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FLIR Scout TK Thermal Monocular Review (2022)

flir thermal monocular

This is a comprehensive Flir Scout TK Review!

The Scout TK is a budget thermal monocular for entry-level hunters and explorers. You can detect a game in a pitch dark forest with a clear image. 

This simple-to-use device features still image and video recording capabilities. It’s your perfect companion whether you are scouting your backyard or the backcountry.

In this review, we are going to shed some light on its features, specs, and available sizes and see how it performs in the outdoors.

FLIR Scout TK Overview

The Scout TK thermal imager makes outdoor thermal imaging more accessible with the ability to see heat signatures in total darkness with grab-and-go simplicity. You can conveniently use it with one hand. 

With its 640×480 LCD display and its 160×120 VOx microbolometer thermal sensor, you can locate an intruder around your house.

flir thermal monocular

The FLIR monocular allows you to capture images and make videos with a single click. It means you can use it for tracking your pets, hikers, or predators. 

It is a pocket-sized monocular with thermal vision and it is manufactured in Wilsonville, Oregon just like all other Flir products. 

The Scout TK thermal monocular is an entry-level device but a very reasonable price tag with a thermal imaging feature.

There are two sizes available in this thermal spotter model and as far as thermal imaging is concerned these two are quite sufficient. 

In the following couple of sections, we will cover the features that are available in both these sizes. Later on, we will discuss some specific features in each of these sizes. 

Scout TK Mini vs. Ocean Scout TK Marine

The Scout TK thermal imaging monocular is an introductory thermal monocular that anyone can use without having any prior knowledge about thermal scopes. This is because it has a very simple design with all the buttons easily accessible right at the top. 

Using its thermal imaging, you can conveniently see in the dark up to 100 yards. That might not be that great for scoping a large territory due to its short-range but it will allow you to scope your property for any predators. You can use it for finding your game after shooting it in the dark. 

The Ocean Scout TK Marine comes with an upgraded design with IP67 waterproofing and a higher ranging of up to 130 yards. It means you can use this device in rainy conditions to track various objects on water like channel markers, buoys, and other boats. You can also locate people overboard quickly with this device.

So basically the primary difference between these two models is that the Scout TK Mini is made for scoping the land while Ocean Scout TK Marine is made to be used on the water with a slightly better detection range. 

They both are great for surveillance and security and you can use them for your small night hunting and fishing endeavors. 

Scout TK performance

The image clarity is quite good within 100 yards. You can clearly see objects, animals, and people in complete darkness. You can scan an area quickly and frequently, easily revealing something as small as a rodent within 10 yards.

flir thermal monocular


The FLIR Scout TK thermal imaging monocular features a 640×480 LCD display. It might look small but for shorter ranges, it does the job pretty well because it comes with a thermal sensor.

A typical thermal monocular device doesn’t come with high resolutions because it would make the device expensive. A high-resolution device is mostly used by the marine corps and the military. 

Even with a small display, you can conveniently see any heat signatures out in the dark. So small screen sizes are not going to matter that much for you outdoors during low light conditions. 

Thermal quality

The FLIR Thermal Scout TK monocular comes with a 160×120 VOx microbolometer thermal sensor. The sensor is so good that you can see your kid’s or dog’s barefoot footprints on the floor up to one minute after they were made.

However, with these thermal resolutions, it is only going to work for small range applications up to 100 yards. If you are looking to use Flir Scout TK for hunting, ambushing would be a good idea. 

You can adjust the view according to the situation using its nine different video palettes including, white-hot, black hot, iron, InstaAlert rainbow, arctic, lava, and graded fire. Each of these palettes translates temperature changes in different colors where the cold colors (dark) are at the bottom and warm colors (light) at the top. It allows you to identify different color patterns and understand the heat signatures on display. 

User interface

The FLIR Scout TK compact thermal monocular has a friendly user interface geared towards beginners. The on-screen symbology used in this device is standard with no complicated symbols. You’ll see a battery icon on the screen that lets you keep an eye on the remaining charge.

The screen turns on fairly quickly like in 2-3 seconds that allows you to identify the target before they disappear. It’s pretty simple and functional due to a small color box on your screen that will let you know about heat signature intensity. 

Body and grip

The FLIR Scout TK thermal monocular is a pocket-sized device with dimensions of 6-inch x 2-inch x 2-inch and it weighs around 6 ounces. So it’s a pretty small device that you can carry around conveniently and use with one hand effortlessly.  

flir thermal monocular

The eyepiece on the screen covers the whole eye and keeps you in stealth mode by keeping the light inside the eyepiece without alerting the predator.

The robust construction makes it resistant to water and weather. The device is rated IP67 submersible and can withstand temperatures from -4F  to 104F. 

The Scout TK Flir also comes with a drop test rating of 2 meters so it’s sure as heck, sturdy. It won’t break if you lose it accidentally. 

Additional functionalities

The FLIR TK Scout thermal imaging monocular is not just your thermal scope but you can also take images and record videos with it to keep a record and download them via USB. 

Moreover, the Flir TK Scout thermal monocular comes with a USB cable so that you can extract the images and videos easily. The lens cap protects the lens from dirt and oil. Whereas the neck lanyard allows you to wear it when not in use.

FLIR Scout TK model sizes

There are two sizes available in Flir Scout TK thermal vision monocular and both of them are quite popular. The Scout TK Mini is popular for scouting on the land while the Ocean Scout TK is popular for scouting the waters. 

