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Steiner Predator Review in 2022 (ALL Sizes)

steiner predator binoculars

This is a comprehensive Steiner Predator review!

These binoculars are for you if you are going for a big western game or an eastern whitetail hunt because they are quick to focus, bright on display, and light in weight. All these features make them a great pair of hunting binoculars.

In this review, we will explore the specs, features, and different sizes available in the Steiner Predator series.

Steiner Predator Overview

The Steiner Predator binoculars come with color adjustment transmission (CAT) coating on their optics for exceptional low-light performance. This feature helps you as a hunter to spot game in any weather condition by amplifying image contrast.

You can conveniently see even in dusk and dawn. Whether you are a black powder enthusiast or a bowhunter who likes to hunt in thick cover or the early season, these binoculars are just right for you.

steiner predator binoculars

I loved how these binoculars handle low light and how lightweight they feel in my hands despite featuring heavy-duty optics. They are available at a very affordable price. It’s a bargain you don’t want to miss out on.

The Predator binocular devices and all their optics and components are made in Germany while everything is assembled in Monterey, California. So, you can expect a lot of quality and precision in the construction of these binoculars. 

There are four sizes available in the Steiner Predator series:

Steiner Predators’ most popular size is the 10×42 due to its fast-close focus feature that helps to locate your game instantly from a very far distance. These are great for hunting on the move. 

The next couple of sections of this Steiner Predator binoculars review are the same for all the sizes. The specific features of each size will be covered later in this review.

Optical Performance

The overall optical performance of these binoculars is extraordinary in gloomy conditions. These binoculars produce brighter images in low light conditions due to optimized light transmission.

steiner predator binoculars

Lens quality

The Steiner Predator binos come with high-quality Nova Scotia glass that is extremely clear and ensures better light transmission and clarity. This glass helps produce accurate colors and light even in the wettest conditions. 

These binoculars also have roof prisms, and Predator optics are further coated with color-adjusted transmission coating. It means these binoculars will make it easy for you to spit your game in any environment.

This coating amplifies the contrast within the peak sensitivity range of human vision and quickly spots the game.

Image quality

The NS glass and CAT coating are the patented technologies of Steiner, which are responsible for creating bright and sharp images on the field. The CAT coating also amplifies contrast and makes pictures bright and color more visible. 

It means your target will be evident with all its true colors. You won’t feel any color fringing issues (you see blurry images with non-accurate color schemes in color fringing). 

To check the image quality, I run a test on it. I was able to read the fine letters and headlines of a 40-meter away newspaper. And I was impressed by the precise image with a minimal shake.

Construction and Design

I loved the fact that these binoculars feel incredibly light in my hands, and I can conveniently use them on the go. The outer layer is coated with rubber armoring which protects it from impacts if it falls from your hands accidentally.

steiner predator binoculars

Body and grip

The Makrolon housing is a highly durable polycarbonate housing that features NBR rubber armoring. In action, it is durable, lightweight, and rugged. It is designed to withstand an impact of 11 Gs and is impervious to any accidental drop on any terrain. 

The Predator binos also come with the N2 injection system. With it, Steiner has sealed dry nitrogen within it pressurized at 14 PSI. It means the binoculars are fog and waterproof, and they can withstand any conditions ranging from desert heat to arctic cold. 

They also come with a lockable diopter and are tripod adaptable as standard configuration. Moreover, with the ClicLoc system, you can quickly attach and release a harness or neck strap using a push-button so they can hang straight and are ready to be used.

Focus wheel and focusing

The Predator series binoculars have a pretty standard focus wheel as well as a focusing mechanism. With Fast-Close-Focus’s help, you don’t have to put in much effort to focus on your target. You will only have to make a minimum rotational movement for an absolute sharp focus ranging from close to infinity. 

The wheel itself has an exceptionally ergonomic design, and you can conveniently move it with just one finger. It is positioned right in the middle of the two barrels and so reaching out to it with your index finger won’t be a problem.

Eyecups and lens covers

You can twist the eyecups up and fold them down according to your preferences and liking. Twist-up eyecups are great for those who don’t wear glasses because you can brace your eyebrows, and the bins won’t float. They also fold down, so even if you wear eyeglasses, you will see the entire field of view against the ocular lens. 

The Predator hunting binos come with standard lens covers that will keep your lens well protected from external elements like dust and raindrops. They have a robust design and easily usable when putting them on or taking them off from your lenses.

Predator Model Sizes

There are four sizes available in Predator binoculars. The most popular one is the 10X42, especially among the hunter because of its lightweight construction, close-focus, and bright light transmission.

The following table provides you with a detailed overview of all the sizes available in Predator hunting binoculars.

8X4210X428X30 AF10X42 AF
Objective lens diameter42 mm42 mm30 mm42 mm
Eye relief18.5 mm16 mm15 mm16.8 mm
Exit pupil5.3 mm4.2 mm3.75 mm4.2 mm
Linear field of view381 feet/1000 yards328 feet/1000 yards302 feet/1000 yards381 feet/1000 yards
Angular field of view7.3 degrees7.3 degrees5.75 degrees7.3 degrees
Close focus6.5 feet6.5 feet6 feet6 feet
Dimensions (height/width)6.9 x 4.9 inches6.9 x 4.9 inches6.5 x 4.7 inches7.5 x 5.9 inches
Weight26.1 oz28.4 oz19 oz30.3 oz
HandheldGreat for using on the goBetter suited for use when stationaryGreat for using on the goBetter suited for use when stationary

Steiner Predator 8X42

The Steiner Predator 8X42 binoculars give you the most expansive field of view of all the Predators, along with the 10X42 AF. It means you can view the entire landscape and find your targets conveniently with your Steiner Predator 8×42.

