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12 Spotting Scope Window Mounts That Actually Work (2022)

Nothing beats the feeling of scoping from the warmth and comfort of your car when you’re in the right spot.

But your spotting scope is only as good as the window mount it’s sitting on. You can feel the difference at higher zooms and during adjustments.

The best spotting scope window mount has a solid built, is easily attachable, and comes with a decent max load. Here are our favorites.

We Recommend

Best window mount

Vanguard PH

Best for heavy gear

Vanguard Heavy-Duty

Best budget option

Vortex Window Mount

Spotting Scope Window Mount

1. Vanguard PH-304 Spotting Scope Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

Want to buy a window mount that comes with a three-way Panhead along with a plate for quick release…! then the PH-304 will work extremely well for you.

It can conveniently support up to 8,8 pounds and provides you with an option 360-degree viewing. There are not many spotting scope mounts available in the market that comes with this feature.

The spotting scope tripod mount also provides you with a titling option from +90 degrees to -60 degrees and from 0 degrees to +90 degrees. Fully adjustable features with an extra-wide base to provide your scope with a sturdy platform.

The mount itself is heavy and it ensures that your expensive scopes stay where you want them to be. Plus, the quick-release plate will make sure that you can easily attach and detach it.

What we liked

  • Quick-release plate
  • Three-way Panhead
  • Supports heavy scopes as well
  • 360-degree viewing
  • Extra-wide base for better stability
  • Compact construction
  • Very sturdy

What we didn’t like

  • The proprietary quick-release plate is no Standard Arca Swiss plate
  • Slightly heavy 

Compatibility: Vanguard spotting scopes (Others as well with a few tweaks) 
Features: A quick-release plate, rubber padding, 360-degree and tilt viewing
Dimensions: 10.8-inch x 3.3-inch x 7.9-inch
Maxload: 8.8 pounds
Weight: 1.62 pounds

2. Vanguard VEO2PH-28WM Heavy-Duty Metal Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

A high-quality window mount by Vanguard that comes with full-metal construction can easily grab your attention.

It features a quick-release plate that is fully compatible with Arca and Panhead.

You can control the Panhead with just one hand.

The car window camera mount comes with a maximum load capacity of 8.8 pounds.

It means that it has a sturdy construction and you can also attach other branded scopes with it.

The clamp’s base can open up to 1.25-inch. It also comes with a large surface area with textured rubber for a better grip.

This car window mount for spotting scope is however a good choice if you are looking to use your spotter on the move.

What we liked

  • Universal compatibility
  • Two-way Panhead
  • Arca Swiss quick-release plate
  • A large surface area over clamp with textured rubber
  • Ergonomic locking system 
  • Cold weather compatible
  • Can handle heavier scopes

What we didn’t like

  • Limited compatibility for lightweight scopes
  • Pretty heavy
  • Slightly crummy up and down movement

Compatibility: Universal (limited)
Features: multiple compatibility quick-release plate, ergonomic locking knob
Dimensions: 6-inch x 2.5-inch x 3-inch
Maxload: 8.8 pounds
Weight: 1.5 pounds

3. Vortex Optics Spotting Scope Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

If you are looking for a window mount that quickly snaps on and without much fuss, you can indubitably rely on this.

Use your car window as blind for easy viewing for wildlife, bird watching, and even hunting. It is very compact in design and doesn’t take much space on your window.

The vortex window mount has a good max load capacity and can hold a heavy spotting scope in its place. The solid design paired with smooth mechanics of this car window mount allows you to be on your target instantly.

With a twist-lock design paired with panhead movement, tilt action remains smooth and you can conveniently operate this vortex spotting scope window mount with one hand.

Hence, It is a very useful tool for your spotting scope as well as binoculars

What we liked

  • Quick to set up
  • Good solid grip
  • Compact design 
  • Solid support with rubber padding
  • Smooth and accurate tilt movement 
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Twist-lock design

What we didn’t like

  • Not for angled scope
  • Not for heavy scopes or binos 

Compatibility: Works with most scopes
Features: Anti-slip rubber padding, compact design, twist-lock construction
Dimensions: 8.9-inch x 3.5-inch x 3-inch
Maxload: 5 pounds
Weight: 0.25 pounds

4. Gosky Adjustable Vehicle Car Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

Interested in buying a window mount that is made of quality metal…! then Gosky is indeed the perfect choice.

