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Blue-footed Booby Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Blue-footed booby

Blue-footed boobies are relatively large sea birds native to the western coastal regions of Central and South America, including the Galápagos Islands. They are named for their brilliant blue feet and for their reputation as oblivious or silly animals. The name “booby” comes from the Spanish word “bobo,” which means “stupid.” Blue-footed boobies were named this way as a result of their goofy appearance, their clumsiness walking around the rocky shorelines of their home habitat, and their relative fearlessness around humans.1

It is no surprise that with a name like “booby,” and such eye-catching blue feet, these unique birds leave such a lasting impression on those who come across them. But what is the meaning of the blue-footed booby? What can such a bizarre animal tell us about ourselves? Let’s find out!

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Blue-footed Booby Tattoo Meaning

Symbolism and Meaning

Blue-footed boobies are often taken as symbols of foolishness. They are seen by many as clumsy and clown-like. However, there is more to these sea birds than their bumbling reputation implies.

What do Blue-footed Boobies Symbolize?

The blue-footed booby is a symbol of adaptability. Like most sea birds, blue-footed boobies belong to multiple worlds. They nest on land, but fly and swim with ease. In this way, blue-footed boobies represent transitions between worlds. 

Though they are incredibly clumsy on land, blue-footed boobies are graceful in the sky and underwater and are highly skilled and precise divers. They can symbolize the need to embrace one’s own individual strengths instead of lamenting weaknesses. 

Blue-footed boobies also remind us to look beneath the surface of things. Their terrific diving skills indicate their comfort in exploring beneath the surface of the sea. Additionally, to appreciate the beauty and value of a blue-footed booby, one must look past their silly name and unique appearance.

A blue-footed booby can sometimes symbolize self-expression or creativity. Their stand-out feet are an indication of good health and an important part of their courtship process. Blue-footed boobies dance for each other during courtship, with their bright blue feet acting as the centerpiece of these dances. 2 We can take this aspect of the blue-footed booby as a reminder to embrace the silly side of our relationships and to take pride in self-expression.

Blue-footed Booby Native American Symbolism

Because of the relatively limited range of the blue-footed booby, these birds don’t appear much in the works of literature or mythologies of Native American cultures. In fact, they have very little presence in any literature or mythologies. Thus, we must derive their Native American symbolism or meaning from their general significance as sea birds. In Native American traditions, sea birds are often symbols of medicine and healing, perseverance, or they can even be symbolic of the sea itself. 3

Blue-footed Booby Christian Symbolism

Likewise, to understand the Christian meaning of the blue-footed booby, we must rely on the general significance of sea birds. Some sea birds, namely cormorants and gulls, are listed in Leviticus 11:13 as unclean beasts who are not fit to be eaten. 4 Otherwise, the blue-footed booby’s meaning must be assumed to be the same as all other birds: a symbol of God’s grace and the beauty of his creation.

Blue-footed Booby Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic traditions, sea birds are typically symbols of the Celtic otherworld. In fact, the supernatural in Celtic myth was often connected to both birds and sources of water. Sea birds, which traverse the sky, sea, and air, can be interpreted as distinctly otherworldly. 5

Blue-footed Boobies in Dreams

Have you had a dream about blue-footed boobies? This can have many different meanings. Dreams are often messages from the dreamer’s subconscious, so if you dream about something as unusual as blue-footed booby, your subconscious may have a special message for you.

 The blue-footed booby has special significance as a sea bird, and for its own unique features.

Sea birds are often interpreted as auspicious or lucky symbols to encounter in dreams. This can be true for blue-footed boobies as well. 

A blue-footed booby communicates the need for a positive transition. Like all sea birds, they exist at the nexus between land, sea, and sky. For that reason, a blue-footed booby can represent a liminal space or a period of change. 

Unlike other sea birds, though, blue-footed boobies are especially inelegant when they’re bound to the earth. Dreaming of these birds can mean that you are stuck in a place of weakness, or even that your physical surroundings are holding you back. Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery! If you’re having dreams involving the blue-footed booby, your potential might be unrealized by the physical or spiritual location that you’re stuck in. If this is the case, then the blue-footed booby is probably appearing to you to tell you to play to your strengths, and to embrace the changes that will bring you into the place that you need to be.

Blue-footed boobies in dreams can also be a manifestation of a part of yourself that you’ve suppressed. Blue-footed boobies are goofy and expressive, and they incorporate their individuality in all of their relationships. Dreaming of blue-footed boobies may mean that you are neglecting your silly side. Your subconscious may be crying out for an outlet of self-expression. Be especially aware of whether or not you might be stifling a part of yourself for the sake of a particular relationship. Blue-footed boobies embrace and celebrate each other’s eye-catching feet. These sea birds remind us that lovers must see and appreciate each other’s unique personalities. They also remind dreamers that relationships should be silly and fun sometimes. Their appearance in a dream may be as simple as a subconscious reminder that you could use a laugh!

A negative dream about a blue-footed booby may be a warning against a bad judgment that you’ve made, or that you are making. Blue-footed boobies have abilities that run far deeper than their looks or their name imply. If your subconscious has noticed a tendency to hastily judge people or situations, these birds may appear to express the need to look deeper than the surface level of a situation.

Blue-footed Booby Encounters and Omens

Unless you dwell on the Western coast of Central or South America, you are unlikely to encounter a wild blue-footed booby. They have, however, been known to occasionally find their way as far North as the San Francisco Bay Area of California, though this is extremely uncommon. 6

Perhaps, though, you keep encountering blue-footed boobies in other ways. Maybe you keep seeing images or mentions of blue-footed boobies. Encounters like this are often messages regarding things that we should prepare for or things that we’ve neglected.