The Steiner hunter binoculars come with the longest eye relief of all the Predator sizes, which means you can conveniently use them with your eyeglasses on. The Predator 8X42 also comes with the largest exit pupil, which means it is the best in light transmission in all Predator sizes.

Steiner Predator 10X42

The Steiner Predator 10X42 binoculars come with high-quality optics, but they are also a bit too heavy for use on the go. However, the Steiner Predator 10X42 comes with some handy features like an FoV of 328 feet @ 1000 yards, giving you a broad enough view even at full magnification. 

In the field, I was able to see black timber at dawn and dusk with precise clarity. The exit pupil of these Steiner hunting binoculars is still over 4mm, which means more light travels into the barrel and towards your eyepiece for brighter images. And with a 6mm eye relief, you will still feel pretty comfortable with your eyeglasses on and using the Predator 10X42.

Steiner Predator AF 8X30

The Steiner Predator AF 8X30 binoculars are incredibly lightweight. The Steiner Predator AF is the lightest of all the predators, which means they are excellent for hunters on the go. 

But you will also have to compromise on some other features, like short eye relief is 15mm, which means that you will be better off using them without your eyeglasses. 

The Steiner Predator AF binoculars also have the smallest exit pupil, which means the Predator AF 8X30 is the least powerful in light transmission. It has a narrow field of view of 302 feet at 100 yards which is the smallest number in all the Predators. 

But these numbers are still useful if you compare them with some models of other brands in the same category and size.

Steiner Predator AF 10X42

The Steiner Predator AF 10X42 binoculars are the most powerful Predator binoculars. They come with powerful optics and an automatic focus. It means they are great for quickly spotting the prey. But they are not great for using on the go because of their heavyweight 30.3 oz. 

I found it a great gadget for any hunter looking to shoot down larger prey because the Predator AF 10X42 allows you to see a wide field of view of 381 feet at 1000 yards. It means that you can use them for spotting your target comfortably out in the open field.

These binoculars come with a long eye relief of 16.8mm, so you can use them with your eyeglasses on. Plus, they handle light well and produce crisp, clear images due to their 4.2mm exit pupil.

Steiner Warranty

Steiner’s Heritage Warranty is for the entire life of your binoculars. In the US and Canada, this warranty applies to manufactured products after 2014 but not in Europe. 

The electronic components are not included in this warranty, and a separate 3-year warranty covers them. These warranties don’t cover theft, loss, deliberate or cosmetic damage that doesn’t hinder binoculars’ performance.


There are not many downsides to discuss here, the Steiner Predator binoculars. But we have noticed that these binoculars come with heavy lens covers, and they flop around when you use these binoculars. 

The eyecups have flaps on them to prevent light from disturbing your view. But with that design, the protective covers or rain cups don’t fit very well, and with any movement, they fall off.

What’s In the Box?

The quality of all these accessories included in the box is good, but I did feel that the objective lens covers are a bit too heavy for use on the go. We would have liked to see a window mount or a tripod in this package, especially for the 10×42 models. The rest seems all fine, no issues at all.

User Reviews

The average user rating of these binoculars is 4.6 stars.

These Predator ratings suggest that many people love using them for hunting purposes. Most of the people commented about how these binoculars made objects pop out of the backgrounds. They also talked about how easy they are to focus, and they feel somewhat lightweight but durable in hand. 

However, a small group of people didn’t find the lens caps very useful because they were heavy and floppy to use rapid movements.

Great binoculars. Carried them to New Mexico on an elk hunt, was able to kill a nice 7X7 bull because of these optics’ late afternoon light gathering ability. The browns and reds stood out. It was amazing. I could see a game that I would have missed with my other binoculars.

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You can explore some alternatives if you don’t like the Steiner Predator binocular for some reason.

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD

If you are looking for a lightweight alternative, consider going for the Leupold BX-4 binoculars. These binoculars have fog and waterproof construction and feature a Twilight Max light management system for a good performance in low light conditions.

Nikon Monarch 7

The Nikon Monarch 7 binoculars are made of Extra-low Dispersion glass, phase-correction, and a dielectric multilayer prism that will deliver bright, crisp, and true-color images.

Vortex Viper HD

This is a lightweight pair of Viper binoculars that you should consider for hunting. These come with long eye relief and a wide field of view. They feature HD lenses with XR coating to make sure to handle light and colors very well.

Our Verdict

The Steiner Predator binoculars are great for hunting because they handle low light conditions very well. They also come with a wide viewing angle to spot your prey and take an aim conveniently. I found them incredibly useful for any type of hunting in an open field, even during dawn and dusk conditions.

The Steiner predator AF autofocus features give you an extra edge out there on the field, spending less time on focusing your target. You can buy Steiner Predator binoculars either online or in-store directly from the company or its authorized dealers located in all 50 states.

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