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Hoopoe Makes Rare Appearance in Northern Ireland


Hoopoes are gorgeous and distinct birds with large crests and striking markings. Although many observers liken Hoopoes to woodpeckers, these unique birds actually belong to their very own family, with their closest relatives being hornbills. These birds are year-round residents of Africa, but during the breeding season they can be found throughout a pretty significant swathe of Eurasia. The British Isles are not included within this range, however vagrancy is relatively common.

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Vagrancy refers to the appearance of a bird outside of its normal habitat range. Most vagrant birds are found during migration seasons and are usually lost or blown off course thanks to weather, navigational issues, or other special circumstances.

While the causes of vagrancy can vary greatly, one thing tends to hold true in most reported sightings of vagrant birds; this is the fact that they are major events for dedicated birdwatchers. Birdwatching as a hobby allows one to get in touch with local wildlife and become familiar with one’s habitat and surroundings. For some birders, though, spotting an unusual or rare bird outside of its normal range is a special opportunity to check a new species off one’s “life list.” Such is the case in Northern Ireland, where a lost Hoopoe has been spotted a few times in recent weeks.

The sighting is reported to be as far as 500 miles north of the sections of the U.K. wherein vagrant Hoopoe are typically spotted. For many birders in Northern Ireland, the opportunity to view this lost African bird is a once-in-a-lifetime event. This is reported to be the 19th sighting of a Hoopoe in Northern Ireland since 1860.

The Hoopoe was sighted in Northern Ireland’s County Down, where it has attracted lots of attention from eager local birders. It is not known how long the Hoopoe will stay in the area as vagrancy is a major disruption to typical behavior. While vagrant birds don’t typically stay outside of their ranges for very long, bird behavior is impossible to completely predict. In extremely rare cases, such as that of the Steller’s Sea Eagle which shocked birdwatchers around the world by traversing the United States over the last few years, vagrant birds can behave in very unexpected ways.

With spring migration in full swing, regions around the world are experiencing an influx of returning spring birds, departing winter birds, and occasional lost vagrants. For birdwatchers everywhere, this is a season of excitement and enjoyment of the bounty of nature and the beauty of birds!

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3 thoughts on “Hoopoe Makes Rare Appearance in Northern Ireland”

  1. Avatar

    Hailey, very interesting story. I enjoyed reading the article and had no idea about vagrancy – thank you!

      1. Avatar

        I motored up from Belfast today ( approx 2pm ) on my way to Cushundall . On the hard shoulder about 10 miles north of Belfast there was an Hoopoe foraging on the hard shoulder totally unaware of the traffic.
        No mistake whatsoever … but at high speed there’s very little I could do to capture the moment.
        One spotting less from my Bucket List .. NO mistake,
        K J Wiggett

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