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12 No Glow Trail Cameras That Actually Work (2022)

No glow trail camera is essential for observing the wildlife and NOT get caught by doing it.

Remember, the camera’s success will depend highly on how well you hide the device.

The best no glow trail camera comes with a decent IR range, offers quality images, and comes with long battery life. Here are our favorites.

We Recommend

Best price/value ratio

Reconyx HyperFire 2

Best that money can get

Reconyx UltraFire

Best budget option

Browning Dark Ops

No Glow Trail Camera

1. RECONYX HyperFire 2 Covert IR HF2X Trail Camera

no glow trail camera on a white background

The HyperFire 2 is an excellent no glow trail camera that gets a lot of praise in the hunting industry for being a device for the pros.

Unlike other companies, Reconyx doesn’t engage in any marketing ploys to increase its megapixel rating.

Other companies engage in a practice that’s known as interpolation.

However, Reconyx simply advertises the product for what it is. It’s got 3MP true image resolution that provides the best quality images.

The camera’s night-time performance is unmatched thanks to the 150-foot IR flash range and the massive battery life. It’s capable of taking 40,000 images, which equates to running for two-years without needing a battery replacement.

The camera also has support for the SD card up to 512GB. Even though the performance of the camera is reliable, you get an incredible five-year warranty.

It’s arguably the best no glow trail camera for the money. The only thing that holds the camera back is the low-quality daytime video. For a camera that performs so exceptionally well across the board.

What we liked

  • Full HD images
  • 0.2s Trigger Speed 
  • 150-foot IR Flash 
  • New Image Sensor
  • Best in class image performance 
  • Brilliant detection 
  • Five-year warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Slightly complex to use 
  • Higher price tag

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 3MP
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 150-foot
Resolution: 3MP
Video: 1280x720p
Flash Range: 150-foot
Trigger Speed: 0.2s

2. Reconyx UltraFire High Output Covert XR6 IR NoGlow Trail Camera

no glow trail camera on a white background

Reconyx is raising the game with the UltraFire High output cover IR camera. It’s capable of recording videos in 1080p HD at 30FPS along with the audio.

Thanks to the 8-megapixel lens, the image quality is exceptional as well.

Users can access their settings from an easy to use interface on the TFT display. The display also allows for image and video playback.

Thanks to the Micro HDMI and USB ports, you can easily connect the blackout camera to a screen and view images.

It’s got a high sensitivity image sensor that offers a detection range of 80-feet. The design of the camera ensures complete silence thanks to the dual-lens, and no-moving part design.

You also get a 2-year warranty with your purchase and a camera capable of performing under all conditions.

The company is also trying out something new with the BuckView advanced software for windows that you get with the no-glow camera.

What we liked

  • Video Recording 1080p/30FPS
  • 8MP lens 
  • Great Audio Recording 
  • Easy-To-Use 
  • Video/Image Playback
  • Mini HDMI and USB ports 
  • 512GB storage

What we didn’t like

  • Software is average 
  • IR flash could be higher 
  • Pricey

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 8MP
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 120-feet
Resolution: 8MP
Video: 1920x1080p
Flash Range:80-feet
Trigger Speed: 1-sec

3. Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops Pro XD Dual Lens IR Camera

trail camera on a white background

Browning Trail Cameras offer a fantastic black flash trail camera that provides top-quality performance.

It’s got a 24-Megapixel lens that captures images in HD and can record videos in full 1080p.

If the image quality is your most important requirement, then this camera is perfect.

It’s got a 0.15s trigger speed, which means it will start taking images when an object comes within 80 feet of detection range.

It also has an IR flash range of 80 feet. The night vision deer camera allows you to adjust the flash range according to your requirements. Not only does it offer reliable performance, but it’s also flexible.

You’re not going to worry about storage either, thanks to the support for up to 512 GB. Despite the high-quality performance, the Browning trail camera infrared features a compact body.

Thanks to the 12-volt external power jack, the amount of battery life greatly outweighs the competitors. It’s got a whole host of other settings and features that you can easily adjust thanks to the LCD.