It is a heavy-duty car mount that can hold a heavy scope too. You won’t get the adapter for your binos in your purchase. Thus, you will have to purchase them separately.

Don’t have time to get out of your vehicle and set the tripod up? No problem, the Gosky window mount has got you covered. Moreover, it is an easy way to set up and admire the landscape whenever you want to.

There is rubber on the surface so you can connect it to your scope in just a few seconds. Subsequently, you also have the option to connect it with your window.

It is made of metal composite and plastic materials and with oxidation treatment, this mount becomes sturdy to use. It will hold your scope in place and you can focus on the road and watch the wildlife that surrounds you.

What we liked

  • Simple to install on your car window
  • Convenient spanning
  • Solid attachment
  • Full metal construction with plastic accents for sturdiness
  • Easy on-the-surface attachment
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with smartphones

What we didn’t like

  • Not for extremely heavy scopes
  • Gripping get weary with time
  • Spanning is crummy

Compatibility: Universal
Features: Metal construction, rubber pads, anodic oxidation surface treatment
Dimensions: 6.3-inch x 4.1-inch x 2.4-inch
Maxload: 4 pounds
Weight: 0.53 pounds

5. BOG SSA Spotting Scope Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

Very sturdily constructed, this spotting scope window mount is very useful if you prefer to use heavy scopes or optics.

You can conveniently make adjustments to tilt and pan with its two-way camera head. There is thick padding present on the clapping surfaces to prevent any scratches to your car windows.

It comes with two different thread bushings including 3/16-24 and ¼-20. It means that you can conveniently use it with your binos and cameras as well.

This car window camera mount is strongly built and the company provides you with a limited 1-year warranty too. With the BOG Switcheroo mechanism, you can make it work with any BOG tripod as well.

This window mount can be used easily with the help of a two-way rotation. You can lock your adjustment handle as well.

What we liked

  • Easy adjustment to tilt and pan
  • Clamping surface come with padding
  • Multiple thread bushings
  • Come with a one-year warranty
  • Convenient adjustment handle
  • Versatile clamp
  • 2-way rotation

What we didn’t like

  • Only rotates in a semicircle
  • Head mounts can’t be tightened horizontally
  • No side-to-side lock

Compatibility: Universal
Features: Multiple thread bushings, a padded surface on the clamp
Dimensions: 10-inch x 12.1-inch x 3.1-inch
Maxload: 5.5 pounds
Weight: 1.5 pounds

6. Solomark Deluxe Spotting Scope Car Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

Done using plastic window mounts? Not a thing!

Now, you can go for this high-quality full metal constructed window mount by Solomark, that will hold its ground for many years to come.

One of the best features of this spotting scope mount is compatible with different binos and spotting scopes and you can use any of your favorite brands to work with this window mount.

And that is not all, the window mount tripod thread is compatible with all types of video devices and cameras that feature a ¼-inch thread.

You can easily connect it with the top edge of your window and will hold your scope in place for as long as you need it.

The well-made metal construction of this mount proves to be a solid platform and ensures that you get the maximum ease when you are spanning the view.

What we liked

  • Full metal construction
  • Easy gripping
  • Smooth spanning
  • Solid design
  • Universal compatibility
  • Works with heavy scopes and binos 
  • Rubber padding for better grip

What we didn’t like

  • Not suitable in wet weather
  • Very generic in the overall outlook

Compatibility: Universal
Features: Rubber padding, full metal construction, ¼-inch tripod thread compatible
Dimensions: 9.06-inch x 7.09-inch x 2.76-inch
Maxload: 8 pounds
Weight: 0.29 pounds

7. Bushnell Spotting Scope 784405 Window Mount for Spotting Scopes

spotting scope window mount on a white background

If you own a Bushnell spotting scope then this is one of the best scope camera mounts that you will find in the market.

It features anti-slip rubber feet that will hold your scope in place and firmly attach to your car window.