A blue-footed booby may be a sign that you’re not in the place that you’re meant to be in, and that you should look for the chance to initiate change. They may also be an omen of an impending transformation or transition. Some people interpret blue-footed boobies as an omen of maturation or graceful aging. This is because the blue hue of their feet is said to grow more vibrant and intense with age. 7

Blue-footed Boobies in Mythology & Folklore

The blue-footed booby is not really present in much folklore or mythology, despite its obvious charisma. Despite this, we can examine its role in various traditions by examining the mythological appearances of various similar birds.

Blue-footed Boobies in Native American Mythology

You would be hard-pressed to find the blue-footed booby represented in most mythologies, however, it can be assumed that like most sea birds, Native American mythology may attribute to the blue-footed booby the ability to control certain weather phenomena. Sea birds in Native American traditions were considered to have the ability to control the weather and summon great storms. 8

Blue-footed Boobies in Celtic Mythology

Although no ancient Celts would ever encounter this particular bird, its unique coloration may have added to its association with the otherworld. Many Welsh and Irish myths include bizarrely colored animals as envoys of the otherworld. The blue-footed booby’s neon feet would certainly give a striking, perhaps even “otherworldly,” impression.

Additionally, though this connection is admittedly a bit of a stretch, there is a Scottish cryptic known as the “Boobrie” that comes to mind when considering the blue-footed booby in Celtic myth. This creature is said to be a giant shape-shifting sea bird that preys on livestock. Some believe that the original source of this legend is a large sea bird known as the great auk, which went extinct in the nineteenth century. Perhaps the true culprit is a blue-footed booby that has taken up residence in a Scottish loch. 9

Blue-footed Boobies in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, birds are used to divine the future through a practice known as “ornithomancy.” Ornithomancy was sometimes used to determine the best times to sail, and the safest sea routes. Were their blue-footed boobies in Greece, we could assume that their movements would be used accordingly. 10

As sea birds that perch on rocky islands, have eye-catching features and dance alluring courtship dances, perhaps there is a connection to be made between the blue-footed booby and the monsters of Greek myth known as sirens? Though they’re often depicted as mermaid-like, sirens were originally described as avian humanoids. The blue-footed booby may not have the most seductive face, but otherwise these creatures are a pretty good fit. 11

Blue-footed Boobies in Chinese Mythology

In Chinese mythology, large sea birds can be associated with winds, natural disasters, or perseverance.

Blue-footed Booby Spirit Animal

If you possess the spirit of the blue-footed booby, it’s likely that you are dedicated to your own individuality. A blue-footed booby spirit exists at the exact middle ground between embracing external changes and refusing to conform. Conformity is the number one enemy of the blue-footed booby spirit.

Additionally, if your spirit animal is the blue-footed booby, you may find that you attract bizarre or unexplainable things. The relative weirdness of the blue-footed booby, as well as their tendency to dwell between worlds can attract the strange and the supernatural to them.

Blue-footed Booby Totem Animal

Individuals with the blue-footed booby as their totem animal are characterized by uniqueness and constant change.

 The blue-footed booby totem is often present in people who are drawn to things that are unusual or colorful. People with this totem may struggle to fit in, or take a great deal of pride in standing out. 

The blue-footed booby totem indicates an individual that is willing to adapt to a variety of circumstances, but will wither in relationships that expect them to change their nature. For people with this totem, the most important thing that a loved one must do is accept them as they are.

People who have the blue-footed booby as their totem animal tend to be “class clown” types who hide their inner thoughts beneath an outer layer of humor. A sense of humor and a penchant for goofiness is a defining feature of this totem. Beware of this humor, though. Those who have the blue-footed booby totem are likely hiding a complex inner world beneath the surface. Their humor is often a tactic to distract from their true selves. They can struggle with vulnerability out of an intense fear of rejection.

Blue-footed Booby Power Animal

The power of the blue-footed booby, aside from all of the traits outlined above, is honesty with oneself. More than anything else, the blue-footed booby is unapologetically themself no matter how they may be perceived. Although the true nature of a blue-footed booby’s spirit may be concealed by silliness, the self-reflective tendency of this animal means that those who call upon its power are blessed with self-knowledge and insight.

It is worth noting as well that the “booby” name was earned by these birds to indicate foolishness, but that the trait that this name refers to is fearlessness. The blue-footed booby grants an individual the courage to explore and confront their true self.

Blue-footed Booby Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos are often extremely meaningful to those that have them. If you feel a strong sense of connection to the personality of the blue-footed booby, then a tattoo honoring that connection might be right for you.

A Blue-footed booby tattoo is a reminder to embrace the joy of self-expression. In a way, the blue-footed booby is a perfect candidate for a tattoo. A blue-footed booby tattoo says that you are okay with standing out. So long as that means living as your most authentic self, a blue-footed booby is the ideal symbol.

A blue-footed booby tattoo can also express a love of nature and a silly personality.


Though the blue-footed booby is certainly a strange animal, they clearly have much to teach us. Perhaps the silly appearance of this enigmatic bird is an asset. After all, their graceful dives are far more striking when they catch you by surprise. In any case, those among us who carry a bit of the blue-footed booby in our spirits must continue to flaunt our blue feet, dance our ridiculous dances, and remain unapologetically unique.

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