What we liked

  • 24MP Images 
  • 1080p HD Video Recording 
  • 0.15s trigger speed 
  • 80-foot detection range 
  • 80-foot flash range 
  • 12-volt external power jack
  • 512GB SD Card support

What we didn’t like

  • Tiny Screen 
  • Not best for night time

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 24MP
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 80-feet
Resolution: 24MP
Video: 1920x1080p
Flash Range: 80-feet
Trigger Speed: 0.15s

4. Browning Defender 850 Trail Camera

trail camera on a white background

Browning Defender 850 is one of the most popular entry-level trail cameras amongst hunters.

The blackout camera offers brilliant performance thanks to the 120-foot flash range and an 80-foot detection range.

It’ll give you a lot of variety, and an easy time was placing the camera.

Thanks to the 0.4-second trigger speed, the no glow trail camera will rapidly take images upon the sensors’ activation.

The trail cameras’ design is weather-resistant to help ensure that the performance meets the requirements of your standard hunting trip. No matter what the weather, the Defender 850 will detect the motion of animals accurately.

Even though it’s one of the best invisible flash game cameras, it’s let down by the miserable battery life and the performance of the app interface. Transferring the images will be a real hassle, and the connectivity options only seem to work with smartphones.

What we liked

  • Great Detection 
  • All-weather performance 
  • 120-feet flash range 
  • Silent Lens 
  • 20MP 
  • 0.4s Trigger Speed 
  • Basic connectivity

What we didn’t like

  • No cellular option

Wireless: Bluetooth/Wifi
Megapixel: 20MP
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 120-feet
Resolution: 20MP
Video: 1920x1080p
Flash Range: 80-feet
Trigger Speed: 0.4

5. Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush Cam 30 Trail Camera

no glow trail camera on a white background

This product is an innovative and stealthy, no glow game camera. The Silent Crush Cam 30 Trail Camera is a success in any way.

Thanks to the 30MP resolution, the image quality is as high as possible; the video resolution is also exceptional at 1080p full HD.

The trail cameras without flash performance are exceptional in both the day and the night, thanks to the dual-camera setup.

Thanks to additional features like reduced night-time blur, the image quality at night is superb.

Thanks to the silent shield technology, there will be no chance of animals hearing the lens when the camera activates.

The performance of the IR game camera is consistent in all weather. It’s got an anti-fog lens and water-resistant housing that considerably improves the durability of the camera.

The silent crush cam 30 trail camera would easily be higher up on the list if it weren’t for the low storage and lack of battery life.

What we liked

  • 30MP resolution 
  • Super high-quality video 
  • Dual Camera Setup 
  • Reduced night-time blur 
  • Silent Shield Technology 
  • 110-foot Illumination 
  • 80-foot detection

What we didn’t like

  • No Wireless Connectivity 

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 30MP
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 110-feet
Resolution: 30MP
Video: 1920x1080p
Flash Range: 110-feet
Trigger Speed: 0.5s

6. Stealth Cam Triad GXW Wireless 18MP Trail Camera

trail camera on a white background

Stealth Cam is well-known among consumers for making some of the best cellular no glow trail cameras for security.

What makes the Stealth Cam GXW so unique is the high-quality performance along with the massive amount of connectivity.

Independent of who your service provider is, you’re going to enjoy the GXW wireless features.

The GXW has a max photo resolution of 12MP and can capture video at 1080p.

Performance during the day is exceptional, but the nighttime performance isn’t ideal. Even though the camera uses modern, no glow infrared technology, the range is lower than the competitors.

There’s a certain amount of graininess in the images which the GXW takes at night. Moreover, because the GXW is one of the best wildlife cameras with night vision, it consumes more battery than regular trail cameras.

Yet, the performance is still up to the mark, and you won’t find yourself having to change the cells that option. If you’re looking for a cellular trail camera, then the GXW wireless is a great choice!