The scope window mount won’t damage your vehicle because of the rubber pads.

Furthermore, The window mount for spotting scope also features a dual-way Panhead to make adjustments easy.

It also ensures that you don’t have to do much when you are looking to pan in or out.

This spotting scope mount is extremely convenient and will hold your scope in place even on bumpy roads.

What we liked

  • The matte black finish keeps it rugged
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Clamps with ease
  • Features rubber pads prevent any scratches
  • Easy two-way spanning
  • Designed to handle heavy scopes
  • Easy to install
  • Very reliable and sturdy

What we didn’t like

  • No tilt Panhead
  • Doesn’t hold on curved windows because of square-shaped base
  • Need to insert something in the feet to keep the hold tight

Compatibility: Only for Bushnell spotting scopes
Features: Anti-slip rubber feet and pads, easily clamps two-way panning
Dimensions: 13-inch x 4-inch x 3-inch
Maxload: 12 pounds 
Weight: 1.04 pounds

8. BARSKA Car Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

If you own a lightweight spotting scope and want a quality window mount for bird watching or scouting then there is no better option then the Barska spotting scope mount.

You won’t have to step out of your car when you have this on your car window. It is very easy to set up and has a smooth operation. You won’t be able to tilt your scope.

The two-way panning is extremely smooth. It is compatible with all Barska spotting scopes and binoculars and it will keep them in place for easy handling.

In addition to it, this window mount is designed for convenience and you can turn your vehicle window into a blind for easy bird and wildlife watching.

It provides you with a strong grip and will hold your scope in place so that you can easily span it without any hesitation. It’s an excellent tool for car spotting.

What we liked

  • Easy panning 
  • Quick set up
  • Very compact construction
  • Solid grip
  • Rubber padding
  • Suitable for lightweight scopes
  • Excellent for scouting for wildlife watching 

What we didn’t like

  • Not for heavy scopes
  • No quick release plate
  • Doesn’t tilt

Compatibility: Universal
Features: Anti-slip padding made of rubber
Dimensions: 6-inch x 14-inch x 6-inch
Maxload: 4.5 pounds
Weight: 0.88 pounds

9. Opticron Car Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

The Opticron window camera mounts are made of aluminum and are extremely lightweight. It comes with a lever that you can move 2 ways and the Panhead features ¼-inch thread.

The maximum panning height that you can achieve with it is 3.1-inch. There are protective rubberized pads on the jaws of its clamps to keep your window well-protected.

The window mount is compatible with different spotting scopes and you can conveniently use it for hunting, wildlife, and bird watching.

The thread is also compatible with different tripods. So it is an excellent tool for an outdoor adventurer. It’s a great choice for window mount spotting scope.

What we liked

  • Lightweight construction
  • Aluminum design
  • Rubberized pads to keep the window protected
  • Panhead with two-way movement 
  • Good spanning height
  • Can take heavier scopes
  • Easy to attach and detach

What we didn’t like

  • Sometimes the clamp grips lose in wet conditions
  • Better suited for smaller scopes

Compatibility: Universal
Features: Aluminum construction, rubberized pads
Dimensions: 8.5-inch x 2.8-inch x 3.4-inch
Maxload: 4.5 pounds
Weight: 1.22 pounds

10. Swarovski Optik Scope Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

The best spotting scope window mount that you can find in the market comes by Swarovski. It is ideally suitable for all Swarovski spotting scopes.

Now you can conveniently mount your spotting scope on your car window and don’t even have to slip a toe out of the vehicle.

It will keep your scope very steady as you make the observations. There is a small ball head right on top of it which allows you to firmly attach your scope.

It will keep your pricey scope safe and you won’t have to worry about any accidental displacements. It is the best window mount for spotting scope for your regular use.

What we liked

  • Easy to set up
  • Holds its place
  • Comes with small ball head
  • Keeps the scope steady
  • Suitable for Swarovski spotting scopes
  • Protected sheath
  • Great for hunting

What we didn’t like

  • Not suitable for RTV
  • Only for Swaro scopes

Compatibility: Only for Swarovski spotting scopes
Features: Ballhead scope attachment, sheath protection for your car’s side window
Dimensions: 2.6-inch x 5.3-inch x 2.6-inch
Maxload: 11 pounds
Weight: 0.65 pounds

11. Nikon 7070 Binocular/scope Window Mount

spotting scope window mount on a white background

Nikon brings you a window mount that works well with all types of spotting scopes and cameras.

