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Cowbird Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Adult male Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) sitting erect on a green plant in Los Angeles county in California, USA

Cowbirds are a bizarre bunch. Though you may be picturing something resembling their bovine namesakes, these birds actually bear very little resemblance to cows. In fact, for the most part, cowbirds are quite unassuming in appearance. They tend to be somewhat squat birds ranging in color from black to brown. 

What is special about cowbirds, and what they are generally most known for, is the unique reproductive behaviors in which they engage. Cowbirds are obligate brood parasites. (1) This means that all cowbirds depend on other birds to rear their young. To do this, the female cowbird lays her egg in the nest of the unsuspecting foster parents. She may even destroy the other eggs that she finds there. Although some species have evolved to recognize the invader eggs of brood parasites, most birds will hatch the egg and raise the chick.

Cowbird chicks are demanding and grow quickly. Often, the foster parents belong to a smaller species and struggle to keep up with their growing changeling. As it grows, the cowbird chick will push competing siblings from the nest. (2) This is the strange and somewhat upsetting survival strategy of the cowbird.

So, what does it mean if the cowbird is a part of your life? Though their parasitic behaviors are brutal, the adaptation is successful for a reason. Cowbirds are crafty, assertive, and enterprising animals. Unsavory as they may seem, we can certainly learn a thing or two from these cunning birds.

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Cowbird Symbolism and Meaning

Cowbirds are often symbolic of parasitism and negativity. Their bizarre nesting strategy poses a serious danger to large populations of songbirds. Cowbirds are considered by many to be villainous.

The obvious symbolism of cowbirds links them to unhealthy family dynamics. Parental abandonment is a way of life for cowbirds. Once placed in the foster parents’ nest, cowbirds are demanding and utterly dependent. (3)

Additionally, the cowbird can be seen as symbolic of vicious sibling rivalry. The cowbird is often much larger than the brood that it replaces, and will usually kill them off by pushing them from the nest or starving them by hogging food.

Cowbirds can also be symbolic of manipulative behaviors. The reason that cowbirds have managed to continuously succeed as a species is that other birds are subject to powerful parental instincts. When these birds fail to recognize the cowbird chick as an invader, they will do everything they can to provide for it. Their intense parental instinct is manipulated by the cowbird parents when the egg is placed, and by the cowbird chick when it hatches. Instead of serving to raise their offspring, this instinct is manipulated such that it is harmful to the foster parent birds and their own young.

Parasitic cowbird chick
Photo by Jack Bulmer on Unsplash

Cowbirds can also be representative booth negative and positive symbiotic relationships. Parasitic relationships are not truly symbiotic, as they damage the host. However, cowbirds were once called “buffalo birds” for their tendency to follow herds of buffalo and feed on the insects that swarm the herd. Even now, cowbirds are commonly found eating the insects that pester horses and cows. (4) So, although their relationships with other birds are usually very harmful, their relationships with large mammals are mutually beneficial and thus symbiotic.

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Cowbird Native American Symbolism

Native American tradition associates cowbirds with the herds of buffalo. (5) It was once believed that the reason for cowbirds’ brood parasitism was the constant need to move with the buffalo herds which may have prevented the cowbirds from settling in their own nests. (6

Cowbird Christianity Symbolism

Christianity places a high value on honesty and treats deceit as a very serious sin. The nesting strategy of cowbirds could be interpreted as dishonest and sinful.

Cowbird Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic mythology, the concept of a “changeling” or a child who has been spirited away and replaced by an otherworldly invader, can be connected to the nesting strategies of cowbirds. Changelings are mysterious creatures associated with fairies and the “otherworld.” (7)

Cowbird in Dreams

Dreaming of cowbirds is rarely a positive sign. Cowbirds damage the homes of the birds in which they place their eggs. If you have a dream about a cowbird, it may indicate that something insidious is damaging your home.

Dreaming of a cowbird chick may indicate that you are stretched too thin by those who depend on you. Try to examine whether you’re getting as much out of your relationships as you’re putting into them.

A cowbird dream may also indicate that the dreamer is struggling with intimacy. Cowbirds, rather than rearing their own offspring, abandon them and leave them to the mercy of another bird’s parental instincts. Dreaming of cowbirds may mean that you feel uncomfortable being vulnerable with others, or that you have been keeping an emotional distance from your loved ones.

Cowbird Encounters and Omens

An encounter with a cowbird can serve as a serious warning. Since cowbirds are such aggressive brood parasites, if a cowbird visits your home, it may be a sign that something is gravely wrong.

If you encounter a cowbird, consider whether someone may be taking advantage of you. Cowbirds are not the only creatures that are capable of parasitic behavior. Be wary of manipulative individuals who may seek to use your instincts against you. This warning is especially important for highly sensitive or empathetic people. A cowbird encounter may warn that someone with bad intentions has recognized your kindness and is seeking to exploit it as a vulnerability.

A cowbird encounter may also be a reminder to examine whether you’ve abandoned something important. Be it a hobby, a responsibility, an interest, or a relationship, we all abandon things here and there as we grow as people. The trouble arises when the abandoned thing was deeply important to our emotional health. If you have a habit of changing to suit others, a cowbird encounter may be a sign that in doing so you’ve left a part of yourself behind.