What we liked

  • Cellular Connectivity 
  • Wide Service Provider Support 
  • Max Photo Resolution 12-megapixel 
  • Video Resolution of 1080p 
  • Decent Battery 
  • No Glow IR 
  • Discreet Design

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t Support All Service Providers 
  • Average Low Light Performance 

Wireless: Cellular Connectivity
Megapixel: 18-Megapixel
Illumination: 60-Feet
PIR Range: 80-Feet
Resolution: 12-Megapixel
Video: 1080p
Flash Range: 60-Feet
Trigger Speed: 0.25 seconds

7. Moultrie MOU MCG-13036 PAN150i NoGlow Trail Camera

no glow trail camera on a white background

When it comes to stealth detection, no glow cameras, the MOU PAN150i excels.

It features an innovative design that features no moving parts to ensure that the camera is as silent as possible.

Three fixed-position lenses operate with a 50-feet detection range. It’s sort of like you have three cameras in one.

Thanks to the lens setup, you get a 180-degree field of view with the PAN150i, which makes it great for surveying wild open areas.

You can easily switch between the different modes and features the camera has to offer as well. The camera is equipped with 108 IR LEDs that provide an IR flash range of 70 feet.

However, the camera could do considerably better when it comes to storage. It only supports up to 32 GB and tries to make up for a fancy gimmick’s lack of memory.

The battery life is decent; however, you would expect more from a device that requires 12 AA batteries.

You won’t experience too much power loss because the blackout trail camera is compatible with any Moultrie 12VDC external power source.

What we liked

  • 3-Lens Setup 
  • Silent Shutter
  • No Moving Parts 
  • 180 field of view 
  • Stealthy 
  • Solid Build Quality

What we didn’t like

  • Low Flash Range 
  • Only 50-feet detection

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 14MP
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 70-feet
Resolution: 20MP
Video: 1920x1080p
Flash Range: 70-feet
Trigger Speed: 0.5s

8. Wildgame Innovations Rival 20 LO Trubark HD Trail Camera

no glow trail camera on a white background

Powered by 42 invisible black infrared LEDs, the Wildgame Innovations Rival 20 is a brilliant night vision trail camera.

It’s got a 100-foot IR flash range and is all about discreetly allowing you to detect the game.

It’s got silent shield technology that makes sure that the shutter operation is quiet and productive.

A true-dual camera setup helps optimize both image and video quality in the day and night.

The no flash trail camera is capable of taking pictures in 20MP resolution and record videos in 720P. There is a wide variety of setup options that the user can easily access thanks to the dot matrix LCD.

When it comes to storage, though, the no flash game camera fails to perform adequately. It can only support an SD card that can store 32GB, but it does have decent battery life.

Thanks to the energy-efficient design, the trail camera infrared can last for up to 6 months on a set of batteries. If you want to elevate the performance of the product a bit, it also supports Hunt Stand integration.

What we liked

  • 70-foot detection 
  • 100-foot IR Flash 
  • Silent Lens 
  • Dual-Camera 
  • Long-Lasting Battery 
  • Hunt Stand Integration 
  • Matrix LCD Display

What we didn’t like

  • No Wireless Connectivity 
  • Low Storage

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 20
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 100-feet
Resolution: 20-MP
Video: 1280 x 720p
Flash Range: 100-feet
Trigger Speed: 0.5s

9. Wildgame Innovations Mirage LO Trubark Trail Camera

no glow trail camera on a white background

Wildgame have done their bit to become a massive part of the hunting community.

Thanks to their dependable operation and high-resolution image capturing their popular among hunters.

The Mirage LO Trubark no glow infrared trail camera is another reliable option.

It can take pictures of high-quality images thanks to the 18MP lens and can record video in 720P.

They say that an excellent infrared scouting camera can make or break your hunting trip, and the Mirage LO Trubark will perform under all conditions.

Thanks to the 42 black IR LEDs, it’s got a flash range of 100-feet, and can detect movement to a variety of 70-feet. The picture taking is efficient thanks to a rapid trigger speed of 0.5s.

Even though the camera will perform in all conditions, Wildgame offers a very competitive 1-year warranty for its no flash infrared trail cameras.

It’s got decent battery performance as well, thanks to the 8 AA battery capacity. The infrared deer cam can take images for six months.