The quality of this window mount is exquisite and is fully compatible with a range of different tripod accessories.

It features a pivoting head that ensures a full range of movement when you are panning across the landscape.

The clamps come with padding and it firmly attaches to any truck or car window.

It has a solid construction that allows you to shoot pictures with your DSLR while your car is on the move.

So, it is indeed a good choice for scoping birds and wildlife.

What we liked

  • A good option for spotting on the move
  • Short easy to handle lever
  • Universal design and great compatibility
  • Full motion rage with the pivoting head
  • Clamp with padding
  • Well built for excellent durability
  • Removable panhead

What we didn’t like

  • The quick-release plate doesn’t come with a universal design

Compatibility: Universal
Features: Rubber padding, quick release plate, pivoting head
Dimensions: 9.2-inch x 3.4-inch x 3.1-inch
Maxload: 6.5 pounds
Weight: 0.01 pounds

12. Leupold Spotting Scope Mount for Car Windows

spotting scope window mount on a white background

Leupold’s window mount is one of the best mounts when it comes to durability.

It has a very solid construction and can hold on to heavy scopes as well.

It is a perfect way to provide your Leupold spotting scope with a solid base.

The detachable mounting plate provides a good interface to work with all Leupold tripods and you can quickly switch them with ease.

There is a sturdy window clamp as well to provide the scope with stability.

What we liked

  • Lightweight
  • Solid built
  • 360-degree movement 
  • Easy installation
  • Swift locking mechanism
  • Easy to switch between different tripods
  • The quick-release plate comes with multiple compatibilities

What we didn’t like

  • Better suited for straight scopes
  • Slightly heavier than its predecessor
  • Requires a steady base

Compatibility: Universal
Features: Quick release plate, anti-slip rubber padding
Dimensions: 22.5-inch x 15.4-inch x 8.9-inch
Maxload: 8 pounds
Weight: 1.34 pounds

How to choose the best spotting scope window mount?

Not all spotting scope window mounts are the same. They vary in design compatibility and functions. 

There are different features that you need to look for when buying the best window mount for your spotting scope. 

For your convenience here is the list of some of the important features that you need to consider 


It is by far the most important feature that you must consider. A window mount for your spotting scope needs to be extremely stable as it needs to keep the scope in space for your easy and clear viewing. The best option for you to go with metal window mounts because they’re pretty sturdy.

Rubber coating

The clamps that these window mounts come with should have rubberized clamps. Your window glass will be less prone to any damage because of them. The Panhead of these mounts should also be rubberized so that your scopes don’t get scratches on attaching or detaching. 

Weight capabilities

This one is a no-brainer. You would not want to buy a window mount that comes with a weight capacity of 2 pounds whereas your scope weighs 5 pounds. Therefore, you should buy a window mount with a capacity of at least 5 to 6 pounds if you are wandering for some heavy optics. 

360-degree Rotation

In most cases, you will find 180-degree rotation. If you want to have your mount placed on the door window, it seems plausible.  It is certainly a great idea because you will need a wider rotation angle if you are looking to mount your scope on your car window. 

Quick-release Plate

Go with a mount that comes with different quick-release plates. The most important ones are the Arca Swiss and Panhead. You can look for others as well according to your requirements. 


2 thoughts on “12 Spotting Scope Window Mounts That Actually Work (2022)”

  1. You need two pieces
    Manfrotto 391RC2 pan-and-tilt head
    Manfrotto 243 car window pod

    The shoe will be the same as your tripod’s Manfrotto pan head.

  2. I have a Swarovski scope and a Swarovski tripod with a Manfrotto head. I am looking for a car mount that I can leave the plate on the scope and quickly switch it between the tripod and the window mount.

    The options are very confusing to me. I have a Vanguard PH-222 window mount, but it will not accept the plate that fits my tripod.

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