement. Think of this dream as a reminder to focus on self improvement and healing as you move forwards toward your goals.

Martin Encounters and Omens

Encountering a Martin can be a very rewarding experience as many people put in a lot of work to try to attract and maintain Martin nests. Encountering a Martin is often the fruit of a loving labor.

Purple Martins with gourd-shaped houses
Purple Martins with gourd-shaped houses. Image by John Benson. Supplied via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons 2.0

A Martin encounter indicates that the location of the encounter is a safe and welcoming place. Having Martins on your property indicates that you’ve built a home that is bursting with positive energy. Encounters with large flocks of Martins are good luck and indicate a prosperous future.

Martin encounters may also signify a need to get involved in one’s community. Purple Martins cannot survive without the altruism of humans, but they do their part by reducing insect populations. In a way, the Martin embodies reciprocity and reminds us that what we get out of our community and environment is the same as what we put into it.

Encountering a Martin before a long journey is especially auspicious. Martins and swallows are thought to represent safe travels, successful navigation, and protection for wanderers.

Martin in Mythology & Folklore

Martins are not specifically named in any myths that I could track down, however swallows come up often in global mythology. Seeing as Martins belong to the swallow family, I’ve included some interesting swallow stories below.

Native American Mythology:

One Hopi myth features the swallow and describes how humanity came upon the earth after emerging from underground caves. In this story, humans were once confined to cramp caves underground. After emerging from these caves, they journey across the newly discovered world and eventually grow hungry. In this story, it is the swallow who brings the first kernel of corn to the people and teaches them how to grow corn to eat. (6)

Egyptian Mythology:

In Egyptian mythology, swallows were associated with the stars and connected to the human soul. The Book of the Dead even contains a passage which instructs the deceased person on how to transform into a swallow. (7)

Korean Mythology:

According to one Korean myth, a swallow once meted out justice for a pair of brothers. In this story, two young brothers had very different dispositions. One of the young men was generous, kind, and humble. The other brother was greedy and cruel. One day, the kind brother found a swallow with a broken leg. Pitying the poor creature, the kind brother decided to nurse the swallow back to health. One year later, a swallow landed before the brother and gave him a pumpkin seed. When he planted the seed, a giant pumpkin grew which contained a huge store of precious jewels.

Purple Martin Houses
Purple Martin houses. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ursus sapien. Supplied under Creative Commons 4.0

The greedy brother heard about this and decided that he wanted to experience the same thing. Because he could not find an injured swallow, he captured a swallow and broke its leg himself. When his swallow returned the next year, it gave him a pumpkin seed as well. When the greedy brother planted his seed, the pumpkin that grew was filled with bandits and thieves who stole all of his belongings. (8)

Greek Mythology:

Swallows are said to be sacred to household gods in Greek mythology, but especially to Aphrodite who is the goddess of love, devotion, and beauty. (9)

Martin Spirit Animal

The Martin spirit animal is found in people who build deep connections with others. People with the Martin as their spirit animal are natural community-builders and are most comfortable knowing that they have a wide support structure behind them. The Martin spirit does not like to “go it alone,” but they are happy to pull their weight as part of a community or a team.

Values like equality and justice are important to the Martin spirit. People with this spirit animal are bound to take offense to bad leadership, nepotism, or unjust behaviors. While naturally easy-going and gentle, the Martin spirit animal will always stand up for what’s right.

People with the Martin as their spirit animal live by the motto “pay it forward.” The Martin spirit animal believes that good deeds should be rewarded and that positive energy begets more of the same. If somebody extends a courtesy to the Martin spirit animal, they are bound to pay that courtesy back in kind.

Martin Totem Animal

The Martin totem is associated with finding hidden things. People with this totem animal are naturally curious about the world and love to discover new secrets. The Martin totem animal is often found in people who are natural explorers.

People with the Martin as their totem animal are great at finding things because they are accustomed to changing their perspective. The Martin totem animal is happy to “zoom out” of an issue in order to find a solution that might seem novel.

Singing Purple Martin
Image of singing Purple Martin by Shanthanu Bhardwaj. Supplied via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons 2.0

The Martin totem animal is also connected with honesty and integrity. People who have the Martin as their totem animal dislike lies and liars. Building relationships is easy for the Martin totem, but repairing them once the trust has been broken is much much more difficult.

Martin Power Animal

The Martin power animal is associated with purification. Martins feed on insects and are natural pest control for mosquitoes and flies. The Martin power animal can be invoked as a way of gently removing negative influences from one’s life.

People with the Martin as their power animal may use this animal’s power to vanquish anxieties. Anxiety is often depicted as an insect swarm, but the energetic Martin reminds us that facing our fears with energy and vigor is the best way to take them to task.

People with the Martin power animal are natural leaders because the Martin’s positivity inspires and motivates others. The humility of the Martin brings out the cooperative side of others.

Martin Tattoo Meaning

A Martin tattoo may represent hospitality, community, cooperation, kindness, generosity, or dependency.

Like other swallows, Martin tattoos would primarily be recognized as representing good luck and safe passage for voyagers, especially sailors.

A Martin tattoo might be chosen to remind one of their responsibility to preserve and steward the natural world.

Purple Martins perched on a rope
Purple Martins perched on a rope. Image by Matt Tillett. Supplied via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons 2.0

Like other swallows, a Martin tattoo in a Korean style might serve as a reminder that the rewards or consequences that we receive are the results of our own actions.


Martins might not be the most iconic birds around, but they are beloved in many circles for a reason. Not only do Martins have an age old relationship with human civilizations, but their populations in parts of the world have come to rely upon our help to continue. This is a big responsibility, but it is also a really cool privilege. As partners in this relationship, we get to have a front row seat to the spectacular show of the Martin.

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