What we liked

  • Reliable Company 
  • High-Quality Images 
  • Great IR Flash 
  • 100-feet Illumination 
  • 70-feet detection 
  • Rapid Trigger Speed 
  • Battery Capacity

What we didn’t like

  • No Wireless Connectivity 
  • Only 32GB storage

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 18MP
Illumination: Black IR LEDs
PIR Range: 100-feet
Resolution: 18MP
Video: 1280x720p
Flash Range: 100-feet
Trigger Speed: 0.5s

10. BOG Blood Moon 22MP Dual Sensor Infrared Game Camera

no glow trail camera on a white background

BOD Blood Moon 22MP Dual Sensor Infrared Game Camera has got an 80-foot detection range and will detect a deer or person immediately.

The Blood Moon no-glow game camera also has a lightning-fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds.

The pictures from the camera are high quality at 22MP, and it’s also capable of capturing 1080p HD video.

IR flash range is at 120 feet, and it offers exceptional night-time performance.

Upon detection, the blackout camera can capture eight images in a multi-shot, giving you a great chance to see whatever sets off the sensor. To see the photos and videos, you’re going to need to get out the SD card and put it in a computer.

However, in the field, you can also review images on the 3-inch viewing screen. The only drawback to this trail camera with a viewing screen is the absence of wireless connectivity options. That aside, the BOG Blood Moon is easily among the best IR trail cameras.

What we liked

  • 80-foot detection 
  • 120-foot flash range 
  • 0.2s Trigger Speed 
  • Great Viewing Screen 
  • 512GB Storage 
  • Easy-To-Transfer
  • Great Customer Service

What we didn’t like

  • No wireless connectivity 

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 22MP
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 120-feet
Resolution: 22MP
Video: 1920 x 1080p
Flash Range: 120-feet
Trigger Speed: 0.2s

11. HCO Uway Vigilant Hunter VH200HD Black Flash Infrared Scouting Camera

no glow trail camera on a white background

One of the best trail cameras without flash is the HCO Uway Vigilant Hunter VH200HD.

It offers a myriad of different features and high-quality images in a compact package.

Thanks to the truth, no glow invisible black flash technology makes the camera almost impossible to detect.

It has got a 2-inch TFT display screen that allows you to watch both images and videos.

Additionally, you can also control all camera programming from the screen. The IR game camera has a very decent battery life and offers generous storage as well.

However, the camera can’t hold up the performance thanks to the 8MP lens. Even though the image quality is decent, it still can’t match up with the competitors’ thanks to the sensor.

What gets the camera off the shelves is the stealth performance, it’s genuinely one of the stealthiest cameras on the market.

What we liked

  • Brilliant invisible black flash 
  • Impossible to detect
  • Silent Shutter 
  • 2-inch TFT Display 
  • Image and Video Playback 
  • External Flash support 
  • Dead Silent IR Filter

What we didn’t like

  • No wireless capabilities

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 8MP
Illumination: 50+ feet
PIR Range: 50+feet
Resolution: 8MP
Video: 1280x720p
Flash Range: 50+ feet
Trigger Speed: 0.6s

12. Browning Trail Cameras Strike Force Gen 5 22MP BTC-5FHD5

trail camera on a white background

Browning Trail Cameras rarely miss the mark with their infrared deer camera.

The Strike Force Gen 5 has a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds and 0.6 second recovery time. As a result, you don’t miss any of the action.

You can review images in top quality thanks to the 22MP lens, and record videos in 1080p.

There is a myriad of settings and features to explore as well. All very accessible thanks to the cameras’ intuitive display.

It’s got a detection range of 80-feet and an IR flash range of 120-feet. Thanks to the high-quality sensor, the detection is incredibly accurate and well always capture any activity in the area under surveillance.

Even though the camera is jam-packed with features, it can smoothly perform for a long-lasting time. It’s got support for an external 12 VDC source to go with the six AA batteries. Storage in the camera is exceptional as well, thanks to supporting up to 512GB.

However, many regulars for Browning Trail argue that the last generation offers better performance. Even the design of the camera has seen significant changes that are off-putting to long-time buyers.