Cowbird in Mythology & Folklore

Cowbirds, though they do not really appear in any mythological traditions, are easily associated with a number of myths involving children being replaced by invaders. The most obvious example of this is the concept of the changeling.

Begging cowbird chick
Begging cowbird chick

Native American Mythology:

The closest analogy to the cowbird’s brood parasitism in Native American mythology is the terrifying myth of the skinwalker. The skinwalker can replace humans or animals by impersonating them or by transforming into them.(8) The insidious nature of the skinwalker matches the danger that cowbird chicks pose to their foster families.

Celtic Mythology:

In Celtic mythology, changelings are fay creatures from the otherworld. Human children can be replaced by changelings and taken to the otherworld. If this occurs, the parents would likely never see the original child again, and would instead be left to rear the changeling as their own. This closely aligns with the breeding behaviors of cowbirds.

Greek Mythology:

The Greek name for the cowbird genus is “molothrus.” This comes from the words for “struggle” and “to sire” or “to impregnate.” The Greek meaning of these birds may deal with infertility. 

Additionally, the parental abandonment that cowbird eggs experience could be connected to Hephaestus, whose mother, Hera, cast him from Olympus after attempting to conceive a child on her own. She was disgusted with Hephaestus’s appearance and rejected him on sight. (9) Although Hephaestus is welcomed back to Olympus, he never quite fits in with the other gods.

Cowbird Spirit Animal

The cowbird spirit animal indicates a highly individualistic personality. People with the cowbird spirit animal tend to be very intelligent, but they often struggle to connect with others. It is important that people with this spirit animal are aware of their weaknesses and devoted to self-improvement.

The cowbird spirit animal is often found in people who struggle to meet their potential. Intelligence and cunning are often paired with a lazy attitude. People with the cowbird spirit animal often expect things to work out for them and are disastrously affected by the underwhelming results of such an attitude. 

Perhaps due to their intelligence, people with the cowbird spirit animal are often fearful of being vulnerable. They are much more comfortable manipulating acquaintances and keeping close relationships at a considerable distance than they are opening up to others.

If an individual with this spirit animal can conquer its pitfalls, though, the cowbird spirit animal can be one of great intelligence, intuition, and potential.

Cowbird  Totem Animal

The cowbird totem animal is quite formidable. Like the cowbird spirit animal, it is connected with cunningness, manipulation, intuition, and laziness. 

Another interesting trait of the cowbird totem animal is adaptability. The cowbird places its egg in the nest of another bird and the cowbird chick must then fill the role of the replaced young. Though this is harmful to the host family, the ability to adapt to any role is a significant talent. People with the cowbird totem animal should do everything that they can to harness this talent and use it for good.

People with the cowbird totem animal tend to be great liars. Although this is not necessarily a positive trait, it can have positive purposes. The cowbird totem animal is often found in great storytellers. The same creative talent that allows someone to manipulate and lie, can also be used to tell stories that touch the emotions of their audiences.

Cowbird Power Animal

The cowbird power animal is tied to intuition and, quite surprisingly, empathy. People with the cowbird power animal have an uncanny ability to read the emotions of others. Like salespeople, they can often “cold read” an individual and immediately intuit a great deal of information about a person from a very limited interaction. 

Although this ability is easily employed for manipulative purposes, it is deeply rooted in empathy. The cowbird power animal is intensely aware of the emotions of others. A person with this power animal may avoid vulnerability because of this. If this empathy is embraced, though, the cowbird power animal can be found in those with a talent for spiritual healing.

Cowbird Tattoo Meaning

A cowbird tattoo can be a poignant reminder not to take for granted the peaceful respite of the home. For some, this tattoo may be a reminder of the many threats that face each family, and the need to protect loved ones. It may also represent the importance of vulnerability and honesty.

Additionally, a cowbird tattoo can be a symbol of overcoming abandonment. A cowbird tattoo could also indicate that the individual feels out of place, or that they are not amongst their own kind.

Cowbird at feeder
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash


Cowbirds are often cast as the bird that birdwatchers love to hate. It is obvious why that is the case. Their brood parasitism evokes a moral disgust in people as we picture the poor harried foster parents scrambling to feed the very same creature that has killed their own young. 

It is important, though, to avoid anthropomorphizing this behavior too much. Cowbirds are not people. They do not operate using the moral compasses that humans do. Instead, they act on instinct and do their absolute best to survive, just like every other animal. 

With this in mind, there is a lot to admire about cowbirds. Their adaptation is unique and obviously highly effective. They are so driven by instinct, that they are able to avoid being socialized by their foster parents to such an extent that they forget how to behave as a cowbird. (10) This is no small feat. In fact, this ability to be a cowbird no matter how they’re raised characterizes cowbirds as animals that are uniquely in touch with who they are.

Far from evil villains, cowbirds are self-assured and clever little creatures who make the most out of the tools that nature has given them to survive. For those that feel connected to cowbirds, this adaptability is a powerful lesson.

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