The table below provides you with a detailed overview of both of these Flir TK sizes. 

Scout TK MiniOcean Scout TK Marine
DetectorVOx microbolometerVOx microbolometer
Display640X480 LCD640X480 LCD
Frame rate9 Hz9 Hz
Field of view20X16 degrees20X16 degrees
Detection range100 yards130 yards
Batteries5-hours5 hours
Dimensions (LxWxH)6×2×2 inches4×1.5×1.5 inches
Weight6 oz6 oz

FLIR Scout TK Mini Thermal Monocular

The FLIR Scout TK Mini thermal monocular is a good entry-level device that you can use for small-scale search and rescue operations. It is a pocket-sized device that you can carry with you on-the-go. 

The FLIR Scout TK pocket-sized thermal monocular comes with a battery time of around 5 hours so if you’re going to need it longer than that then you will have to carry a power bank with you. 

But the Thermal Scout TK doesn’t come with a long detection range so you can only use it for short-range hunting in the dark. It comes with a quick refresh rate of less than 9 Hz which means that you can track a fast-moving target pretty easily. 

The hand held thermal imager is extremely simple to operate with a highly intuitive display and keeps the information short and concise. It’s a very practical device that doesn’t come with many bells and whistles but gets the job done.

Anyone who is looking to go for a thermal imaging device that is easy to use and ideal for personal and property surveillance and security should consider it a worthy buy. 

FLIR Ocean Scout TK Marine Thermal Monocular

This Flir ocean scout tk review has revealed that the Flir Ocean Scout comes with a detection range of 130 yards and is suitable for scouting waters for searching people and pets overboard and also looking out for any predators. You can use it for fishing and hunting in the swamp.

You can easily locate other boats, vassals, buoys, landmarks, or any floating debris to keep your boat safe from any accidents using the hand held Flir in complete darkness.

The Flir Ocean Scout TK battery can last up to 5 hours so if you are looking to use it longer than then you carry a battery bank with you. 

FLIR Scout TK Warranty

The TK Scout thermal imaging monocular comes with a standard warranty of 2 years which can be extended to 3 years if you register your monocular with Flir.

The 2-year standard limited warranty and 3-year extended limited warranty are applicable on all the components but don’t include the user-replaceable batteries. For the uncooled sensors, Flir has a 10-year extended limited warranty after product registration. 

It’s a pretty decent warranty on offer especially if you consider the quality of the products from the brand. However, the warranty gets void in case of theft, loss, or accidental damage.

Here’s a link to Flir’s warranty page.


The Scout TK has a short detection range (100 yards), which makes it useful only for limited action. It also misses the zoom function. You cannot zoom to 2x. But that is well covered by the thermal features so you won’t be bothered that much by it as the scope can produce clear images that are comfortable to view no matter what the conditions are. 

What’s in the box?

  • FLIR Scout TK thermal monocular
  • Neck lanyard
  • USB cable
  • Lens cover
  • Standard 2-year limited warranty

As it’s an entry-level device, therefore, the accessories included in the box are more than sufficient for you to get going with this monocular. The quality of these accessories and components is pretty good and you don’t need anything else to go with your thermal monocular here. 

FLIR Scout TK user reviews

The Flir mini thermal monocular comes with an average user rating of 4.0 stars which is good. 

Most of the Flir Scout TK reviews talk about how simple this device is to use and is pretty convenient to carry and a good choice for personal security. Only a few have mentioned that the range is too short for serious property and personal surveillance, security, and hunting excursions. 

This is a solid tool for its intended use. If you are searching for a down-game animal or scanning the farmyard for potential predators, this tool provides a real advantage.


– small and light weight
– fast start-up
– good image quality


– refresh rate causes some lag if scanning / panning an area too quickly
– image is lost for a few seconds during re-calibration, which seems to happen fairly often

From Optics Planet


After reading the Flir tk scout review, if you still think that you need a better detection range or a device that is geared more towards serious and experienced users, we have some alternatives for you. 

FLIR Systems Scout III

The FLIR Scout III is designed for some serious applications as it comes with a detection range of 1247 yards and features 2x magnification as well. It is a weather-resistant device as well as you can conveniently use it in hard environments without any issues. 

AGM Global Vision AGM Asp-Micro

The AGM Asp-Micro comes with a detection range of 200 yards but it also comes with a host of other features like wifi support, 4x magnification, an inbuilt memory module, etc. you can share your images and videos directly from the device and it has better battery life than can last up to 7 hours. 

Pulsar Axion Key XM30

If you are not looking for a device for surveillance purposes and want to go with the device that is designed for hunting then consider the Pulsar Axion XM30. It doesn’t come with a camera to record images or videos but it does come with an inbuilt rangefinder and has a detection range of up to 1350 yards. 

Our verdict

I have found that the Flir Scout TK thermal monocular is a good device for hunting and taking action against invading animals like raccoons or pigs. You can quickly spot them before they can be heard because there’s no back-scatter from a light source. You can also use it for property surveillance and personal security. 

If you are new to these thermal monoculars then I’ll recommend the Flir Scout TK. There are two sizes available where the Scout TK is for land use and the Scout TK MArine is for use on waters. 

You can purchase Flir Scout TK thermal monoculars in-store or online directly from the manufacturer or you can buy them from their authorized dealers located all across the country in different states.

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