What we liked

  • 22MP
  • 1080P Video 
  • 0.22s Trigger Speed 
  • 120-feet Flash Range 
  • 80-feet detection range 
  • External 12 VDC Source 
  • 512GB Storage

What we didn’t like

  • No wireless capabilities

Wireless: None
Megapixel: 22MP
Illumination: IR LEDs
PIR Range: 120
Resolution: 22MP
Video: 1920x1080p
Flash Range: 120
Trigger Speed: 0.22

No glow vs. low glow trail camera

No glow trail camera

No glow trail cameras do not let off a discernible glow when they’re about to take pictures. These no glow cameras make use of infrared flash technology that still does give off a flash to illuminate the pictures at night. However, the flash is on an infrared light spectrum that’s simply not visible to the human eye. Certain animals will still notice the IR flash and attempt to escape. 

Low glow trail camera

Low glow trail cameras are very similar to no glow cameras, except before these go off, you’ll notice a small red light going off before the image. In certain cases, these are enough to trigger away from the most sensitive game. 

However, if you’re an experienced hunter, you can pick a hiding spot that reduces the chances of detection completely. Due to the fact that low glow cameras emit a small light, they have a higher range for both the flash and the detection. The only disadvantage is that the light becomes very visible when you’re looking directly at the camera. 

What’s the difference?

Thus, the primary difference between the two types is that the low glow cameras will emit a small red light before taking a picture. Since this light may be detected by some animals, low glow cameras are better suited for hunting than for any form of stealth surveillance. 

No glow cameras emit no such light, making them ideal for scenarios where stealth surveillance is the greatest necessity. For deer hunting, no glow cameras are effective and won’t disturb the game in any way or form.


How to choose the best no glow trail camera?


When you talk about megapixels and trail cameras, it can get a bit complex. However, any trail camera with an actual megapixel rating of 3 and above will offer decent performance. 

PIR Range

PIR range refers to the amount of distance the camera’s capable of detecting movement. Ideally for hunting a range between 70-80 feet is ideal.


Flash range is crucial when it comes to night-time surveillance. If this isn’t up to the mark, the camera is going to fail. It should be at least 10-feet more than the detection range of the camera.


Once again, testing the resolution can become complicated when it comes to trail cameras because of the digital enhancements. However, 1920x1080p resolution should be the way to go.

Trigger Speed

Trigger speed refers to how fast the trail camera can take these images once the motion sensors are lit. The sensitive game has split-second reactions, so you ideally need a trail camera with a trigger speed of fewer than 0.5 seconds.


These refer to the notifications the camera gives upon detection. If you’re not surveying the footage actively, these can become important. Cameras that offer advanced software typically provide these notifications. 


Battery life is crucial because nobody wants their trail camera to die on the job. It can make or break a hunting trip, and you should typically look for trail cameras that support external 12VDC power sources.


Wireless connectivity becomes essential when you’re hunting in locations that offer the utility. It’s more important for home surveillance purposes and transferring images conveniently. 

Frequently asked questions

What does no glow mean on a trail camera?

No glow means that it is able to illuminate an animal or person without them being able to detect the flash using so called invisible flash.

What is the best no glow trail camera?

One of the best trail cameras on the market is the Reconyx UltraFire. It offers everything you’d need from a standard and reliable trail camera.

Can deer see IR flash?

Some reports suggest that deers can see IR flash up to a particular spectrum. However, the more modern technology and the better you hide the trail camera, the lower the detection chances. 

Is infrared flash visible to humans?

Infrared flash on a specific spectrum is visible to humans, that’s where the low glow and the no-glow IR flash categorization comes in.

Does the IR LED glow?

The IR LED will glow depending on the categorization of the trail camera. Low glow IR flash indicates a small red flash before going off, while no glow is invisible. 

Does white flash scare deer?

White flash will scare even the boldest of bucks that approach the detection area. It also gives off a noticeable sound before going off. 

How to tell if someone has a no-glow trail camera?

You can tell if the camera has a blackout design, or if the camera doesn’t emit any light before recording images or videos. 

Does an infrared trail camera flash?

Infrared trail cameras do indeed flash and illuminate a specific range of area. However, the illuminated light is on a spectrum that isn’t visible to humans and most animals. 

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